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    Devices are NOT currently kept track of. No registry was established. The 2007 legislation passed by congress was just the first step, directing the FDA to establish regulations to implement UDI. The other proposed legislation seems to be a more stripped down version of this, covering fewer devices. The blog you linked to is the site of a company that will make a lot of money when UDI is implemented, so they are trying to encourage it.

    The FDA did actually propose a rule quite recently, and it's currently in the comment phase. There's no need for additional legislation if the FDA already has the authority to create regulation. Possibly that's why the language was removed from the Obamacare bill.

    Here's the announcement:

    Here's the proposed rule:

    What is interesting about this proposed rule is that it requires identification of implantable devices via "AIDC", (Automatic Identification and Data Capture - basically a machine readable number). This would be either a bar code or some kind of RFID (or NFC, essentially a more complex RFID). This is primarily required on the packaging, but is also required on the device itself (Direct Marking). For many implantable devices an RFID chip would seem like a good option, as it can be read without having to cut the patient open or x-ray them. Here's the proposed requirement:

    (Direct Marking is not required if it's unsafe or not technically feasible)

    I predict that once the conspiracy crowd realized what the implication of this rule are, they will start trumpeting "FDA is the Beast", "AIDC is the mark of the beast", or at least "FDA chips everyone via back-door move".

    But again, this legislation does not require everyone have an RFID chip, it just requires that if you have SOME implantable device, then there's some way of externally reading its unique number (the UDI). If that's an RFID chip (not required, but likely in many cases) then there are some privacy concerns, but those can be addressed by making sure the implementation is very short range.

    And like I've said before, the Illuminati giving everyone RFID chips is pretty pointless when you can do a better job of identifying and tracking everyone via biometrics.
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    This is good news. I hope you are right. I have been very concerned. My main question is why are their credible voices speaking that have sites posted on the internet that say that this is going to take place and that the government has had this same idea of an implantable microchip presented since Ronald Reagan? Also, why is the media and political figures not discussing this huge subject at all, especially at election time?
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    A) They are not actually credible voices.
    B) It's not a huge subject, it's a hoax.
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    Hey Mick, I came to this site to take the blue pill, all the crap in this world is giving me anxiety, I wanted to rest easy like the non believers do, the technology already exists, the language is vague, the bankers want it, the hospitals want it, police would use it, the IRS WOULD ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT, but still you dont believe? why is it because you are a good person so you project that on to others? Please do a google search for chris duane recognizing a psychopath, these people are calculated, they have the money (REAL MONEY GOLD) they have put every country and local govt in massive debt, please tell me what I'm missing, I want to be wrong, I want to sleep well at night like you do laughing at the silly conspiracy theorists.
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    What you are missing:

    A) It would be incredibly unpopular, hence politicians would not support it.
    B) It would take several decades to achieve full coverage
    C) It would be very expensive
    D) It's not necessary, as biometrics will work better.
    E) It would not work as chips are easily spoofed.
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    A) It would be incredibly unpopular, hence politicians would not support it.

    It would be unpopular, but partisans voters support their party no matter what the democrats will support Obama NO MATTER WHAT, and the Neocons will support their guy NO MATTER WHAT.

    B) It would take several decades to achieve full coverage

    Yes it would, this plan is generational thats the way the elite think

    C) It would be very expensive

    The elite are buying worthless greek bonds and their buying it with worthless paper, The IMF has been hoarding tons and tons of Gold, they have the money to implement this plan

    D) It's not necessary, as biometrics will work better.

    I'm not sure about this one, the RFID Chip is in the bill even before Obama, while it may not be mandatory for everyone in the beginning, those who are on the welfare obamacare medical coverage will have no choice

    E) It would not work as chips are easily spoofed.

    I hope your right, but I doubt it, plus it will be a small minority of people willing to "spoof" their chip since the majority will do what they are told especially if it's "the law".
  7. Mick West

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    So you think if Romney were to express his support for gay marriage and abortion rights, then he'd still win?

    No, politicians have to pander to their potential voters.

    But that's probably the least of the reasons against the theory. There's simply no reason to do it.

    That's nonsense. Nobody is getting chipped. There's nothing in any version of the bill about chipping people. Read the first post.
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    Ok, let's stick to a practical example, Romney is a neocon cookie cutter republican he's not gonna support gay marriage or abortion, your off topic. But Romney will do what he's told he's a bilderberger, if the Courts say it's constitutional to make RFID Chips mandatory he will see it that way, it's happened before with him regarding Obamacare as a tax or penalty remember? So yes if Obama says RFID Chips are mandatory the Republicans will disagree but if Romney wins and says the same thing, the Neocon Republicans will not see a problem with it, especially if it's mandatory for "others" and not them personally as in Prisoners, Newborns, Illegals, the Homeless, and those on Socialized healthcare.

