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    This video

    And this web site:

    Proport to shows "chemtrails" on weather radar - and notes that cirrus clouds don't generally show up on weather radar, and that these clouds are too low to be contrails - hence MUST be chemtrails.

    The problem with this theory is that the radar is operating in "clear air mode", a highly sensitive mode that tends to give results just like that, with no real need for anything visible in the air. Note the scale here only goes up to +28 db. Real clouds get picked up on the radar in the range 30-60+ db.



    So no, this is not showing contrails or clouds. It showing any one of the various things that clear-air radar can pick up.

    Another strike against this theory is that NONE of the "trails" shown on the radar are actually long thin trails. The thinnest part of the phoenix trails are five miles wide, and most are 20+ miles wide (and more like blobs than trails).


    So if were were getting this much of a radar return for a trail that has spread to 20 miles wide, then surely we'd get a searing white hot straight line trail before this, when the initial "chemtrail" is laid down it's only a few hundred feet wide, so if it turns into what we see above, it would start out at 100x the density, and be practically solid to the radar.

    But no, the trails apparently leap into existence fully formed, 300 miles long, and 20 miles wide, and detectable only to clear-air radar. Instead where the trail is thinnest we get the weakest return, and where it's most spread out we get the strongest return. This is the opposite of what we would expect if something was being sprayed from a plane.

    This problem become more apparent if we compare these supposed trails to something IS sprayed from the back on an airplane, and something that is supposed to show up very strongly on radar: chaff:


    These two images are to the same scale. On the left we have what is claimed to be "chemtrails" - huge 200 mile long by 25 mile wide odd shaped blobs. On the right we have chaff trails. No more than a mile and a half wide, and of consistent width. And this is something that is designed to show up on radar.

    You'd also expect such dramatic "trails" to correlate with ground observations, or satellite images. But no, again we see nothing. These clear air radar images are actually just showing clear air.
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    I checked his claims for "chemtrails" versus the corresponding visual satellite images....looks like he was getting bands of clouds, and
    the Doppler has not yet switched to "precipitation mode".
    It's hard to tell what the actual weather was, just by the MODIS visual satellite images......but it certainly not "lines of trails".

    (the blue circle is Phoenix, AZ)
    MODIS image for 2/3/06

    His radar showing "chemtrails" 2/3/06

    MODIS image for 1/26/05

    His radar showing "chemtrails" 1/26/05
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    Dear ones debunkers.

    The Sodoma dessert, where this video was made, is one of the warmest and dryest places on earth where the humidity never excelles 40% in the atmospher above.

    To form CONtrails after an jetplane, two tings is requered: humidity and coldness, whereas it is required almost 70% humidity in the air and minimum -40 degress C...to create a NORMAL"persistent contrail with spreading" Please read the NASA fact sheet stated by year 2000 on the topic of contrails.

    The air above the Sodoma dessert in Arizona is therefore way to dry and warm to create a NORMAL "persistent CONtrail with spreading", which created many suspecious thoughts in the man...who made the video...by the never ending big thick plumes of "contrails" who suddenly one day started to apear in the sky above everyday and who lasted for 10-15 hours...which lead him to start investagate this matter very closely, as the new "fenomena" SURTENLY NOT was an usualy event above the Sodoma dessert, where he always have lived.

    Thereby dear one debunkers, it can be concluded of the information presented in the video, that the sightings in the sky above the sodoma dessert of "CONtrails" SURTENLY NOT can BE a NORMAL created "fenomena" AND that the dobbler radar was just used as a tool too further present and show the NOT NORMAL events in the sky above, which by all means instead surtenly IS a very profound signs of chemtrail operation in action!!

    As "chemtrails"...for you how may be unfamiliar with the term...is chemichal, biological and metallic components realesed from an airplane via the fuelsystem or directly by sprinklers attached on the wings, with the ability to create long lasting trails contradicting all LAWS of physics of the atmospher...and make false cirruscloud formations in the sky. The purpose is to block out the sun, reflect back the sunrays, spread hostile dangerous chemichal components in the soil, air and water as well as act as a "reactors" for the H.A.A.R.P device system, which by that can controll the aluminium, barium and strontium fiild fake clouds to create storms, hurricans, drouths etc.

    As the chemtrails and fake cirrusclouds eventually disapeats, the chemichal particulates however does NOT, which creates a dimming and hazing effect in the air and atmospher. Please read the NOOA report regarding that the particulets in the air has been doubled from 2000-2011, which indeed had increased the "global dimming" effect and reduced the suninlets to the earth surface by 20%, who was stated by the NASA 5 years ago.

    When the fake cirrusclouds and chemtrails is NOT normal rainclouds what so ever, the dobbler radar above was set on sensitive "Clear Air Mode" for the purpose of the detection of BOTH visuable chemtrails and fake cirruscloud formation AND unvisuable chemichal particulates in the atmospher above the Sodoma dessert in Arizona. If an setup for rainclouds has been used instead, these chemichal particulates in the air above had however NOT been showened at ALL, as the dobbler radar would NOT have been able to detect them with that set up.

    For the messages and purpose with this video above: the dobbler radar by that had NOT been used as a tool for that presentation of the spray operations conducted over the Sodoma dessert IF the purpose only have been for detection of NORMAL water wapor trail contrails forming NORMAL cirrusclouds....but THAT is an impossibility in an air enviroment with only extremly hot and dry circumstancies, as in this place in Arizona. By that it can be concluded that the dobbler radar pictures in the video is TRUHLY displaying chemichal and metallic components in the air above made through chemtrails an geo-engineering, it can not be otherwise dear one debunkers!
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    How do you know? Can you tell us what the temp and humidity are 6 miles above the "Sodoma" (sedona?) dessert?
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  6. Pete Tar

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    Then how are these clouds over desert possible?

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  7. MikeC

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    you can get soundings from Flagstaff easily enough (link is to sample of today)- it's only 20 or so miles away NNE.....here's a link the various sounding stations in the US - you can choose historical dates and times and then select Flagstaff (FGZ) from there.

    It's a bit clunky as you can only select 1 date/time at a time as far as I can see - there's no provision for selecting a bulk date range.

    I don't know what date/time the video was made - if the info is in it then it's not playing for me - but I note that it was uploaded 28 April 2011, and there are certainly results available around then.
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  9. justanairlinepilot

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    I've never heard of a dobbler radar...is this some sort of new technology?
  10. Pete Tar

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    Maybe he had a cold?
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    If you select a date range it will give all the readings in a list.

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