1. Brainiachick

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    Someone pointed my attention to this amidst claims that Angela Merkel is Hitler's daughter. I find it far-fetched, but would be grateful if this there's any information to debunk or substantiate the claim.


    There's this photograph of Adolf Hitler which was purported to have been taken after the war with a female child who bears a significant resemblance to Merkel. Rather than deal with one conspiracy of Adolf's sperm being used posthumously to inseminate Gretl Braun, Eva Braun's sister as the original conspiracy theory suggests; there emerged another conspiracy theory that claims that Adolf never died but in fact survived the war. Proof? The photo which is claimed to have been taken after the war. There's no evidence of when and where that photo was indeed taken and it is not clear who that child in the photo is though she does bear some uncanny resemblance to Angela Merkel but it could have been any other child. Angela was born in 1954, and if Adolf indeed survived the war, then why would there be the need to artificially inseminate Gretl with his frozen sperms with the aid of Dr. Karl Klauberg when he can just do it himself? It's not coming together at all, but it is intriguing.



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    The photo is fake, it's clearly from the 1930s. It was published in the 1937 book "Hitler - Abseits vom Alltag". It's also been edited to remove the swastika armband. And it was labeled as facebook humor, meaning it was probably not intended to be evidence in the first place.

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    Much of the linked "article" was lifted verbatim, i.e. plagiarized, from a 2007 piece by the known hoaxster Sorcha Faal.


    That Help Free the Earth website is straight up fear porn for profit. Makes me wanna hurl.
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    I am not at all surprised! Two sources - one plagiarising the other - but is there any truth in these writings? And any evidence to debunk it?
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    The better question is, is there any proof to it. Thus far there has been no known offspring of Adolf Hitler. He kind of had a weird relationship with a niece who later committed suicide. Otherwise there was only Eva Braun to people's knowledge, and to people's knowledge she never had a child. There were others, but all of them either committed suicide (yikes!) or were only passing flings. There is rumor that a Jean-Marie Loret was his bastard, but that was never substantiated. As to Frau Merkel, this is utter horse-shit. Merkel was born in 1954, so unless Hitler lived until then that is a physical impossibility.
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    [There are supposedly ] some conveniently secret Russian KGB files. Well, that is not much of a proof as they've not been disclosed and are unlikely to ever be if at all they indeed exist. But it would be interesting to see what comes up now or in the future, if there is any substance to the claim. I personally don't see any similarities between her and Hitler.

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    The claim is that Hitler's sperms were frozen and these were used to inseminate Hitler's wife's younger sister Gretl, hence Merkel was born in 1954 supposedly posthumously to Hitler. The question this brings to mind is the history of embryology and sperm banking. I am not sure they had that kind of technology back then, but the Germans have always been a resourceful lot. These were all supposedly done by the Russian with agreement with and assistant of the Vatican and performed by Hitler's Dr Karl Klauberg in return for a lighter sentence for war crimes. He was Her date of birth supposedly coincides with Hitler's on 20th April, but they claim her records were falsified to give her a new identity hence her date of birth was changed from April 20th to July 17th! The story also links to Pope Benedict who happened have become the Pope in Hitler's birthday! Aren't these just coincidences? It is interesting how they try to link so many different events with dates - but when you think there are only 365 days in a year and a million and one headline worthy events, I find these date correlations a little desperate. Her purported taste in music was also likened to that of Hitler's. Even if she were Hitler's daughter, does that mean she is like him?

    These are all suppositions -
  7. MikeC

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    ATS has covered it a few months ago - check this thread - the evidence is...err.......slim:rolleyes:
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    Yeah, I've seen this and it is an excerpt of the thread in helpfreetheearth which I am told is a copy of whatdoesthismean. So it appears that all the available information seem to be excerpts and copies of one website to another. The evidence is indeed very slim - actually less than slim, but still intriguing.

    A black [mixed-race] German lady recently discovered that she is the grand-daughter of the cold-blooded Hitler's Schlinder's List killer Amon Goeth! Isn't life just ironic? If she was born in his time, she would have been worthy of his bullets. Facts like that make it difficult to discard this Merkel theory, however, the evidence in this particular claim is yet to be seen.

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    "She is said to be the most powerful human being on Earth since she is also the President of the European Union (EU) and head of the powerful Western Economic Block known as the G-8."

    She's not the President of the EU, there's no such post.

    And nobody is head of G8, it's just a forum.
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    I would think that if that picture was taken in 1957 or 58 (the child looks to be at least 3-4yrs old) that Hitler would look significantly older/different than in his mid-war prime -which is how he looks in the photo.

    Just a thought...
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  11. Brainiachick

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    Frankly speaking, there isn't much evidence to go by or even dig into. What I've found so far all go round and round each other - snippets of claims involving replicated written claims and same photos being passed off and passed around. I found it intriguing and needed further perspectives, if any, from anyone of us here.
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  12. SR1419

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    As a rule- anything associated with "Sorcha Faal" ("such a fail"- debunking humour :) ) - is extremely dubious...at best:

    Just look at the headlines from his/her site:


  13. Brainiachick

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    The headlines speak for themselves - outlandish! Thanks for this :).

    I consider this debunked. There is no evidence that Angela Merkel is Adolf Hitler's daughter.
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  14. Maggie

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    I would like to offer another possibility that I have not seen posted here yet, and that is that Angela Merkel is older than is claimed. I don't know if she is or isn't Hitler's daughter, but being 62 myself and of average appearance for my age, Angela Merkel looks so much older than me, or most women who are turning 60! That said, I am not sure that I would be ready to say she is in her early 80's either, as would be the case if this picture were accurately dated. But is this picture really from 1937, or could it have been taken a few years later and mislabeled? That would make more sense as I have friends in their early to mid 70's and Angela Merkel would fit right in with them in age appearance. Possible?
  15. Mick West

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    No, the BOOK was published in 1937. The photo predates that. So the girl in the photo is at least 80 years old now. Merkel's history and youth are quite well documented, she was born in 1954.
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  16. Maggie

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    Thanks for the clarification Mick! These rumours about Hitler and Merkel are new to me and the link above that I followed just provided a pdf of the image with no dates or other identifiers. I will look at the Wikki you provided.

  17. Brainiachick

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    Mick is right and the Germans are sticklers for accuracy and record keeping, so the matter of her birth record would be largely accurate. As for how older than her real age she looks, I guess a lot of that has to do with being the Chancellor of Germany (or any other country for that matter) and worse still at a time of recession, recovery and brink of recession. Don't you notice how quickly most US presidents and UK Prime Ministers age and develop grey hair soon after assuming office? Uneasy lies the head that wears the crown :)!
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