    Now when you say nobody is getting chipped, there are some Americans chipped already, some mexican federales are chipped also, and in belgium I believe there are a few chipped also, One of the Rockefellers admitted to Aaron Russo that is their plan, the bill is vague and can be interpreted as allowing the RFID Chip, what do you think would happen if there was an "outbreak" of some sort and the vaccines were limited, and the govt required a chip along with the vaccine or no vaccine?

    I'm not arguing, I find you fascinating and a big contributor, it's funny how people see things so differently, so basically are you telling me I dont need to worry about being confronted with this decision EVER? at all in my lifetime? or my daughters lifetime?
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    How did you know that? are you well versed on bible prophesy? are you a believer, I've heard the whole it's in your mind or what you do with your hands, I've also heard the mark of the beast is Christians bowing to the papacy and worshiping on Sunday instead of the Sabbath (saturday or Sabado), But the RFID Chip makes more sense as "No man will be able to buy nor sell save he haveth the mark", the chip can not only hold our blood type and allergies it could also hold our Insurance info and they could literally debit our bank accounts with one little "BEEP".
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    You can read hte bible and see for yourself that it makes no mention of chips.

    You can look up interpretations by biblical scholars and see what they think - which is what Mick said

    Eg here's one Apocolyptic site that takes that view:

    Here's another

    And Christianity.com notes that it is one of many interpretations of what the mark may actually be.

    So it looks to me as if Mick probably "knows that" because he has done a little research into what people think the mark of the beast will be.
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    You are deceived into thinking it is a hoax. Read the bible young man.
  12. MikeC

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    Why would you read the bible to see what an act of congress contains???
  13. cheeple

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    MikeC you kill me with your strawman fallacys.
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    Actually you sir are wrong about this. These chips are mandated in the US to be in passports and in some states such as New York, you are required to have one in your Driver's License. Also just a thought here, if they require citizens to carry health care insurance, who's to say your health care provider will not make it a requirement? They do this now with vaccines, I got about 3 or vaccs when i was a child now they want my child to take like 9!!
    The implant or rfid chip they refer to that can be implanted takes less than a minute to implant and can be done so by a syringe. It is not so far fetched as you suggest. If you are required to health care, there will obviously be a punishment if you don't. Meaning, if you don't take this implant, we will not insure you, and that will mean you are breaking the law. Of course they will argue that there are more good points than bad. If i told you i was selling you a non running wrecked car for full price would you buy it? of course not, if i lie and says its fresh off the showroom floor you may take more interest. There were people who actually took the implant after Katrina, if you do some research you will see that there are several instances of volunteers receiving the chip and they do have the ability to link your chip to your companions chip.
    RFID is nothing new, it's been around since like WWII.
    Chips can be used to store info, track, and analyze.
    They can track a workers productivity, track products, track, vehicles, they even used them on the participants of the Los Angeles Marathon in 08.
    See this link for a list of companies ACTIVELY using this RFID to TRACK, not store info but, TRACK items.
    Keep in mind this is only 1 maker of these chips, there are hundreds more out there.

    Just my thoughts and opinions so don't get all hurt and upset about it.
    P.S. I would rather die free than be a slave. YOU WILL NOT CHIP ME.
  15. Mick West

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    We are talking about mandated chips being implanted in your body. Chips in id cards is a rather different thing.

    I'm not sure what your point about track vs. store info. RFID chips are essentially a replacement for bar codes. Just a lot easier to scan. So they are used in all the same ways that bar codes are used. FedEX uses bar codes to track packages. Warehouses use bar codes to track items. As RFID gets cheaper, people are moving from bar codes to RFID due to the advantages it offers.

