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    I see this one posted a lot, so I wanted to do a quick hit post to show the truth. Here's the latest video I've seen featuring the claim that an astronaut's arm was caught fading out in the middle of video footage from ISS:

    Source: https://youtu.be/CzyPN8-AbJQ?t=39m55s

    The claim comes at about 39 minutes and 55 seconds in the above conspiracy video and shows an astronaut rapidly turning a corner and fading out while his arm is still in view.

    The astronaut from the clip is Jeff Williams, who has had multiple visits to ISS. This one is over a decade old though, from his Expedition 13 visit. It's taken from a compilation video consisting of many cuts of different clips from Expedition 13. The fade cut in question comes at 42 seconds in the video when Jeff passes one way through a module, and fades into a clip of him coming back out and traveling the opposite direction some time later. The fade happens when his arm is still visible, hence the "conspiracy theory" that it proves ISS is fake, when in fact all it proves is that you shouldn't rely on compiled highlight videos as if they were the original unedited footage.

    via GIPHY

    Source: https://giphy.com/gifs/DCIcbIsLzF3kk/html5
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    No, it's pretty clearly a fade transition if you look at it frame by frame. It doesn't just affect the astronaut either, the equipment he knocks into an oscillation on the left side of the lab also fades into a higher more stationary position at the same time the astronaut's arm is fading out. Here is a magnified gif:
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