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    Mick I Need you help with this Photo ? Photoshop or not ? Doesn't match the Video , [​IMG]
    © Ryan Kelly
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    trying to grab screen shots for you in slo mo mode... but there doesn't seem to be film as it passes the truck.. only when he goes in reverse.
  4. deirdre

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    no. the footage cuts out right after this point

    your photograph scene is not in the video at all.
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    As he backs up .Their appears to be a black guy wearing the same clothes sitting on the Toyota Trucks hood .Why I question the photo . Its just the photo Im concerned with . Seems Fake ? and if the photo is him backing up the rear glass is not broken ?
  6. deirdre

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    why would the rear glass be broken? the front glass is broken. edit: sorry, misunderstood question. the PHOTOGRAPH is him driving forward. obviously.

    yea. because after he got run over the car came back at him going in reverse, so he obviously jumped out of the way over the truck hood. I would too.
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    The glass was broken after he ran people over they attacked his car with bats and broke the glass . He got ran over and went to sit on the Hood ? Not enough time. Im watching other videos trying to find that moment
  8. deirdre

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    yup. looks broken to me.

    how much time does it take to fling yourself over a truck when a car is trying to run you over? he's not 'sitting'
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  9. deirdre

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    also @Joe .. you see in my above pic how he's missing his shoe? watch the video in slo mo.. as the car going backward enters the intersection, his shoe falls out of the front grill.

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    Dont Know he looks like he flying in the air headed for the ground in the photo . I would think he was hurt then ?
  11. Joe

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    Yup I think you are correct with that shoe missing , Dam Its why I like this place .So the photo is him Plowing forward not in reverse which is also why the glass is not broken and the guys with sticks arent flying thru the air . I still havent seen the forward video of that photo and maybe never will see it . Boy that guy was quick and smart
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  12. deirdre

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    you can also see his movement off the car. so he isn't 'sitting'
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  13. deirdre

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    well if you look at my pics, there is 3 secs between when they are hitting the car with bats and him on the hood. I'm sure he was hurt. would be a lot more hurt if he didn't get his bum up and move when the car came back at him.
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    Feel free to delete any of my post .I think my question is answered but its nice to have it for others . Because Iv seen others question the same thing
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  15. phiwum

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    I don't believe that's his shoe that falls out of the front grill. The photo of him rolling over the back of the car shoes that he has two shoes on, so his shoe wasn't caught by the front grill. You also see two other loose shoes, suggesting that a few folk lost shoes in the incident.

    Okay, he could have lost his shoe after rolling over the car, the car's damaged bumper scooping it up and depositing it in the later sequence, but the whole thing is so blurry that I wouldn't bank on it. That shoe falling from the grill of the car could be any red and white sneaker.
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  16. deirdre

    deirdre Moderator Staff Member

    could be, but it's identical to his lost shoe. so.. you can see it better in video slo-mo playback, I couldn't get a clean screen grab of it because when I pause video things go blurry but in the video playing it's pretty clear.
  17. phiwum

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    Could be, I didn't take the time to look at the video. In any case, it seems that if it's his shoe, it was picked up by the car in reverse and not in the initial collision.

    A minor point, of course.
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  18. deirdre

    deirdre Moderator Staff Member

    yea i probably phrased my comment badly.
  19. Rory

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    Here's a compilation of several of the Charlottesville videos:

    Click here for video: sign in required due to graphic nature

    (It does claim to be all of them, though it was posted pretty soon after the incident, so I'm not sure if new footage has emerged since then.)


    1. At 0.11/1.06/1.46 the car passes the black Toyota Tundra, and at 0.21/1.16/1.55 it reverses back past it, with Marcus Martin (the white vest guy) already sitting on the hood. This gives him up to maybe 8 seconds to get off the ground and slide onto the hood of the truck; probably he could have done it in 2 or 3.

    2. At 1.47 you can see video of pretty much the same moment that the photo from behind was taken:


    You can see Martin more or less horizontal, and on the right the white guy in khakis with the tattooed back pretty much upside down. There is also a girl in a purple top who doesn't seem to be viewable in the photograph - perhaps hidden behind the guy in the baseball cap.

    3. Again at 1.47 you see the purple top girl and the khaki tattoo guy land to the side of the car:


    4. At 1.52 khaki tattoo guy can be seen standing up, as others move in to break the rear windshield:


    5. At 1.55 the Dodge comes back past the Tundra, which Martin is by this time sitting on - and he does actually appear to be sitting on the Tundra's hood, not moving, and then after half a second or so he pushes himself off (wearing only one shoe).

    6. There are shoes all over the place: but it seems pretty immaterial where Martin's other shoe ended up.

    7. Likewise, it's unbelievable to me that anyone would think there was anything 'fake' about this incident. It was witnessed by hundreds, captured by many cameras, and even broadcast live by alt-right sympathiser Faith Goldy. But I guess that's the climate we live in: within five minutes of most events, reality-denialists will be labelling them 'fake' and 'false flag', and subsequently poring over footage for any slight freeze-framed sign of something that doesn't conform to what they think reality 'should' look like.

