1. Mick West

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    Nick Begich is the author of Angels don't play this HAARP, a book that suggests that the HAARP facility is some kind of advanced weapon.

    His claimed credentials are (from his own web site):


    The OIU appears to be a diploma mill, in fact it's been described as the "grandfather" of diploma mills, with several affiliates around the world. The degrees it provides are not even valid in Sri Lanka, according to the Indian government.

    Begich sells a wide variety of products on his web site, and it would seem to be in his interest to continue to promote a variety of bunk.


    Many of the articles on his web site link directly into a related product in his store. He has a direct monetary interest in promoting his unlikely theories as holding water.

    Begich updated his web site in 2010 to add the phrase "honoris causa" (indicating an honorary degree), prior to that the bio read


    and now reads

  2. Mick West

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    I was just looking at this video:

    Where he talks a lot about the Earth's "magnetic field lines" and how HAARP can "affect" the magnetic field lines.

    He says (at 05:07)

    It sounds very much like he think there are actual individual field lines. This is of course nonsense, there is only a magnetic field. The field lines are just a convenient way of mapping the field, like contour lines on a map.


    He talks about charged particles "corkscrewing along the lines", which is also nonsense, as the particles simply move through the field with a corkscrew motion due to the Lorentz force. There are no actual lines.

    Hence the talk of "affecting the field lines" sounds like he really does not know what he is talking about.
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    Good info here Mick. I have a quick question as well. Nick Begich also mentions in his book. "Angels Don't Plays This HAARP" that "A Russian military journal warned that blasting the ionosphere would trigger a cascade of electrons that could flip Earth's magnetic poles. "Simply speaking, the planet will 'capsize,'' I post this here because it is related to Begich's claims relating to earths magnetic field. Does anybody having a debunking of this claim as well? It would be very helpful as this is also a very popular claim.
  4. derrick06

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    If anybody can provide any debunking for the theory that HAARP can damage the ionosphere that would be very helpful as well.
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    Hi Derrick. We don't really try to debunk claims here, we debunk claims of evidence. So you'd need to link to the actual evidence. For example, the "Russian Military Journal", or the claimed evidence that supports your second post.
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    derrick06 Active Member

    Hi Mick. I couldn't find the source from that "Russian" source that Begich states. However after researching more I was able to find that the claim makes no sense. As earths magnetic field has nothing to do with how earth rotates on it's axis and is probably another outlandish claim.

    As for the other aspect of my question here it the claim of evidence. I forgot to insert the link. Sorry!

  7. Mick West

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    Again though you need to be a bit more specific. Can you quote an actual claim of evidence on that page? I just see a whole bunch of claims, which you could debunk by saying "no it doesn't", if they don't actually provide any evidence to support the claims.
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    From the link:
    Super-powerful, eh? Let's examine that.

    HAARP can transmit 3.6 megawatts. The antenna field covers an area of 33 acres (~133,000 m²).

    The National Renewable Energy Laboratory has a web app called PVWatts that will tabulate the monthly and annual total solar radiation received by any town in the US. The nearest town to HAARP is Gakona, Alaska.

    Gakona receives an annual average solar radiation of 2.67 kWh / m² / day, or an average of 111.25 w/m².

    The Big Picture: The antenna field receives an average of 4.1 times as much solar energy as HAARP can transmit.

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  9. Mick West

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  10. derrick06

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    Thanks Chew and Mick! Sorry I didn't provide anything specific when posting here. Both of your links and replies helped a lot. I guess there wasn't any specific proof that I could find besides "Here's what will happen." and I suppose of that's all there is, Then it doesn't really say much. There were just so many claims it was hard for me to sift through it and find exactly HOW their claims are supposed to work. So I start adding even more questions to what they are saying which just confuses me. Ha! I'm new to this conspiracy stuff and often it can be very confusing!
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