1. Mick West

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    Various sites have been repeating this fake news story about Chinese troops flooding into Syria. The first version of the story I saw was on a news aggregator called AWDnews, which gave (without an actual link) the source as another aggregator of stories, EU Times, which gave as its source the actual source, Sorcha Faal of whatdoesitmean.com


    Sorcha Faal, is described by Rational Wiki as:
    So basically Sorcha Faal has a long history of creating fake news stories, to the extend that Sorcha Faal stories are derided even on Conspiracy friendly sites like Above Top Secret. Invariably it's some prediction based on secret sources Sorcha supposedly has in the Kremlin. And invariably it does not come true. And this has been going on for ten years. So terribly wrong are the SF predictions, that some consipracy sites suspect it must be a deliberate misinformation campaign by a "Zionist disinfo team" designed to confuse conspiracy theorists
    Here is one of the earlier Sorcha Faal pages, from 2005. Spouting what is quite obviously nonsense that did not happen:

    Unfortunately the modern trend of repeating news stories and the proliferation of fake clickbait news sites makes it difficult to quickly see the actual source of a news story, allowing nonsense like this to spread quickly on social media.
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  2. SR1419

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    sigh...I thought we had moved on from even needing to address Sorcha (Such-a-Fail) Faal stories...its been years since he/she/it has been able to get any real traction...is the internet immune to learning?
  3. Mick West

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    I don't think this one got a huge amount of traction, but a relative of mine shared the story, which was unusual. So I though I'd try to nip it in the bud.
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  4. Leifer

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    This seems to be another example of "click-on-me" type headline grabbers, with untruth to follow.
    China in Syria ?
    People still do fall (Faal) for it.
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  5. AumuA

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    Re: Is the internet immune to learning?

    I think P.T. Barnum (or someone) had something to say about that. Maybe there's a corollary for the digital age, something like "A sucker gets online every minute."
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  6. JRBids

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    You would think Sorcha Faal would change his/her/its name by now. Why oh why does anyone create stories like this? This is horrid.