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    Metal note:
    Warn everyone to stay away from Snoops, & metabunk.
    They are part of the evil agenda. I know they had planted many sites to keep people in the blind until it was too late.
    I just didn't think snoops was one of them. Metabunk not many know of & it carries very little weight. But we will watch always. KNOW YOUR ENEMY! We are watching!!!
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    There are chips being used Mark... Usually embedded in the chest of Federal Officers... So don't go thinking they are NOT being Used!
  18. Met Watch

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    Prove it.
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    Wow, just wow. I'm fascinated by how many religious people are so ignorant of things. No one is gonna be forced to do anything! It goes against your basic human rights to be tracked all the time anyways. In the bible it says that woman are under men and that slaves are okay. Do you still believe that? No. I bet one of you will argue and try to make it seem like I have never read a bible or I'm not cultured in your "oh so sophisticated but simple to the followers" religion. This chip thing isn't going to happen. Even if it does, they can't force everyone to get it, there's to many people out there and to much space to cover not only that but the revelations talk about the world. THE WORLD ISNT ONLY AMERICA, unless every other country does it too or we just happen to gain dominance of every other country. It's not the "end". Plus, Jesus is from the middle east, they didn't even know America was here back then. You guys think you're so special cause you believe in Jesus Christ and if you believe in him, that's that. Wouldn't it make sense if it started where most of the bible takes place in? The middle east? I don't know, I'm not omnipotent so I'm probably wrong and going to
    Hell too right? The chip thing doesn't even matter, you guys are just trying to find an excuse to argue about your religion and how you are right about the prophecys in the bible, which you aren't.
  20. Gunguy45

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    He can't....all he can do is make the claim. Unfortunately...that's all it takes for some people.
  21. Unregistered

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    I've read most all the posts in this discussion. While I agree some have creditably, I feel that important facts are being overlooked. Many who are posting are taking quotes from Revelation. The 7 year Tribulation period or Daniels 70th week, is GOD's wrath on the people who rejected HIM, those who refuse the love of the truth that they might be saved: This is not the church/bride. Why would CHRIST want to marry the body after he beats it to a pulp? Why would the church want to be married to a husband who abuses her? Sure there're some who will be tried and loose their lives this is nothing new. But the "mark" of the beast isn't until the Great Tribulation and all the events happening there is GOD's judgement on a rebellious people who refuse to accept him as the true Messiah. We as Christians are to be (in) this world not (of) it, sojourners; meaning to be ready at a minutes notice to leave or be taken out just like HE told the Israelite's when they fled Egypt, which is a mirror to us now, before he brought the plagues on the Pharaoh and his people. The Jews or GODS chosen people were spared from the plagues by the Lambs blood wiped on the doorposts. We are covered with the blood of JESUS so we won't go through the Tribulation. As a matter of fact we will be having a huge banquet wedding feast while this is happening! Sad to think of for those who aren't saved that while we feast they will be under the anti-Christs rule and soon will be forced to take that "mark" like it or not... I believe because of the strong delusion GOD will send them that most especially the wealthy who are in love with money and power more than CHRIST will enjoy taking the mark. I feel they will believe that proudly flashing their allegiance to the beast and his system, whomever and whatever it may be, will be a conquest for them in life and the mark will be like a milestone. I pray for those who refuse to believe in the GOD of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob because we have witnessed HIS mighty wrath when HE pours it out on this earth and it's inhabitants. Only the remnant of Israel (144,000) represented by Noah in the flood, will remain and they won't take the "mark". But all the Christians are under Grace and are saved by Grace. Rest dear people GOD is always in control even with trials and tribulations, which I feel is exactingly what is taken place right now. It's a tribulation, a trial placed on the world for it's transgressions. But as Christians we repent of our sinful ways so we may feel a little uncomfortable at times but remember when ol' Nebuchadnezzar put GOD's people in the fiery furnace Daniel wasn't there. When the flood came, Enoch had already been translated to heaven and was sparred without seeing death. We will not be here when it gets to this point, not that we are any-bit better we are all sinners and don't deserve any favoritism, but our salvation (is) CHRISTS Glory, to show satan and his followers that GOD won't be mocked and he won't be dethroned. Another point too is that it won't be until the anti-Christ takes power and "For when they shall say, Peace and safety; then sudden destruction cometh upon them, as travail upon a woman with child; and they shall not escape"., 1Thessalonians 5:3 (KJV)
    then, that "mark" will take place. There's no peace nor safety in the world right now, the middle east is a mess. So relax a bit and praise GOD for your Salvation!
  22. Gunguy45

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    Wow......just wow.
  23. Mick West

