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    Has Kaiser Permanente warned against consuming GMOs? Well, not exactly.

    The claim is based on this article:

    The problem with then claiming that this is a warning from Kaiser is that this warning appears nowhere else. A search of KP.ORG for GMO or "genetically modified" reveals no results at all like this, not even raising any real concerns about GMOs, which mainstream science generally claims to be perfectly safe. Kaiser is very much a mainstream institution, and I doubt they would publish a piece like this as an official position. What we seem to have here is an opinion piece that somehow made its way into one local version of their newsletter.

    So where did it come from? Well, the original seems to be this July 2012 blog post by Carole Bartolotto, and the Kaiser Piece is a shortened version of this.

    http://healthyeatingrocks.com/2012/07/06/what-you-need-to-know-about-gmos/ (also at: http://www.amazines.com/article_detail.cfm?articleid=4700828)

    Who is Carole Bartolotto?
    She also writes diet related articles for Kaiser, like "Eat less salt", on the same site that she write for we find another statement "from" Kaiser on GMOs
    So what we've got here is an opinion piece from a dietician who is personally strongly anti-GMO. It's not Kaiser warning people against GMOs, in fact it directly contradicts other current Kaiser articles.
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    Thanks! Here's a excerpt from that with what Kaiser said, which pretty much is what I said.

    I contacted Carole Bartolotto to ask her how the article came about, but got no reply.
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    Just a small point, corporations and their lawyers and editors very seldom allow one person's "opinion" to be published under their bannerhead. I suggest there was a great deal of debate and review before this newsletter article was published. Monsanto has probably already called them and threatened lawsuits, which KP probably has anticipated.

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    Do you have any evidence of any of that?
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    I just came across this. Is there another thread where this is discussed? I don't see evidence of the claim. Also, I feel like the title of this article/topic is slightly inaccurate. Cheers and happy new years to all.
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