1. Mick West

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    While I don't agree with all the things posted on occupycorpratism.com, I think they have this right:

    Seems like the originator of the Holmes/LIBOR rumor was Sorcha Faal, a well known internet troll, who makes up stories based on supposed secret sources within "The Kremlin"

    Here's the original trolling article that started the Holmes-LIBOR:

    How exactly would this even work? Fake a massacre of children for ... what exactly? And how? Why not just assassinate Robert Holmes if he was going to spill the beans? It makes absolutely zero sense. Massacres happen all the time. They don't actually do any thing.

    Bottom line: There's no actual evidence that either Holmes or Lanza have any connection to the LIBOR hearings. It's entirely based on trolling and speculation.
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  2. SR1419

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    Good old Sorcha Faal...he/she has been around awhile...with outlandish story after outlandish story.

    I find it fascinating that he/she is able to gain even a modicum of traction anymore considering all the completely bizarre claims he/she has made that have never, ever been shown to be correct.

    I think this speaks to the wider topic of conspiracy psychology in general.

    Funny- this one didn't make the evening news:

    "Obama Topples Top Coup Leader After Washington Gunbattle"

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  3. screamingwelp

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  4. Mick West

    Mick West Administrator Staff Member

    A ridiculous gish gallop of rumor and speculation. Hardly worth debunking. Like this:


    Difficult targets? Children cowering ten feet away? Idiotic.

    Or this:

    They found a shotgun in the car, not the rifle.

    That speculation is based on this video

    Which even to my untrail eye looks like a shotgun.

    And as a comment there states:
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  5. HappyMonday

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    The people making these are repugnant grave dancers.
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  6. screamingwelp

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  7. Chuck

    Chuck Member

    What I find interesting, Mick, is that the site you use to debunk this Libor conspiracy theory, is the same one that propagates most of the other conspiracy theories that you abhor. They think Alex Jones is a wimp and a self-serving coward because he doesn't go nearly far enough. So, I find it somewhat disingenuous for you to use a site dedicated to the 9/11 conspiracy to prove that the Aurora/Sandy Hooks connection is a fraud.
  8. solrey

    solrey Senior Member

    I don't find using that source to be disingenuous at all. What that tells me is even the most hard core conspiracists aren't falling for yet another hoax by Sorcha Faal.
  9. Chuck

    Chuck Member

    But Mick, if this conspiracy-oriented site propagated the Sorcha Faal generated Libor scandal, would you not be the first to pile on? That's why I felt that you were being disingenuous. When the source meets your conclusions, "even the most hard core conspiracists aren't falling for yet another hoax", you sanction their objectivity (if only for a moment).

    What you're effectively doing is lending credibility to the rest of the conspiracy theories spread by Occupy Corporatism. You take their word as an authority on this one but in cases where you vehemently disagree, would you not demonize them as a bunch of trolls? If they are intellectually honest and pragmatic enough to recognize this Libor fraud association (though it fits within their worldview), then why aren't they just as discerning in matters relating to 9/11, the NWO and Agenda 21? So when they agree with you they become a sound source, but when they disagree, they're a bunch of whack-jobs and trolls?

    As I said, I'm not convinced that the Libor connection is valid. But I'm also not yet convinced that there was a lone gunman. There is police corroboration as to other individuals who were apparently fleeing.

    Let me ask you a question. Since I've not seen Dark Knight Rising I can't comment on the alleged "Shady Hooks" map reference. Do you believe it was photoshoppped along with the "Aurora" sign?
  10. solrey

    solrey Senior Member

    Who are you responding to, me (solrey), or Mick? Regardless, I don't recall either Mick or I referring to Occupy Corporatism as a bunch of "whack-jobs and trolls". I think you're projecting on that one because it's usually the skeptics and debunkers that are labeled as such by conspiracists. I don't think anyone is taking their word as an authority, either. Personally I see it as just one, among many, points of evidence that the whole Lanza/Holmes/Libor thing is a hoax originated by a known hoaxer outed by the most ardent conspiracists.
  11. Mick West

    Mick West Administrator Staff Member

    I don't "sanction their objectivity". I just agree with what they wrote about Sandy Hook & Libor. It's not an authority, it's just correct.

    I think the "Shady Hook" (it says "Sandy Hook") map reference is real. Sandy Hook is a spit to the south of NY, and a common name in the region.

    The Map of Gotham City was released months ago as part of a Mountain Dew viral marketing site. Which is now down: http://www.dewgothamcity.com/
    But see example discussion:

    The map was sent out around Dec 2011


    So they called the island Sandy Hook, which makes some sense based on the geography as Gotham is loosely based on NY. An unfortunate coincidence.

    The most I would speculate with this is that Lanza somehow got the idea that the universe was trying to tell him something because he saw this map on the web at some point. Possible, but I think simple coincidence is more likely.
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  12. Mick West

    Mick West Administrator Staff Member

    The first link is about a mistake in reporting:

    So the reporter thought the woman said she was the principal, so he looked up her name, and published a story with an error in it. Bad journalism in a local paper, that's all.
  13. Chuck

    Chuck Member

    Solrey, that was my mistake. I thought Mick made that comment.

    Mick, thanks for the info on "Sandy Hooks". Perhaps the fact that I referred to it as "Shady Hooks", was a Freudian slip. :)

    You wrote: "It's not an authority, it's just correct." You deem it "correct" because it agrees with your premises? As has been demonstrated hundreds of times on this site, you disagree with just about every stance Occupy Corporatism has taken. So it appears to me that the determining factor on when they are correct is what you.

