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  1. SR1419

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  2. Jay Reynolds

    Jay Reynolds Senior Member

    too bad they didn't go way back in the archives. He's been doing this since before 2000. His Y2K lead-up and especially his Y2k night broadcast was a frenzied orgy of fear rumor and hype.

    edit: They did, very good job!
  3. Chew

    Chew Senior Member

    What a train wreck. I couldn't stop listening.
  4. Unregistard

    Unregistard Guest

    Alex Jones is a good man, and lets look at Predictions that came true

    Alex is also a disinformation agent of the New World Order - but when your as big as him you have to agree to keep silent about certain things, plus he married a Jew and the fake Zionist have ruined the Jewish name by posing as Jews because of their heritage ( my Jewish friend tells me this) and they Fund Hitler at the same time they fund the Atomic Bomb, because all they care about is depopulation.

    He says a lot of things which could have very well happened, but thank God they didn't. We are very near the end and if you can't see that your eyes are glued shut or a to a TV

    ( I dont own a tv or consume things that people say are bad for you like aspartame neotame, tap water in my pores mouth or otherwise because of the mercury sodiumflouride or hexasilicacidfluoride or whatever variation, or GMO food or MSG etc, or low altitude chemtrail pollution which you can see they are trying to poison our environment with aluminum and fluoride because of how it binds to the G-proteins and they don't need anything but a little titanium dioxide to keep that ozone hole from getting worse but they have to go on and add that other stuff)

    and he's probably prevented a good number of them speaking out! His publicity and his numbers are always growing. Do you know why his numbers are always growing?

    This is why! Debunk these events! Oh wait you can't because there's nothing to debunk!!!!!!!!!! Wake up fools! Do you see how often the word "fools" is in the Bible??? Yeah because we are FOOLS for following the crazy politicians and the corrupt media which is 99% owned by Rothschild!

    Oh I love this place it's so rediculous... You disinfo agents and scared children want to know something? Nobody cares about this place because it has no real answers. It will satisfy the foolish and greedy in their pursuit of a reassuring lie, but not the wise and the "smart enough to understand it, but not care about it because they too are still greedy" Greed is not the soul factor in people lie to themselves. Your whole world depends on Alex Jones being a LIAR. Of course your going to gather all you can against him and post it up for the mass of people to have their sick fantasies about the alternate reality they do not actually live in.

    The world could be such a better place if people stood in line to see the Inconvenient Truth (not the fake gore movie) over the Reassuring Lie. But the Reassuring LIE is sold out of tickets! WHY? Because FOOLS!

    Here is the truth about Alex Jones (at least the Truther disinfo agents are still good people unlike the Liar disinfo agents at meta-gunk) and about yourself if you are a human being:

    One day I'll actually spend some time and care to argue something till enlightenment. Kind of what happend at the Arizona Flouride Debate, which the govt decided the people couldn't vote on water fluoridation after - and the Wichita Kansas Fluoride Vote, that the News printed disinfo on,

    and then the people called that BS and then THEY WOKE UP, and GOT THE F OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  5. Clock

    Clock Active Member

    I think you're a little bit paranoid there buddy.
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  6. Other predictions by Jones that have failed to happen:

    Gun Ban - Jones says the Federal Government will try to bans and confiscation just as was done in the UK and Australia. Yes the Feds are threating gun ban bills and even the President and Vice Pres are dropping quotes about "Executive Actions" but thats just all show for the TV right?

    RFID Tracking/Big Brother - Jones has been saying for years that the Federal Government wants to track everythig you do. We all know thats a joke right? After all stories like the one about the student in the Northside Independent School Distric being kicked out of school for resuing to wear an RFID emmbeded ID card that included her Social Security Number is just all made up; never happened.

    Higher Taxes/Out Of Control Debt - For a long time Jones and others have been warning about the out of control National debt and the Feds unwillingness to do anything about it. We all know this is just a bunch of smoke right? Sure we;ve pushed the National Credit Card hard but thats because we're good for it right? We are after all in charge (Globally speaking) because we posses the reserver currency and therefore can create as much money out of nothing as we like and the rest of the world WILL put up with it because we will invade their country if they don't like it.

