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    I'm sure we've covered this before, but since i cant find the thread i'm making a seperate one for the topic.

    James Fetzer and friends have a new 'book' out, and one of the claims on the back cover is that the "Everyone Must Check In" sign shown in an interview with Gene Rosen (thats Gene on the back cover of Fetzers book) is evidence of a FEMA Drill.

    fetzer book.PNG

    Well, the video Fetzer et al keeps referencing and still shots displayed on his book, was an interview with Meghan Kelley December 18th, 2012. (The massacre occured on Dec 14th).

    The sign behind Rosen on December 18, 2012 is at the North end of the firehouse:

    There are absolutely NO photos of the "Check in" sign the day or evening of the shooting. ex: approx 3 pm Dec 14, 2012.

    The sign was placed by the afternoon of December 15th 2012, the day after the shooting.

    The sign was not present the morning of Dec 15th:


    add edit: Just to show the sign was also not behind the firetruck in above shots. Interview with George Stephanopolous very early morning December 15th, the morning after the shooting. This shot is the side of the firehouse (see gazebo in back parkinglot) directly behind the firetruck.


    The "Check In" sign WAS present though Early evening Dec 15th
    http://pictures.reuters.com/archive/GM1E8CG0LTB01.html (Archive: https://archive.is/GjgaD)


    and since hoaxers will of course focus on the other claims on Fetzers back cover:
    Lifestar Helicopters:

    Shannon Hick's photos of children evacuating (NOT the same children at all):

    Water bottles present:

    EMTs in building:
    List of 'medical' police officers who were among first officers to enter building:

    (Some) Evacuation photos - besides Shannon Hick's photos, which ironically are displayed right under Fetzers book cover claim o_O:

    Porta Potties:
    I dont really want to explain why 100s of emergency personnel and townsfolk would maybe need some extra places to pee, but either way the porta potties didnt arrive until like 1:30pm. almost 4 hours after the shooting occured.


    Nametags some people were wearing:
    People who have jobs would understand why some people have ID badges around their necks, so I'm not going to go through each one individually. "Sandy Hook Tragedy: Focus on the Facts" did a great job showing one ID tag was a 'preacher counsellor' from Billy Graham Church.
    The nuns were one ex hoaxers like:

    and here she's wearing it while buying some ice cream. It's an ID badge for St. Rose School.
    cause often times school personnel wear ID badges..but I'm sure Wolfgang Halbig the expert Principal with 30 years in education knows that. Perhaps he can explain it to Fetzer.

    Forgot the Pizza:


    and Triage tarps:

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  2. I have noted the day of the incident various individuals wearing Coloured lanyards . Maybe they had a check in table in the merry go round building and moved it outside after dhs secured the sign the following day. They had to step up the security to prevent random people from milling about. Possibly witnessing anything like a HSEEP drill.
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    Could you provide evidence of this?
  4. Spectrar Ghost

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    Have you been to a school in the last ten years? Everyone wears ID tags, usually on lanyards. It's not evidence of anything, it's a school behaving like a school.
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    What's the significance of these things in confirming a hoax, though? Why should a check in sign be considered suspicious? It's fairly common for any major incident to have a forward command point to control the scene and people moving within it, I'm assuming a big sign would just assist this.

    The same can be said for providing refreshments/food and such - it's common sense to have that around to assist (and comfort) victims/witnesses and especially emergency workers stuck on scene at a protracted incident. In my area, we've even had catering trucks and charities attend big incidents to donate food and services just to help out.
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    The radio station I work at is situated on a schools ground. We rent part of a building from the school at a peppercorn rate and in return let our facilities be used for their media courses. As a worker at the radio station I have an ID tag on a lanyard and I'm never there during school hours, but because I go onto the property I have to have an ID card.
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  9. deirdre

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    i dont think talking about 'exercises' is helping this thread, as the hoaxers think Sandy Hook WAS an exercise. The hoaxers already know civilian assets are used in drills, we need examples of civilian assets used in real life situations.
  10. MikeC

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    Yeah but the charities attend exercises so they are ready for real disasters like SH - it's not their fault that CT's can't (or won't!) tell the difference.
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  11. Landru

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    Does FEMA conduct exercises directly with local first responders? I can find no evidence outside of Urban Search and Rescue teams which are FEMA sponsored not FEMA employees.
  12. MikeC

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    The wiki page on search and rescue taskforces notes:

    (my italics)

    Later in the article the individual task forces are identified - and almost all of them are parts of fire departments. One is a regular army engineer company.
  13. Tobes

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    Yes, it's a crime scene. They can't just let every Tom, Dick and Harry wander around without accounting for them. Of course they need some way to control who has access, hence, the sign-in sign.
  14. deirdre

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    The hoaxers seem to think/claim* that the check in sign was there BEFORE the shooting or at the very least "too quickly" after the shooting happened.

    *Not sure what "too quickly" would mean as highway signs are everywhere, if they wanted they could have had a sign there within half an hour.

