1. First time poster here.

    A relative of mine brought up this theory that NASA sent a nuke to the dark side of the moon to prove there was water, but according to him, it was to destroy a potential alien moon base and, I quote, "things like this are why we don't go to the moon anymore". I'm not very good at research or debunking anything, so I was wondering if this community could disprove (or prove, who knows) this theory of an alien observation base on the moon.

    I know I'm not allowed to link anything, so I'll directly quote some paragraphs and pictures on an article I got when I searched "did nasa nuke alien structures on the moon":
    (for organization sake, I'll number the quotes and supplementary photos if any for viewing leisure)

    I hope any of you can make sense of this. I personally don't believe but I'm keeping an open mind for the sake of it. Thanks in advance for any replies!

    mod add: explanation in prior thread https://www.metabunk.org/debunked-what-is-this-square-in-a-nasa-photo.t476/
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    actually links are kinda a requirement :)

    Metabunk does not debunk "theories" we debunk specific claims of evidence. I'm assuming #2 is the 'evidence?
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    This is the website I presume you have found your quotes from @pleasedebunkthrowaway

    There is quite a bit going on here, with various claims and misattributed photos, but considering the fact that the word "moon" is spelt so wrong, multiple times, there isn't much credibility to start off with! Which particular claim did you want to look at? Please check out the posting guidelines :)
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    Well first I looked at all the forts in India, Bangladesh, and Pakistan in Google Maps, no luck.

    Then I noticed this on page 2 of the Google Image Search results:
    Metabunk 2018-05-12 21-37-57.
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    Dang. Sorry to waste your time Mick! Thought I'd gone over all those
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    I can't resist things like this :) Plus I got to check out some cool Indian Forts. An interesting perspective on a bit of history.
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  12. Yeah it's in Iran, a word heritage site known as the Throne of



    I've seen this claimed before, and the person who made it quickly retracted it saying it was a test when it was pointed out how lazy a claim it was!
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  13. man, this one is really something :D its a still from walt disneys short "Man and the Moon"" from 1955:
    source: http://www.midnightonly.com/2011/09/12/disneyland-man-and-the-moon-1955/
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    Wow, I just dredged up some really old memories from around 1962. Rocket to the Moon at Disneyland... http://www.yesterland.com/moonrocket.html

    ...had a shorter version of that episode:

    There were movie screens on the floor and ceiling. The seat bottoms moved up and down to simulate acceleration and "weightlessness."
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  15. this is somewhat OT, but additional to my last post I have to post the "Man and the Moon"-video, cause its really beautiful and absolutly worth watching (the scene with the "city" on the lunars surface is around 45:00):

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