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    Debunked: This story is indirectly based on a 2006 paper by the Surveillance Studies Network, prepared for the UK Government's Information Commissioner, that theorized that by 2016 school children might be given a plastic ID card with RFID built in. They did NOT suggest compulsory implanting of anyone. It contains a number of science-fiction-like dystopian scenarios, and is more of a set of pessimistic speculations. The most dire prediction it has for children is about using an RFID card at school:
    The primary focus of the report was upon the loss of privacy from the ease of tracking RFID enabled cards, like credit cards and ID cards.

    The main discussion of RFID implants was for shopping, and it's not compulsory, the shoppers are offered it as a luxury upgrade.
    Recharacterizing this report as some kind of "Mandatory Microchips in Newborns" is a hoax. In fact the public awareness and regulatory safeguards of the situation have actually improved since 2006. A 2010 update on the report stated:
    And the update does not mention RFID at all. It seems like it did not turn out to be the issue that was feared. CCTV, phone tracking, social networks, and biometrics are now discussed as much more realistic and important problems to be addressed.

    Newborns do actually get RFID chips in hospitals now. But it's not an implant, it's just an ankle bracelet. Basically an enhanced version of the normal barcoded hospital bracelets. There's a variety of different kinds, active and passive. But all around the ankle. And of course it's removed when the baby leaves in a day or two.


    http://www.brenmoor.com/rfid-infaband-125/ (http://archive.is/bI0hg)

    Some version of this story are now accompanied by a story quoting a Dr Kilde, which actually is a recycling of an unrelated story from 2007, first published in "The Canadian", and repeated in Infowars

    http://www.agoracosmopolitan.com/home/Frontpage/2007/01/08/01290.html (http://archive.is/OZBiQ)
    http://www.infowars.com/articles/bb/rfid_doctor_plans_microchip_newborns_us_europe.htm (http://archive.is/5eYBX)

    This appear to be a hoax, as it contains stuff which is scientific nonsense:

    And the original source of THAT bunk is the conspiracy site Illuminati News.
    http://www.illuminati-news.com/Szymanski051206.htm (http://archive.is/4BKZ9)

    And ultimately claims to be a translation of a 1999 Finnish article.
    http://www.illuminati-news.com/micro-implants.htm (http://archive.is/8tFYz)

    Which is a real article, written by UFO and parapsychology enthusiast Rauni-Leena Luukanen-Kilde 1999, 23 years after she was Chief Medical Officer for Lapland (a Province of Finland).

    See Post #3 below.

    The above summary debunking added by @Mick West, OP by @Balance Follows:

    https://plus.google.com/ Wlklleaks/posts/ghpJnxiaP2V
    ^^^Unofficial wikileaks account

    Their "source": [which itself has no actual sources]
    and of course, that stalwart of journalism adds to the flames
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    From David Fraser's link.....

    We present 14 vignettes, entitled:
    From "Keeping Tabs on Kids"....

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    I've updated the OP with a brief explanation, as this thread is getting some traffic.
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    Hello folks,
    I just wrote an article on this rumor for a french debunking site, "Hoaxbuster".
    The french version of the Topinfopost has been circulating a lot in January. ("Europe : La puce électronique deviendrait obligatoire pour tous les bébés à partir de mai 2014")
    French readers can read it and compare here for example : http://www.donotlink.com/dc7

    On our forum we finally found the origin : an italian satirical website.

    Italian debunkers had done the job before us.

    A complete article will be posted on our site this week. The forum discussion can already be found here : http://www.hoaxbuster.com/forum/eur...atoire-pour-tous-les-bebes-partir-de-mai-2014

    Briefly, the french and english translations overlooked some massive hints that the original writer was trolling them :
    - "The chips are based on a passive NWO technology" > "NWO", right.
    - It says that this is a decision made by an european body named "CCCP" (for "Comitato Consultivo per il Controllo della Popolazione"). Of course, it is impossible to find any trace of this group except in articles talking about this story.
    However, CCCP is also the cyrillic acronym for "URSS".
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    Hi there, i'm Brian.

    Newbie to the forum but found it after this supposed post went viral on facebook. Got a few friends that are going crazy about this thinking it's real because ONE site posted it.

    Try telling them it's not or anyone posts anything from Snopes.com "ou do know that the money behind snopes is George Soros who is the biggest single benefactor of our president...right?"

    I agree that this story is complete crap, yet it lingers.

    I was wondering what you all think of this site? http://housedocs.house.gov/rules/health/111_ahcaa.pdf

    I researched the hell out of this story to find out it's not true, but don't know anything about that site.

    Thanks and keep up the great work!
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    The site is fine, it's just a document repository. It's important to note though that it contains drafts of proposed legislation, like the one you've linked. People commonly make the mistake of seeing a draft and assuming it a) passed Congress, and b) was signed into law.

    In this case, from Wikipedia:
    There's another thread here on the forum which addresses this -- Debunked: Obamacare RFID Chip Implant Law Hoax
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    From what I understood of this story, the rumor said it was due to begin in march 2013. It obviously hasn't (no public announcement, nobody went to testify they had been implanted by force), and yet people continue to believe it ???
    Is there now a new date ?
    I have been looking at the commentaries on my article on FB ; a few french people are saying "they already do this in the USA, so it's true ! Wake up !!!" *groan*
    (and of course you have to really insist for them to tell what they exactly mean by that and what their source is)
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    I was discussing with someone on Twitter how in the future a baby pacemaker might have an RFID chip in it, and I made this illustration of the things we were talking about:

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    Cripes!! That looks big for a baby!!
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    The newer pacemakers are RF enabled, which means you could kind of consider them RFID devices. The RF (radio) is is used to communicate with the device, make adjustments, and get info back.

    The point of this being that some people suggest that ANY kind of RFID implant is the start of a slippery slope. They don't really stop to consider exactly what is going on. The RF tech is actually useful here. Maybe life saving. But it's somehow got this evil overtone from "RF" and "implant".
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    Honestly, people are afraid of change. New technology always fires alarms for some people.
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    I was emailed about this claim, and dug around a little and found the referenced document, which is titled in full: SOU 1972:47 (1972) Statens offentliga utredningar (SOU) 1972: 47. Data och integritet.

    Can be downloaded from:

    It's basically a government document on data privacy. Boring old-fashioned stuff.

    Looking for the word "radio", "fånge" (prisoner) and vårdhem (nursing home) give a few hits, but I can't see anything about chip implants (obviously, as they had not been invented until the 1990s), but I was wondering what Kilde might have been referring to. Perhaps some kind of tracking device like an anklet.