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    Dane Wigington has reported gag orders at NOAA and the US NWS implying that employees are under some sort of threat regarding releasing information, presumably about Geo-Engineering.

    http://www.geoengineeringwatch.org/...g-order-on-national-weather-service-and-noaa/ (.", "\.)
    The actual gag orders appear to relate to industrial matters between the agencies, their union and an organisation called PEER: Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility, an environmental activist group supporting Public Employees.

    The gag orders have nothing to do with geo-Engineering but relate to the following release from PEER.^
    [Update by @Mick West 8/22/2016]:

    The Actual NWS "Gag Order" (just regarding collective bargaining)
    http://www.peer.org/assets/docs/noaa/10_8 15_Collective_Bargaining_gag.pdf^

    The NOAA "Gag Order" relates only to the "Operations and Workforce Analysis (OWA) project, and seems designed simply to avoid early release of the workgroup's reports.
    http://www.peer.org/assets/docs/noaa/10_8_15_Org_Workforce_Analysis_gag.pdf (1)
    The grievance bargaining "gag order" only applies to the union, and not the employees. The union (the NWSEO sometimes on behalf of the employee in grievance negotiations, and this stops the union from discussing details of settlements. It does not stop the employee from doing so.
    http://www.peer.org/assets/docs/noaa/10_8_15_Grievance_Gag_Order.pdf (1)
    So all of these "gag orders" are very limited in scope, and really do not stop most employees from talking about anything - and certainly not about the weather.

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    I must say the comments on GEWatch are pretty discouraging...the same old myths and falsehoods that we have been attempting to correct for years:


    but interesting comment from Dane:

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    Nothing has been debunked here.
    Straight from the NWS website: "NWS MISSION: Provide weather, water, and climate data, forecasts and warnings for the protection of life and property and enhancement of the national economy."
    With that mission in mind, looking at your own quotes from PEER, there actually is a gag order on the NWS employees that prevents them from talking about anomalous weather and what violations, abuses and mismanagement might be going on by leadership in the agency in covering up the facts of geoengineered weather seen by NWS employees. Here's my reasoning:

    the "Grievance settlements" section leaves much room for the forbidding of employees to talk about weather engineering that they would obviously know about in the day to day inner workings of the agency as they try to fulfill their stated mission. Think about it, if for argument's sake you accept that aerosol spraying to make clouds and ionospheric heating to move winds and weather are really occurring (which they are ;-) ), then the weather service, to some degree, has been reduced to an agency that announces planned weather manipulations instead of using their great predictive models and meteorological minds to predict the natural weather, which geoengineering has replaced. The employees of this agency would certainly have grievances about that! But they aren't technically "whistleblowers", so there is no exception to the gag rule for those grievances. (I frankly doubt whistleblowers would even get an exception, considering the federal government's obvious disdain and contempt for government whistleblowers).

    The PEER Executive Director, Jeff Ruch, himself spoke of the broad scope of the gag orders saying, “Everyone is free to talk about the weather except for the people working inside the National Weather Service". This statement supports my interpretation of the "Grievance Settlement" rules above. These rules are so broad that it amounts to the NWS employees not being allowed to talk about the weather...

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    That just silly, as they could just say they don't have a grievance and talk about it anyway. And surely some of them won't have grievances.
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    This site (Oct 8, 2015) has the NWS response.. ie. WHY the gag orders and in relation to what specifically.