    PS You really gotta feel sorry for the guy with the backpack who comes rushing in at 1.53, to do goodness knows only what: he's in the clear and seems to end up one of the most badly injured. :(
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  20. Rory

    Rory Senior Member

    He was hurt. He suffered a broken leg, and was in a cast when giving interviews in the following days:


    His fiancée says that he pushed her out of the way before the car hit; she was streaming on Facebook Live at the time, and video of that is at the top of this article here:


    Or her original video here:

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  21. deirdre

    deirdre Moderator Staff Member

    she's there.. her purple shirt is right under the upside down guys face. and you can see her arm and leg right above undershirt guy's torso.
  22. Rory

    Rory Senior Member

    Good spot. :)

    I also noticed that when Martin slides off the Tundra he appears to aim to land specifically on his right foot - though that's the one without a shoe - and to hop a little. In the photo, it looks like his left leg is the one twisted out of shape. And, sure enough, that's the one that was broken:


    He did well to get out of there. But people can do amazing things with broken bones. Bert Trautmann famously broke his neck during the 1956 FA Cup final, but carried on playing, making "several crucial saves". Apparently his neck was "noticeably crooked" after the game. And I was just yesterday coincidentally watching gameshow bloopers - don't ask - including one in which Catchphrase host Nick Weir falls down the stairs and breaks his foot. Immediately afterwards, he gets up, laughs it off, and runs back up the stairs - but was later taken to hospital and put into a cast and returned on crutches.
  23. deirdre

    deirdre Moderator Staff Member

    he's in this pic.. hopping onto the truck (I blocked out some areas as I'm not sure if the young lady who died is in there)
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  24. deirdre

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    and adrenaline.
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  25. Rory

    Rory Senior Member

    Comparing where various people are in this photo and where they are in the videos - particularly the woman in orange by the No Entry sign; the guy lying down at the rear of the Dodge; and the woman in green on the hood of the silver car - as well as the lack of people immediately behind the Dodge, and where the Dodge is in relation to the white line of the parking bay - I'd say this was taken about 2 seconds after the car first connected with the crowd. I.e., Martin pretty much immediately got up and scarpered out of there.
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  26. Rory

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    While looking up Marissa Blair's video on facebook - she's the fiancée of Marcus Martin - I came across an odd CT theory that her footage was shot at some hypothetical 'rehearsal' - sick, I know - and not at the same time as the actual crash. It's a little difficult to work out where she is in her footage, due to the camera moving all over the place. At first it appears that she is on the same side of the road as the black truck, but later is on the other side of the street, taking shelter at the pedestrian cut-through to Main Street, by the Charlottesville Community Foundation.

    Anyway, in another video that hasn't yet been mentioned here, posted on Twitter about seven minutes after the incident, Marissa's same cries of "Marcus" can be heard, and I believe she can be seen about 42 seconds in, calling for her fiancée and holding up her phone:

    Screenshot (46).

    Of course, many of the same people can be seen in both these videos, as well as the others and the photographs. If there were really any doubt as to whether they're genuine, it would be possible to sync them up, using certain distinctive sounds. But since it's clear that these are genuine videos of an actual incident, with nothing to suggest otherwise, that's probably more effort than it's worth.
  27. Rory

    Rory Senior Member

    Oh, and in the photo that Deirdre posted, we can clearly see Marcus Martin's other shoe. :)

  28. Rory

    Rory Senior Member

    Absolutely right. As Deirdre screenshotted earlier, it can be seen in this video (at 38 seconds) being released by the damaged bumper:

    Marcus Martin can also be seen in Taylor Lorenz's video, from 2.08, which is 1m45 after the crash. At first he is seen standing up, and can be heard calling "Marissa", and then at 2.30 we just catch a glimpse of him sitting on the sidewalk:

    Also, in Ford Fischer's video, Martin can be seen sitting against the wall, where he appears to remain, assisted by a small group:

    Screenshot (47).
    Source: www.youtube.com/watch?v=G9Bf9XOetMw&t=11m32s

    I estimate this to be about 4.05-4.20 after the crash. About five seconds before this screenshot Marissa Blair is seen walking past the camera, presumably either going for help or, perhaps, still looking for Martin. At 11.36 she is seen again, looking about twenty feet down the sidewalk, in the opposite direction, before she turns and walks towards where he is, disappearing off camera at 11.55 pretty much in his immediate vicinity. At this point the camera focuses elsewhere, returning to them at 13.05, by which time Blair is sitting with Martin:

    Screenshot (48).

    She can also be seen in this video at 3.12 and from 3.54-4.04:

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  29. Rory

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  30. Rory

    Rory Senior Member

    It's overkill by now, but might as well complete the picture.

    Marcus can be seen in another video first getting on to the truck:

    marcus getting on truck.JPG
    Source: www.youtube.com/watch?v=kEWwe5hvM18 (at 0:40)

    And again at 0:43:

    marcus getting on truck 2.JPG

    These are taken at approximately 5 and 7 seconds after the crash respectively.

    I've actually been working on synching the various videos together. Initially I had the idea of producing a split screen of the whole thing, but I'm not sure it will happen. It does, however, allow me to get a pretty accurate picture of the timing of everything; so as far as Marcus Martin is concerned (times in seconds):

    0.00 - impact
    +1.07 - 'iconic' photo
    +2.08 - seen in photo in post #23
    +4.55 - on driver's side of truck, above
    +7.04 - on hood, above
    +9.09 - sitting on passenger's side
    +10.04 - pushes himself off
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