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    I commute through this intersection 5 days a week and saw the aftermath with my own eyes. The motor was where you might expect it to be from such a dramatic accident. The car appeared to have hit the center divider curb on the south side of the intersection. The road narrows here and the center divider is wider on the south side by several feet compared to the north side divider. You actually have to steer to the right in the intersection to avoid the curb. The crown of the road on Melrose is not that dramatic but could bottom out a car traveling at high speed. Factor in the wider center divider and the accident seems reasonable. And another thing; this road ducks into Culver City, Santa Monica and South LA from the Hollywood night spots and restaurants because there is very little traffic at night. Cars parked on Highland south of Melrose are constantly hit. So often that people usually risk a parking ticket and park with two wheels on the curb.
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    Why do some people have to ascribe everything that happens to some nefarious plot or something sinister?
    People get killed in car crashes every day. Look at what happened to an experienced racecar driver & Paul Walker.
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