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    Some sources have claimed that a Dutch politician or government official has admitted that geoenginering is taking place. For example on Yournewswire: Dutch Government Admit Chemtrails exist, or on Geoengineering Watch: Netherlands Department Of The Environment Officer Is Confronted About Climate Engineering.

    The source is a recorded telephone conversation between an anonymous chemtrail activist and Debbie Brenkman, environment and energy policy officer of the parliamentary group of the Dutch Socialist Party:

    Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YAW4FOOWe-0

    According to the English translation, she says (2:43):
    Then she goes on to say that they assume geoengineering only occurs on a limited scale, and does not have a major impact on health and the environment.

    Later in the video, however, she is asked what she thinks about the observation that on some days the sky is full of trails that spread and merge into a thin veil. Then she answers (10:19):
    Then she goes on to state that she can only consider published scientific papers, and not some individuals' observation.

    Although she did not clarify what she meant when she said she did not deny geoengineering is taking place, she obviously doesn't think that the trails often visible in the sky are associated with geoengineering in any way, and in fact she thinks they are contrails.

    We can only guess what she meant by geoengineering taking place. But geoengineering has many forms including cool roofs (pale-colored roofs; there are several cool roof projects in several countries), or reforestation for carbon dioxide removal, which have actually been going on, but these are insignificant and harmless. She may also have referred to the research (theoretical and lab research) into possible geoengineering solutions. It is also possible that she is not sufficiently informed about the subject; she is not an expert but a politician.

    But she essentially rejected the idea that "chemtrails" exist, so the title of the Yournewswire article is false.
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    She very politely states that she can't take the remarks about chemtrails seriously, her intonation leads me (as a native Dutch) to the conclusion that she actually means it is BS.
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    By the way: Debbie is not part of the government, nor is she member of the parliament fraction of the SP. She is a policy advisor of the SP parliament fraction on environmental issues.
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    Indeed; this is what I hear between the lines too. From about 4 to 5 minutes into the call she already tries to make an end to the conversation, which takes her almost another 6 minutes to do so.
    She was very polite and clear on the subject, accept for that one line when she talked about "geoengineering is taking place".
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    She might have felt embarrased by the rather aggressive manner of the guy's approach, that she just blurted out this not denying a geo-enginering practice. I guess the woman might not have much thought things over about this 'problem'.

    However, the chemtrail-believer phenomena is rather exclusive to the left-wing portion of the political landscape.

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    I think "chemtrails" are actually pretty evenly spread, unlike GMO/organic (left) and SHTF (right), for instance.

    Edit: Though, predictably, each side claims different motives behind their theory.
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    I did try to email the person in the video, however I can't find her email address. I did try to mail the spokesman she supposedly should work for within the party, but haven't got any response from him either.

    What I did find is this (Dutch) website

    The article itself is already a few years old, but there is an update from 11 november 2015 from an employee of the SP parliament fraction:

    My guess this is the same person answering the questions. Especially this bit is completely wrong:

    So it seems like again the SP is saying chemtrails exist and it was even admitted by the EU. The only questions/answers I can remember from the SP to the EU Parliament were by Erik Meyer who was member of the SP. The questions he asked and answers were these:

    One specific question answer is of interest:

    And the answer:

    Now I really don't see how it could be translated into the answer from the SP in either the video and the above website. I'll might try to send them another email.
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    I'm Dutch as well, and watched the video a week or so ago cause it was mentioned on twitter. Indeed at no point does she admits to chemtrails. I admire her patience with the guy that calls her.
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