    Yep, that crazy old Conspiracy Theorists has been way wrong on everything.

    I'm curious if the crowd is still singing the "Therses Nothing Going On" tune or have recent events finally opened some eyes to whats happeneing and will happen if the current course we are on does not change? Even if you don't believe rich/powerful elitists are pulling the strings you can't seriously deny the effort to push America into a police state nor the fact that the Federal Government is butchering our rights.

  7. Mick West

    Mick West Administrator Staff Member

    The gun ban did not happen. And I'd bet you $1000 that in 20 years hand you'll still be able to have your hand gun.

    What exactly did he predict? Can you quote him? What about the ten statements he made directly before and after these particular quotes, can you quote them too? Did they come "true".

    What recent events are you referring to exactly?
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  8. MikeC

    MikeC Closed Account

    No-one sings any "there's nothing going wrong" song - there's plenty going wrong.

    Jones is just wrong about what it is,.

    A school is not "the Federal Government", gun bans in UK and Australia are not gun bans in the USA, US Debt has been measured in Trillions of $$'s since the late 1940's - and has been increasing steadily since the late 1980's - Jones' "predictions" came 10 years after it happened!

    That's not to say a spiraling debt is in any way a good thing - just pointing out that believing Jones "predicted it" is nonsense.
  9. Mick West

    Mick West Administrator Staff Member

    Tacking children in school is very different to tracking everything you do.

    It didn't include the Social Security Number.
    Millions of places use RFID cards now. It's just a quick and useful form of ID. If you don't like it, then get an RFID shielded wallet.
  10. Just want to make a few points on what I often hear on Alex Jones show.

    1. Nero burnt Rome to persecute Christians. No real prove but there is prove that Nero was a conspiracy theorist who blamed the fire on the Christians.
    2.Nazis burnt the Reichstag building to blame the Communist so he could seize power. Here again no real prove, but there is real prove the Nazis were conspiracy theorist who blamed the Communist and Jewish people for everything.

    The real danger to critical thinking is the hate that Conspiracy Theorist inspire.
  11. Borkowskowitz

    Borkowskowitz New Member

    ooooo, ooooo letme try this one teach!

    Gun Ban- Gun confiscation has not happened, is not happening, and will never happen. Obama just released his plan for gun control which is attempt a ban of some guns and magazines, tougher regulation of gun re-sales, expansion of mental health initiatives (something the NRA itself wants), and expanded background checks. None of this will result in gun confiscation or wholesale bans on you being able to defend yourself in your home. Unless you think you have the right to get into an arms race with the government (have a funny feeling that you do) none of this is off the deep end. But the GREAT thing for you, is that this probably won't even come to pass because we have this thing call the Legislative branch, that is probably going to kill this thing. You know why that's possible? Because we live in a flawed but mostly functioning Republic. Not a dictatorship, a Republic.

    RFID Tracking- So because a school wants to keep track of their students (because schools are kind of in charge of a student's welfare) that equals big brother? As someone else already pointed out, the card does not have her social security on it, and do you have any proof that she would have to show it at random intervals throughout her daily life? So how does this impact her, other than a school that wants to keep track of their students?
    What I find funny about "privacy" is that it is an abstraction now. You know what the best way to track someone now a days is? 4 square. Facebook. All of these are set up by private companies, and all of this is 100% voluntary. Hopping on Starbuck's wi-fi? You're tracked. This isn't Big Brother, this is imaginary friend that you tell all your secrets to, with twin brother in the room. We are our own spies now, and we give up more information for the information cullers at the CIA than ever before , with just our own status updates.

    Higher Taxes/Out of Control Debt- What higher taxes? Oh you mean the tax cut that expired? The temporary measure that was suppose to expire years ago, didn't, and then were basically renewed? You do not have a right to Bush era tax rates. I know lots of people think that Bush's tax rates were some sort of golden mean that were what the founding fathers and God meant all along, but they aren't. We still have tax rates well below those of St. Reagan (save for one year of the Reagan administration, 1988) so "higher taxes" is relative. Add to that, Obama was very up front about his tax platform, people voted for him, and that's how the Republic works.

