1. Joe

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  2. Auldy

    Auldy Senior Member

    I can't find this blurred image in the panoramic either.

  3. deirdre

    deirdre Moderator Staff Member

    yea I only see rocks in the original too.

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  4. Joe

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  5. GregMc

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  6. Auldy

    Auldy Senior Member

    It's a copy of the rock group below the 'blurred image', then been blurred. A doctored image.

    Either that or it's a prototype chemtrail Mars rover that was blurred in the original upload, but removed now. :p
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  7. GregMc

    GregMc Senior Member

    Curiosity. In other words, a blurred view of this component from the robotic arm viewed from a slightly different angle. This is a crop of the image I linked to above
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  8. Joe

    Joe Senior Member

    They were claiming it was a artifact or little alien and NASA blurred the Image to hide it from us . Or as some commentators said "it was filmed in the desert and was a was a coke bottle or trash" . :)
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  9. Trigger Hippie

    Trigger Hippie Senior Member

    The blurred image comes from Gigpan.com. According to Wikipedia, Gigapan is an open website where users can upload and share images. This particular blured image was uploaded by the user MPJ.

    The NASA image can be found here.

    When you over lay the NASA image over the one published on Gigapan you get this:


    It could be a hoax, or it might be a processing error that happened when the panorama image was stitched from the many Mastcam images.
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  10. Mick West

    Mick West Administrator Staff Member

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  11. GregMc

    GregMc Senior Member

    Agree. Here's the same component roughly scaled similarly but the insert is viewed at a different angle so the curvatures do not accurately match due to perspective. The specular highlights of the two tube like fastners are visible in the corresponding area of the "creature" Curiositycompare.
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  12. Lolly Gags

    Lolly Gags New Member

    I love how around 1:26 it was insinuated life was much smaller there so I was able to entertain the idea that I was looking at a blurred out tiny town. Unfortunately, for me to take that idea and run with it I would also have to accept that my life was being indirectly (or directly) manipulated by a sinister cabal that has yet to figure out the clone stamp tool in photoshop, which would be embarrassing for all parties involved.
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  13. Rico

    Rico Active Member

    Because martians, aliens, and UFOs are ALWAYS blurred. I suspect that since man started documented them, they really don't like to be seen too clearly. They must have low self-esteem or something.
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  14. Mick West

    Mick West Administrator Staff Member