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    This is actually one of my most popular threads for Google search traffic, over 100,000 unique visitors. So it gets a wide variety of people. Comments are not necessarily representative.
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    Iam glad some one told the truth , I have been worried that the rdif chip law was really on a RISE,so i thought ah this cant be really happening not in the U S A so i have been reading and i came to this web site and found that this one made sense well this answer is your civil right not to have some thing planted in your bodies that is against your will or mines ,hey i know why dont we bring back hitler .right for all u haters out there against obama at least he cares about the average joes and flows.dem are for we the people rep are for we the rich .What if funny to me is there is people that are hurting in the world today 9/7/2012 because of rep .and there playing the dumb part as if they dont know as if we were not there in 2008 ,people were pulling there monies out of there banks it got so bad the world was on its last blink almost ,it was omgosh this is it but Obama took us out of it like a blink of the eye ,were forgetting what they will do again to us we the people.if we thought the last days of bush was bad ,wait till you see what romeny days are like .any thing for buck i say i will hollar for that almighty dollar not for your rights for your health.for a better way of life ,but only for the rich to get richer i wonder how much can one eat i guess these days alot ,
  25. Unregistered

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    thats right, all he can do is make his claim! it's called freedom of speach just
    what you and the unregestered person before ,who said she didn't know.
    isn't it great that your gun backs up your right to free speach, so just be res-
    -pectable and tolerent of others views.
    if you don't have something good to say, say nothing at all!
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    FOR YOUR SAKES I HOPE YOUR RIGHT! God forbid a nother 911 happens,
    even the democrats have said don't let a desaster go to waist.
    remember hitler said that if the masses would give him all power that he
    would take care of them.
    911 has taken some of our freedoms, i believe a nother would be the nail
    the coffin, example 666 implant mark of the beast.
    beleave it or not!
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    Not in the law. But, regulations are being written. IMHO, it is only a matter of time before Alzheimer patients are put on pet-like implants after they wander off a couple of times. And then, of course, wouldn't it be a good idea to implant kids for Amber alerts? So, where does that get us after one generation?

    No, tagging people is not here now. Not at all.
  28. Unregistered

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    I hate misinformed people. If you go by HR 3962 witch did pass. It says a class 2 device. Here is what a class 2 device is:
    Source on what a class 2 device is: http://www.fda.gov/MedicalDevices/DeviceRegulationandGuidance/GuidanceDocuments/ucm072141.htm

    Now, that we got that outta the way tell me what you debunked.
  29. Unregistered

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    Reason why you failed at debunking this.
    1. HR 3962 passed and has the Registry
    2. It says a class 2 device is this: This guidance document was developed as a special control guidance to support the classification of the implantable radiofrequency transponder system for patient identification and health information into class II (special controls). The device is intended to enable access to secure patient identification and corresponding health information in humans . This guidance is issued in conjunction with a Federal Register notice announcing the classification of implantable radiofrequency transponder system for patient identification and health information. Source: http://www.fda.gov/MedicalDevices/DeviceRegulationandGuidance/GuidanceDocuments/ucm072141.htm

    What did you debunk?
  30. Mick West

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    I debunked the story that any bill requires people to have chips implanted in them.

    Did you read the first post? There are TENS OF THOUSANDS of medical devices that are Type II or Type III, and would be covered under such a registry. Implantable chips are just one example.

    It no more mandates you get a chip than it mandates you get a hip replacement.
  31. Unregistered

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    Fair, enough i see your argument. Here is mine quoting the bill
    "(F) encourage, as appropriate, the development and use of clinical registries and the
    development of clinical effectiveness research data
    22 networks from electronic health records, post
    23 marketing drug and MEDICAL DEVICE SURVEILLANCE
    24 efforts, and other forms of electronic health
    25 data;"
    Also "(B) In this paragraph, the term ‘data’ refers to in
    formation respecting a covered device, including claims
    15 data, patient survey data, standardized analytic files that
    16 allow for the pooling and analysis of data from disparate
    17 data environments, electronic health records, and any
    18 other data deemed appropriate by the Secretary."

    Once again quoting the bill "(D) enable the real-time (or near real
    time) determination of an individual’s financial
    19 responsibility at the point of service and, to the
    20 extent possible, prior to service, including
    21 whether the individual is eligible for a specific
    22 service with a specific physician at a specific
    facility, on a specific date or range of dates,
    include utilization of a machine-readable health"

    Class 3 devices are pace makers. A class 2 device is a rfid transponder.
    It says medical device survelliance.
    So Once again What did you debunk?
  32. Unregistered