    *Basically, they are just lying through their teeth to sell website hits because they KNOW that ALL the available dashcam videos have the cars entering the area.. and you cant turn onto the school driveway without filming the front of the firehouse lot (yea... no sign in any of them). They also know there was constant FH coverage from ground and air by countless newspapers, news stations and independant writers until at least dark on the day of the shooting and there isnt one pic or video of a sign there at all that day.

    That's why i was kinda shocked they would choose those two pics (its also obvious to anyone with eyes the kids in the two lines are completely different kids) for their back cover. It's weird, its almost like a CT spoof book.
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  15. MrOctober77

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    On Fetzer's show he has some photos that he claims were from the morning of the 14th, with Wayne Carver and men in blue suits "preparing" for the event.

    The photos start at about the 28 minute mark.

  16. JRBids

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    These people, who insist in such venomous verbiage that Sandy Hook was a hoax, who spam all the amazon reviews etc, they turn my stomach. I can't even watch these things it is such a waste of time. What is wrong with these people?
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  17. Pete Tar

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    The illusion of special knowledge is a powerful drug, and once you're addicted you have to keep up the habit somehow. I think those who persist long after the generally curious have given up are basically addicts, with the accompanying change in ethics, behaviour and priorities to serve the addiction.
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  18. JRBids

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    I agree, but I get a bit of amusement watching the chemtrail videos and reading the comments. These are simply nauseating and nasty.
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  19. deirdre

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    Well, this isnt technically a thread about Fetzer's book, i only gave quick little debunks to the other issues onthe back cover because i had to use that pic to show the Gene Rosen Check in Sign claim and i knew hoaxers would "but what about?" the other claims on the back cover. But since i kinda did start it:

    what's to prepare? the name of Fetzers book is "Noone died at Sandy Hook". so your premise is, they put up the crime scene tape, got porta potties, pulled in a bunch of big trucks... and then took it all down an hour before the invisible crime started? Why? According to Fetzer there was nothing to prepare.

    besides the sun is setting. I dont know if the police photographer took still shots (theres thousands of photos- feel free to go through them yourself to pinpoint Fetzers exact snaps) but he did take video... take a look at it. Fetzer's photos are in the evening, not the morning (as Fetzer well knows.. i imagine a PHd professer probably knows which side of the earth the sun sets on)

    Police video link: http://cspsandyhookreport.ct.gov/
    scroll down till you see:
    outdoor processing.PNG

    click on it and watch for ONE minute. You'll see the guys in blue etc right from the beginning of filming

    To see the orientation of the school you probably need to use Google Earth and choose teh little "time" icon up top to see "old shots" as the school has been torn down. I dont know if you can backdate on Google Maps, but you can on google earth. The red circle is round about where the photographer is standing in the beginning of filming.
  20. tadaaa

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    I agree

    And the drug additiction is an interesting analogy - it seems to me that like addiction - where doses of the substance need increasing to achieve the same high

    These addicts need to make more and more bizarre claims and theories to continue giving them that special "high"
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  21. Mick West

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    I just added this image, as I was having trouble figuring out where the sign was:

    And I just saw this, regarding the sign.
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  22. deirdre

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    your photo is from the 18th of December. 3 days later.

    Originally it was here. 4-4:30ish Dec 15th.

    © AFP
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  23. deirdre

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    kismet. see if you tell me to look for something i see it!
    so the sign isnt there in the interview with CBS This Morning (which starts at 7 a.m., Dec. 15, 2012 and its not there in Spencer Platts photo.


    But i do see it in this photo. Note the frost on ground and just a few flowers so far on sign post...so i'm guestimating 8:30-9am ish? still early morning. nice.

  24. RaceBanyon

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    Not that this one needed even more evidence, but here's a shot from the night of Friday, the 14th. No sign in sight. It would be on the right.

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  25. pdj

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    That all makes perfect sense. Too bad people don't put photos up on flicker or dropbox or something that preserves the exif data. Luckily sometimes other photos corroborate another photo. Good digging on these photos and videos.

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  26. deirdre

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    many of the stock photos (which most of these are) do display the timestamp of the photo in their data sheet. Although i never count on that without cross checking other photos as you cant count on photographers to change their time settings everytime Daylight savings occurs or they cross a time zone.

    There are also twitter photos some photographers posted right from the scene which are very handy in determining times (provided you dont make the common mistake of thinking that your Pacific time on twitter of 7:30, means the tweet was sent at 7:30 Eastern time).

    Some stock photos though only display 'upload time'. That might not be the technical term, but if you check their other photos of the day, they sometimes all say the same time (and sometimes the day after) . So I'm assuming that is an upload time.

    Quite a few photos you find online (with just "save photo") do have some exif data attached- if you dont get the pics off conspiracy sites anyway-, for example:


    But again you want to cross check timeline and shadows and whatnot to determine if the hour given is in the right time zone.

    Video screenshot captures of Tv shows, of course, can be deteremined easily by looking up when the show aired. Even if they prerecorded an interview, you can determine the latest possible time by knowing when the show aired.
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