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    This claim comes via Alex Jones, and Natural News. It's bunk, and of course it is linked to ads for the "health" products they are selling:

    The description on the YouTube video is:
    Natural News' take:
    Reality: It was a brief localized surge in deposition of salp poop and bodies, in a 20 foot square, related to global warming, unrelated to Fukushima.

    Salp are a kind of jellyfish with a pseudo-backbone. Their feces and bodies are an important part of the ocean's carbon cycle, which relates to climate change. So changes in salp poop deposition are studied by scientists.

    The referenced study is:
    http://www.pnas.org/content/early/2013/11/05/1315447110 (pdf attached)
    You can already see the story is not being reported at all accurately by Jones, et al. The study is nothing to do with Fukushima, and instead is about the effects of global warming on the ocean.

    Fukushima happened in March 2011. The Figures of 1% and 98% simply relate to a seasonal surge of salp detritus (mostly fecal matter and the dead bodies of salps) at one spot that happened a year later. Important to note that the 1% figure was also a year after Fukushima.

    And the area of the sea floor is just one small region under a camera:
    So this measurement has nothing to do with die-offs, nothing to do with dead creatures littering the sea floor, nothing do do with Fukushima. It's to do with surges in the amount of carbon produced in the upper oceans, how this relates to climate change. And it's about how this created a temporary surge in salp poop in one area about 20 ft x 20 ft.

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    The above story illustrate one of the reasons why I debunk. There are very real issues here. Climate change is a real issue. The effects of climate change on the ocean are very real, and could create major disruptions of the world's food supply, as well as having a feedback effect on the climate.

    But by framing this research as being something to do with Fukushima, Jones diverts attention away from these very real issues. It seems like he is doing it simply to boost traffic to his site, and to boost sales of his branded supplements, like Infowars iodine, or Infowars organic coffee.

    So real and important issues are being buried under bunk, just to make a buck. That's a big part of my motivation for debunking bunk. If people could focus on the real issues with the same intensity they focus on the fake ones, then that could actually make a difference.
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    So actually there was an abundance of salps, which also means abundant algae which is their primary food source. Like many marine animals they can experience sudden population explosions, which would produce lots of excrement and other detritus, often followed by a mass die off as food supplies are exhausted.





    Surface chlorophyll is related to the population of algae and other phytoplankton.
  4. Clock

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    This is absolutely shameful and disgusting. I cannot believe Alex is going to run away posting misinformation and spreading fear just to make a quick buck.

    And don't talk to Alex Jones about climate change! He thinks that's fake too.
  5. Trigger Hippie

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    I think it's a common sentiment among debunkers. Here it is expressed by a marine biologist who coincidentally was also debunking some Fukushima nonsense.

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    Thanks for the article Mick. I found it quite fascinating. Just to bore you all my honours was in Marine Biology and much of my post grad work based on the subject. This raised an eyebrow for me as a Dr Fraser studied salphs in the North Sea area. An example study here


    I found a brief review of a paper of his from 1950 highlighting the temperature effect.


    Sorry it made me smile as I thought"Oh I know that" ;-)
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    Thanks Mick!

    The figures just make me cringe anyhow... 1% to 98% of the entire ocean floor? Its things like this that remind me just how easily led people can be... Wouldn't anyone think that local fishermen might have noticed something? That kind of statistic would pretty much mean most living things in the ocean, and if so, I don't even think they could cover 98% of the ocean floor anyhow...
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    For me, it's all too easy to believe. What I don't believe is that Alex really believes half the BS he spreads, I believe he's found a business niche, that of fear-mongering, and whatever decent motives he had way back when, they're gone. Alex is coining it, and as long as he's cashing in he's going to latch onto whatever drives his paypal. The man might have had pure motives to begin with, but those were the days.
  9. Mick West

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    I think he believes the Bilderbergers rule the world, but it's hard to tell when he's so obviously into commercialization now. I seem to remember him being skeptical of the chemtrails theory, but now he embraces it.
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    This is exactly the type of bunk that comes to my mind whenever somebody tries to argue that Alex Jones et al. are just a good alternative to the mainstream narrative that maybe get a little overzealous. This type of bunk isn't overzealous. It can't be. It is so bad that it has to be deliberately wrong.
  11. scombrid

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    I think he's just cashing in on the widespread bunk already out there.

    The following article was posted to a surfing forum that I read.


    It claims that all manner of sea life deaths in the Pacific and Atlantic and even moose and deer die-offs result from Fukushima.

    Fortunately the site that hosted that article published a rebuttal soon after. Of course there's been no mention of the rebuttal by the people that were hyping the radiation bunk on the surf forum.

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