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    I, forgot this part. Of what the bill says "(2) EFFECTIVE DATE.—The Secretary of
    18 Health and Human Services shall establish and
    19 begin implementation of the registry under section
    20 519(g) of the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic
    21 Act, as added by paragraph (1), by not later than
    22 the date that is 36 months after the date of the enactment
    of this Act, without regard to whether or
    24 not final regulations to establish and operate the
    25 registry have been promulgated by such date."
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    What you aren't understanding is this. The law is written and anyone how knows about the law knows that you cant take it for what it says but you must take it for what it doesn't say. If an implants are OK under law, Why wouldn't you think that they would in the future implant a tracking chip in each one of us. I totally believe this bill helps accelerate the liberal socialist agenda. If you are so naive to trust what the bill says because you trust politicians, think about all the times they have said one thing and did another. Remember, there are people who are in this world who don't believe human life is divine. Even Bill Maher said "Whats so special about life, Dogs can do it" That elitest idea is running rampant among them. So to the people who address us as Sheeple you may want to reflect on yourself and realize that trusting the government is not the answer but trust in the individual who you can put a face and a soul to. The government is not some divine entity who you are supposed to rely on but is laws written. Look up Denver international airport, the georgia guidestones. Thats just 2 examples that there is an agenda that you arent being told about. Dont be fooled! Prepare for the worst and hope for the best.
  34. Unregistered

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    Sorry thats where you have it wrong. I dont believe most of us would tattoo 666 on our forehead to save our lives. As a christian that would be considered "the mark of the beast" And i can guarantee that Christians wouldn't. Guess what . I know i'm going to die one day and I will gladly die before I put 666 on my head. I feel that your are so convinced that you are right that your blind to the fact that there is an agenda behind all of this. I suggest instead of playing word games with this and trying to debunk the idea that one day we will be forced to take the chip understand that there is something bigger going on and this is just a footprint of many in the march of socialism
  35. MikeC

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    FFS dude - you said you got his point, which is that the bill does not require chips to be fitted in the first place.

    Nothing you have quoted since contradicts that.
  36. MikeC

    MikeC Closed Account

    The bible says you are wrong :rolleyes:

    All get it - x-ian or not - it's not a matter of choice
  37. Pete Tar

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    What's 'elitist' is believing human life IS divine (whatever the hell that means), and somehow set apart from the rest of the life on the planet. Even a dog, given the concept, would argue that it's life is 'divine' - it certaintly means a lot to it. Why does life have to be divine, to have an extra, super-natural appellation, to be considered worthy of respect? That attitude in itself is pretty weird and elitist.
    ALL life is amazing and worth respecting. Dogs probably lead much more fulfilled lives than humans anyway. They certaintly aren't troubled by any imaginary notions of what happens to their soul when they die, and are probably much better for it (I can't prove they aren't troubled by thoughts of life-after death though).

    "I feel that your are so convinced that you are right that your blind to the fact that there is an agenda behind all of this."

    Sorry but, ditto. You are convinced the apocalyptic interpretation of revelations is going to usher in your rapture that you see 'more' than is warranted.

    "... and this is just a footprint of many in the march of socialism"

    Wasn't Jesus an originator of what many demonise as socialism these days? - healing the sick and feeding the hungry free of charge is about as socialist as you can get.

    Is this a new troll term meant to irritate christians? I know they consider the shortening of 'x-mas' to be some kind of satanic plot to purge christ from the world, so one can only imagine this annoys them further. Sometimes though, they kind of deserve it.
  38. Mick West

    Mick West Administrator Staff Member

    It's an OLD abbreviation. I suspect though it's kind of come full circle, with the anti "Xmas" crowd who have no understanding of the old use of the term. And hence some people like to use the "X" abbreviation as and ironic/goading manner

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  39. Unregistered

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    Mickc, you are right. It does not say you, have to get one at the time. But, i know for a fact there is something fishy going on in that white house. That bill sets up rfid chips to be mandated, that just is not the law at this time. I know for a fact, that taking money out of somebody's bank account without their permission is unconstitutional. That bill needs, to be repealed. As far as the rfid chip being 'the mark' it is possible. Because, without the chip in a world where your whole life is devoted to it. Would be a form of you worshiping it. As you need it to survive. Or live hence you are more or less worshiping it. I am no conspiracy theorist so i can see that it being mandated seems not to be the case at the moment. But, i think what arron russu said proves to be more true to this day. Everything he said has or is in the progress of happening. Witch leads me to jump to one conclusion one day, people will demand these chips to be put in them. Then backed by this registry, you are tracked. Or maybe not this bill is illogical and sounds like 100% bullshit. The law should be logically, sound. So we can understand our rights at least.
  40. cheeple

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    No guy, thats called Charity, it's only Socialism when a government steals by force or threat of force and redistributes it.
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