    As for debt, well if you want to be a deficit hawk then be my guest. The US government's finances do not work like a typical household, and so deficit spending isn't the scourge of the nation some people think it is. In fact, during times of high unemployment spending is considered by many economists to be the solution. But above all, the lower, divinely inspired Bush Tax cuts were creating a funding problem which is what lead to the turrble turrble deficit. We are in the process of restoring balance, but that doesn't mean you go hog wild and slash everything. That's stupid. That would lead to panic. That would lead to more people being laid off. That would lead to hoarding money. All of these things are bad. Deficit hawks remind me of those people who wear rubber suits when they run. It's not enough to lose weight, it's gotta hurt. If you aren't punishing yourself, it ain't worth it.

    So you've brought up a few apocalyptic predications by Oracle Alex Smith, that if you squint hard enough, resemble actual predictions that have come true. These sound like the usual "predictions" that pretty much anyone can make.
  12. Oxymoron

    Oxymoron Banned Banned

    LOL... only said about making it illegal to be a conspiracy theorist the other day... Good prediction eh.

    Justifying RFID implants?

    Forced inoculations?

    No need to say "Oh it's only Alex and it's only a petition"... that is self evident but least you guys are getting the ball rolling.

    At least some have the honesty to state what they want. Never know, maybe others here will start coming out in the open and start justifying invading Countries, massive military spending, 7.5 million people locked up in prison, (most for marijuana and prostitution offences), Corporate fraud, Star Wars, pre emptive nuclear strikes etc etc
  13. Anonymous012

    Anonymous012 Closed Account

    alex jones.

    From the person who posted the petition link, to have Alex Jones thrown into the looney bin!!
  14. Oxymoron

    Oxymoron Banned Banned

    No!!.... they would never do that!!... would they... LOL. And what if they did.... nothing wrong with that.... just hanging out having a good time, smoking some spliffs and making plans, which is what they do anyway... but with the prostitutes flown in and protected.

    Poor old Alex... I wonder where he comes up with these crazy ideas...

    Can't be true or the major media would report it so it must be made up...Shouldn't be allowed!
  15. Anonymous012

    Anonymous012 Closed Account

    hehe! We can conlude, also, that the big Giant Owl they worship is a pervert if they're allowing prostitutes in! lol! Either Alex is just an entertainer, or he does live his life like the ones who believe they're victims of gang-stalking. The video is proof that he was delusional after Morgan's show and believe he was being follow. If he was telling the truth, he would've been wearing hidden cameras on him 24/7. The problem with his show is that he does encourage and create hype to his followers that end up being wrapped up into believing everything is a conspiracy, and you see a lot of brainwashing going on; especially, Youtube made itself into a conspiracy channel from the Illumanti to the gang-stalking victims. I see some of them are already in a verge of breaking down; (this one gang-stalking victims thinks I'm one of his preps. I told him to seek help for his own sake; no sense in talking them I guess; it's like talking to a brick wall -_- lol! SMH it's becoming quite sad.) In my opinion, too much conspiracy theories that you take in is going to make you delusional, paranoid, and living in fear. <_< What to do?
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  16. scombrid

    scombrid Senior Member

    Still no gun ban.

    That's a school district in Texas and not the federal government.
  17. dirtyjon

    dirtyjon New Member

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  18. SeanDWalker

    SeanDWalker New Member

    Anybody make heads or tails of Jones being a disinformation agent? i mean a deliberate one, rather than a perfect patsy for leading smart but confused people down the lemming path?
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  19. HappyMonday

    HappyMonday Moderator

    His propensity for monetising everything that comes out of his mouth would suggest he's available to the highest bidder, no question.
  20. SeanDWalker

    SeanDWalker New Member

    that fits rather nicely in my expectation of him, but he does seem to be keeping to his niche...he could expand at any time i would of thought.
  21. Landru

    Landru Moderator Staff Member

    The AP is reporting that Tamerlan Tsarnaev was interested in Infowars and was a 9/11 truther.

