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    It is the recent lithium payload fired by NASA. It's a sounding rocket fired into the upper atmosphere to study the winds on the edge of space. It's something they have done for decades. It's totally unrelated to airplane contrails, and nothing at all like what people call "chemtrails"

    Here's NASA's description of the program:
    Here's a 1964 description of a similar experiment. As NASA says this is nothing new, and it's nothing secret.
    http://news.google.com/newspapers?id=sekcAAAAIBAJ&sjid=11gEAAAAIBAJ&dq=nasa sounding rocket lithium&pg=5885,4057829

    The scientist on the other end does use the term "chemtrails" twice that I recall - in the context of "chemical trail" which he also uses for the lithium gas released. He's just using the term because the caller used it, and it's a useful abbreviation for "chemical trails". The rocket obviously leaves a trail of chemicals.

    He also points out that the actual trail would be invisible, that lithium is actually hard to use because its invisible and they are trying to develop direct sensors so they don't have to release anything (this test was part of that development programme), and that they are much higher than aircraft contrails.

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    There was a launch of two sub-orbital sounding rockets on July 4, the launch window was from 6/24 - 7/7. It was publicly announced no later than 1/25 in conjunction with the advance notice of a launch that occurred on 1/29. The person who made the vid recorded a call they made to NASA. One of their concerns was that the launches were allegedly not made known to the public. If said caller followed real science news at all they would have been aware of the launches. Her other primary contention was that lithium was dispersed. Lithium vapor has been used several times in the past in order to study winds in the ionosphere. A small amount of lithium was dispersed at somewhere around 100 miles altitude. The guy from NASA actually did a good job of remaining calm and explaining the science as best he could. Some youtuber found out about the rocket launches and since then it's been shared numerous times making the rounds among the chemtrail crowd. Apparently one of them decided to call NASA to give them a hard time but the reasoned explanations actually seemed to quiet her down a bit. Just another example of uninformed people fearing that which they do not understand.



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    He is kindly and patiently explaining the experiment and why it is done.
    Initially he asked for questions to be emailed and he would reply that way, but no, the caller insisted on being told on the phone.
    Was he informed that he was being recorded? There was a discussion of recording phone calls at the beginning.

    He mentioned "chem trails", I suppose as an abbreviation for chemical trails. They use chemicals, a variety of them I guess, and they are released in a trail so that they can be tracked to measure the wind. So he calls the trail a chem trail. I don't see what the problem with this is.
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    I agree with indeed how calm the NASA official conducts himself (I don't think I would have reacted so calmly) and how incredibly dishonest the lady that made the recording was. She does not inform him that he is being recorded and publishes the video on youtube (including his email address). Then again conspiracy theorists are not exactly known for their honesty.
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    I predict he will get approximately two calls. At the most.
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    Anyone who calls too much will get on 'The List'. :confused: o_O :eek: :oops: ;) :rolleyes:

    Alexandra May Hunter is misinformed about NASA's S'COOL project for children. It has been underway since before the turn of the century.
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    A chemtrail-Believer named Jim Kerr asked NASA about this and gets a very detailed Answer.

    Jim Kerr has a website http://www.chemtrailsavca.com/
    a Facebook-Account: https://www.facebook.com/jim.kerr.142240
    and a Youtube-Channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/ChemtrailsAVCA

    ....but he published these emails at this Conspirancy-Site:

    This is the email he sends to NASA

    This is NASA responding:

    (reformating by me)
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    Jim Kerr is a little more forthcoming on his website, he thinks the planes may be run by Satan and Fallen Angels.

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    They are observing wind patterns in the upper atmosphere using chemicals that leave a visible trail.

    So what?
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    This is stretching the limits of "chemtrails". Why not call the rocket exhaust a "chemtrail"? Why not call a crop duster a "chemtrail". Why not call a military helicopter's exhaust a "chemtrail"? Why not forest fighting chemicals "chemtrails"?

    Those "chemtrails", like the lithium trails in space you refer to might serve as 'gateway' examples, but they really aren't what the chemtrails hoax has been about all along, and I think Geeksquad knows that. The real "chemtrails" are mysterious, the happen far too high, they are seen nearly every day somewhere. Supposedly "no one knows" where they come from (except G. Edward Griffin and every commercial pilot who's ever flown)

    The problem for this way of advancing the idea of chemtrails is that once you dilute the meaning of the word, some of these "chemtrails" are benign, the mosquito spraying and firefighting retardants are actually helpful. Is this really what the chemtrail people want to do? Are these admissions 'real sexy fear porn' able to bring out hordes of people on marches worldwide? Is this what a real cult is built on, a few rockets releasing a wheelbarrow load of lithium in space?

    Not really. The classic "chemtrail" is what looks and acts exactly like a contrail, and we all know that sometimes water behaves badly.
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    Nasa has released substantially more than 5 rockets that leave "chemtrails" of aluminium:
    Meet the space shuttle:

    The shuttle used aluminium as a fuel in its booster rockets, and much studied as to the impacts of release of aluminium into the atmosphere.
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    Indeed - rockets of all kinds leave an exhaust of chemicals, as do all aircraft, trucks, ships and trains that use any form of chemical combustion.

    so do you, and all other animals and plants.

    None of them look like contrails tho....except for contrails.
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    This old recording is circulating again thanks to its "rediscovery" by the AnonHQ website. Snopes has published a very thorough debunking article, including part of an interview with Keith Koehler (who was quoted above in post #9).


    I particularly like this statement by Koehler:

    I'm not sure that last sentence was chosen well. Lithium is present in meteorites but isn't a huge fraction of the mass (as far as I can tell from a brief search). But the point is still good.