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    After many weeks of emailing and calling, I was able to receive a copy of a study done by Dr. Lorrin Pang who had rainwater samples taken in Maui, checked for aluminum levels, and attempted to correlate them with sightings of "chemtrails". Dr. Pang is the Maui County Health Officer and is known as an environmental activist. He described this study in several videos here and here.

    Dr. Pang told me that some public funds had been used for the study.

    Here was his protocol:

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    Do you have the data?
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    Here is Dr. Pang's analysis for the study:

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    Here's the data. I've converted the tables to images, as the forum formatting is a bit different.


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    Some context is needed here. The "Manis" mentioned in Pang's study is Manis Martin, who operates a New Age retreat and farm called Pangaia, and a food business called Pangaia's Pantree on Maui. Manis is a good friend of Michael J. Murphy who was featured in the movie "What In The world Are They Spraying".

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    I an effort to get some details of the way that Bruce Douglas and Manis Martin evaluated the sky for Dr. Pang, I spoke to Bruce Douglas earlier this week. He told me:

    -The University of Washington did not participate in the study. He had tried to use the UW GOES satellite archive, but was unable to use the resource to see what he wanted for some reason.

    -He bases his observations of "spraying", which were not included for correlation in the study, on the amount of "stringy, weird looking clouds". His description sounds like cirrus clouds to me.

    -He doesn't see linear trails from airplanes often, but has seen up to five at one time over Maui. I have been unable to find any such pictures over Maui, most just show one trail at a time.

    -Manis Martin paid $2000.00 to get the samples in Pang's study tested at a lab.

    -Manis Martin determined days that he believed "spraying" was taking place during the study by looking at haze in the sky.

    I got the impression that while there are some trails seen, and some can be seen in photos and videos, there really aren't very many persistent contrails in Hawaii, and that both Martin and Douglas are stretching things by including ordinary clouds as evidence for "spraying".


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    Interesting. There's not very much fly-over air traffic over Maui, so you would not expect many contrails. If you look at this video:

    A lot of it looks like normal cirrus. In fact there's nothing there I can 100% say is a contrail.

    Compare with the 1905 cloud photos:

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    Another example of Bruce Douglas' misunderstanding ordinary atmospheric occurrances was a major topic of our telephone discussion this week. His latest worry he calls "chem-bombs", in which he views satellite images, sees thunderstorm development and believes this to be some sort of bomb being set off at the ground level to do something. The images he is showing display ordinary thunderstorms which build into major cells high into the troposphere and the resulting high altitude winds shear off the thunderstorm tops.

    When I asked Douglas what a satellite infrared image was showing, he had no idea that it detected temperature, he only knew that high altitude clouds appeared brighter in that type of imagery. Yes, high altitude clouds are colder and brighter. In this video he shows both satellite and ground video of an ordinary thunderstorm offshore in Hawaii, yet he calls it a chem-bomb. He also makes several remarkable statements such as when a water vapor loop shows intense rainstorms over Mexico, he claims moisture is being "sucked away" as the thunderstorm moves offshore.

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    Mind you that this study took place last spring and despite having full knowledge of it, Michael J. Murphy, Bruce Douglas, and Manis Martin have kept quiet about the conclusions reached. One last thing, for each of you mentioned here. The levels of aluminum found in the rainfall were extremely low considering that mainland aluminum measured in 1967 and 1973 were many many times higher, averaging 800 ug/L and the recent "chemtrail" rainfall samples average 484 ug/L. Bruce Douglas also mentioned to me that strontium should never be found in rainfall over Hawaii.

    I think you had better take that up with Dr.Vitousek, who has been intensely studying atmospheric deposition in Hawaii for well over a decade.

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    Where can Dr.Pang's quotes be found?

    Thanks, Danny
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    I spoke to him on the phone and he sent me a copy via email. What I have posted here is a 100% copy of what he sent.
    I believe this is the only place to view it online. Interesting that no chemtrail believer site has displayed it and certainly not Michael J. Murphy's Coalition Against Geoengineering. By the way, the average of all aluminum levels in the samples is 23.768 ug/L (micrograms per liter)
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    Maui County Councilwoman Elle Cochran has corrected misinformation that she was involved with developing a County Ordinance to ban geoengineering;

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    Mr Reynolds..... Do you live in maui full time?
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    No, I've never been to Maui. If I lived there, I would have confronted these people at their meetings and spoken up.
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    Shortly after my conversations with Pang andDouglas, I contacted Manis Martin by email. Having knowledge of the Pang results, he has lost interest in chemtrails.
    Good for him.
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    That is good. I suppose it's pretty unlikely he could be persuaded to go on the record about that? Given his prominent role in WITWATS.
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    Interesting, but looks a big can of worms that no good can come from. That page sounds very reminiscent of those from people who think they are being "gang stalked" by shadowy groups in collusion with the authorities.

    I think these are people who (to varying degrees) simply accept chemtrails as part of the vast conspiracy they imagine themselves subject to. Their lives would be no different if chemtrails were either admitted or unequivocally debunked.

    I see that site has links to William Cooper:
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    In a recent audio interview, Michale J. Murphy falsely claims that Elle Cochran is sponsoring a "Blue Skies Ordinance":

    Murphy surely knows that Cochran has denied support for the bill, but nevertheless is falsely claiming otherwise.
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    In the same audio interview, Michael J. Murphy also falsely claims that Dr. Pang's study shows "contamination".

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    Judging from the YouTube videos, people in Maui need to take remedial earth science. There is a video that is classic, well......dumbass comedy, where someone is all hepped up about the NASA updated Cloud Chart. Apparently Maui has no natural clouds or weather, ever.
    Really. I would put up a link, but think I should stop now before breaking the politeness clause here.;)
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    Nothing in Scott Stevens' wikipedia bio or his website, "WeatherWars," indicates a degree in meteorology or related subjects. He is a Pocatello native and worked for the local station for nine years. Does anyone have more information on him?
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    Just an FYI @Jay Reynolds - Following this discussion #261 to here, I clicked the above link and found it's changed to a "Medical Research" site looking for funding.

    If not already aware, you may also be interested in MJM's following quote @25:50 from a recent radio show
    MJM phrases it as if "spraying steam" would be a deliberate act of subterfuge to thwart their efforts to gather court-admissable evidence that chemtrails exist.
    I wonder, seeing as you've had previous positive communications with Dr Pang, would it be possible to clarify his position. Does Dr Pang believe "they" will cover it up, as MJM is inferring or does he believe there really is nothing to find except "steam"? In which case, is this a concession that spraying "steam" (aka contrails) just happens to mimick what MJM think are chemtrails?
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