    Since the police recording and eyewitness testimony details additional possible suspects, are you not at least curious as to why these seemingly pertinent pieces of the puzzle have been summarily ignored?
  14. Chuck

    Chuck Member

    SR1419, love the gunbattle story. Truth clearly is more comical than fiction. Nobody could even make that stuff up since it would be presumed ridiculous. Thanks for the laugh. How in the world did you unearth that website? There's some crazy folks roaming around. :)
  15. Mick West

    Mick West Administrator Staff Member

    I'm sorry that's the impression you got, I was not posting that quote as evidence, simply as something I agreed with. I'll add a not to the OP to clarify.

    Ignored? How so? The police conducted an extensive man hunt, they combed the building and the area for additional shooters, they hauled at least one poor guy out of the woods. They (presumably) eventually determined there was no evidence of an additional shooter.

    In shootings like this, there's ALWAYS garbled eyewitness reports. What exactly do YOU think has been ignored?
  16. Chuck

    Chuck Member

    Mick, that's a fair assessment. What is your impression of the weapons supposedly found in the classroom? The argument has been made that at the body of the alleged shooter were only handguns, not the AR's that were used to wreak maximum havoc. It seems that there are some inconsistencies in the various stories. Any thoughts?
  17. Pete Tar

    Pete Tar Moderator Staff Member

    The man arrested outside the school was Chris Manfredonia, he was going to the school to help his daughter.


    Maybe someone can find out if he was the one wearing camo pants to be completely thorough.

    (some people have challenged the idea that modern gunfire can be associated with the smell of sulphur)
  18. Zephyr

    Zephyr Guest

    Peter Lanza's GE Energy Financial office is 1.7mi from GE Funding, charged by the Securities and Exchange Commission with criminal fraud in the LIBOR scandal-- $70 million settlement so far, and jail cells filling. No one can possibly know with certainty yet whether Lanza had no involvement, and rushing to say he's squeaky clean smacks of protesting too much. Not trying to pick on the guy, just pointing out that no one that high in the GE food chain can possibly be off the hook just yet, imo.
  19. Cairenn

    Cairenn Senior Member

    He doesn't even WORK in the same division. GE financial is a very large company, why would he know?

    Do you know about Sorcha Faal? Please do some research on him. He gets his kicks, it seems from coming up with nonsense stories that some folks fall for

    Mick, what about a debunk thread for Sorcha Faal?
  20. MikeC

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  21. jvnk08

    jvnk08 Active Member

    That's not all that rules it out. As far as I can tell, GE is not connected in any way with the LIBOR scandal, besides perhaps being a customer of the banks involved. Maybe I'm not looking hard enough?

  22. Cairenn

    Cairenn Senior Member

    The LIBOR mess is primarily a British mess, I believe it was someone in the US that realized it and made called it to the attention of authorities in both countries
  23. Quantumbeliever

    Quantumbeliever Banned Banned

    I think it is a bit disingenuous to say, "In fact, research proves that Lanza has no ties to the LIBOR debacle". What do you mean by "ties"? Lanza, was or is the Tax Director and Vice President Taxes; GE Financial Services. And no, this was not a "British" thing. There are a myriad of articles and court records that show clear criminal collusion on the part of many of the biggest financial institutions in the US. Here's one: http://opinion.financialpost.com/20...-show-financial-industry-in-need-of-overhaul/
    Do we know that Lanza was personally involved somehow in the scandal or that he was scheduled to testify? I certainly can't seem to find any evidence of that, but what I have found in just ten minutes is the actual indictment (http://www.justice.gov/atr/cases/f261600/261602.htm) of three men who were sent to prison for their part in the scandal who all happened to work for GE Capitol. It has been reported that all three men worked for, you guessed it, Peter Lanza! I haven't been able to verify this critical piece of the puzzle through corporate records, but someone with more investigative skills than I should be able to do so. Suppose they did work for him? Does it make sense that these three guys go to jail and their boss knew nothing about the scam? Don't you think he would at least be questioned?
    Remember how GE paid NO taxes last year? Just another strange coincidence, I'm sure, but here's one that is even more bizarre; http://www.gunssavelife.com/?p=7255. It seems that GE, after the shooting, has agreed to cut off funding for gun shops. Ok, I get it. They did it out of deference to Mr. Lanza. Or maybe this stalwart corporation with such a deep sense of community did it for purely altruistic reasons. I agree those are possibilities. It's also possible something more nefarious happened when Lanza was pressured by Federal agents who hung a prison term over his head. And how come only three underlings went to jail and no other big dogs? Then, conveniently, GE pays no taxes and is given a huge chunk of taxpayer money as part of the bailout? Starting to smell.
    Honestly, when I saw this post about Lanza and Libor and Sandy Hook, I thought what a bunch of hogwash. I still don't know what to believe, but like so many other so called crazy "conspiracies", there actually seems to be all of these weird, unexplained connections. Personally, I'm not a big believer in "coincidence". I wish one of you would find out if indeed the 3 GE employees that were sent to jail either reported to or worked with Lanza. If it can be shown he had no contact with these guys, didn't know or work with them, I think that would settle it for me. Until that time, I will reserve judgement. Considering the proven facts, I believe that is the most sensible position.
  24. Quantumbeliever

    Quantumbeliever Banned Banned

    Bro, you need to look into this a bit more. There were MAJOR US banks involved up their eyeballs. Men were sent to prison.
  25. Quantumbeliever

    Quantumbeliever Banned Banned

    One more thing: from the actual case:
    the defendants.....to defraud municipalities and the
    United States and the IRS in connection with the bidding of municipal
    bond investment agreements awarded by the bonds’ municipal issuers
    to defendants’ employers, General Electric (GE) and Financial Security
    Assurance (FSA). Indictment (No. 1).
    Notice that the men were charged with defrauding the IRS! Who was VP in charge of "taxes"? Peter Lanza. The rabbit hole just got really deep.
  26. Quantumbeliever

    Quantumbeliever Banned Banned

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