  22. Pete Tar

    Pete Tar Moderator Staff Member

    Claim by a fan that Jones has CIA family members, may not always be truthful; mixed reactions.
    Bonus content... (possible new thread?)
  23. Drew

    Drew Active Member

    It's very satisfying to see the sort of shoddy arguments and rhetorical tactics Jones employs turned on him. I suppose once you persuade people to reason that way, it's only a matter of time before they turn on you.

    Aside: what is with Never really come across it much before this week, but am I right that it's crowdsourced journalism with a hard right/conspiracist/fundamentalist bent? I'd be inclined to dismiss it as unimportant, and then I saw it has a US Alexa score of 836.
  24. Steve

    Steve Active Member

    Pretty funny stuff from "Mr. False Flag" himself.
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  25. AluminumTheory

    AluminumTheory Senior Member

    People love to cite Alex Jones' predictive capability as if he's some sort of tin foil oracle...

    But at what point is Alex Jones not predicting a disaster?
  26. Critical Thinker

    Critical Thinker Senior Member

    "It’s good to be Alex Jones. Matt Drudge, the conservative Web entrepreneur and news aggregator, proved prophetic when he predicted that 2013 would be “the year of Alex Jones.” The longtime conspiracy broadcaster is finally breaking into the mainstream consciousness after a buzzy interview with Piers Morgan and his Boston bombing conspiracy, and traffic to his websites has never been higher. The conspiracy business is booming.And make no mistake, it is a business. That’s not to say that Jones isn’t a believer — there are easier ways to make money — but Jones has built a multi-platform new media empire in his Austin, Texas, Free Speech Systems LLC that reaches millions of believers and promisesadvertisers that it will “direct lucrative buyers to you from our daily audience of active enthusiasts.” And all told, Jones is very likely raking in millions."...........
  27. OddFuture

    OddFuture New Member

    He is constantly predicting some sort of false flag terror attack "in the next few months", that never ends up happening.

    Then when an actual attack occurs, he'll then claim he predicted it, all while ignoring the vast majority of his failed predictions.

    He's a joke.
  28. Cairenn

    Cairenn Senior Member

    Why do they all seem to be broadcasting from Texas? We aren't that crazy here.
  29. OddFuture

    OddFuture New Member

    He also has started a multi-level marketing scheme and claims you can make up to six figures.
  30. AluminumTheory

    AluminumTheory Senior Member

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  31. JonN

    JonN New Member

    Unfortunately, I was, and I mean 'WAS" one that got caught up in the Alex Jones Merry-go-round. I was wise and open minded enough to break away from the repetition of the things he clings to. I refer to it as beating a dead horse. I do have to admit that there are a couple things he does pinpoint, but its very rare. One has to understand that He just like mainstream media, has a following and a radio show that he needs to keep. Without them he would have no show, and therefore no purpose. After a few weeks of watching his You tube videos, and listening to his radio show. You can just wait a few weeks or so and come back to it, maybe they will have one new thing they are talking about. Especially when i notice more and more that the references he would point out where from his own info wars, and the huffington post... nothing at all that was real hard evidence for what he was trying to prove. Besides his raging outbursts, and over talking his guests, just made me turn the volume down, or leave the vid altogether.
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  32. Jay Reynolds

    Jay Reynolds Senior Member

  33. Grieves

    Grieves Senior Member

    From the latest episode of the Zeitgeist guy's cheap little series. Got a laugh out of me, and sums the guy up pretty well.
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  34. Pete

    Pete Member

    No doubt it will eventually happen, but even a broken clock tells the correct time twice a day. I often listen to Alex Jones just to make me laugh at how insane people are for believing him.
  35. mynym

    mynym Banned Banned

    Exactly. But sometimes he seems to be the only American media outlet that has important whistle blowers and so forth on. (e.g... recently Sibel Edmonds, etc.)

    Although now there is RT, since it's in their interest to criticize the American government.
  36. Melbury's Brick

    Melbury's Brick Active Member

    Jones greatest misdemeanor was making people sympathetic towards Piers Morgan!
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  37. AluminumTheory

    AluminumTheory Senior Member

    This, I despise Piers Morgan
  38. Alchemist

    Alchemist Banned Banned

    He's crazy but he did predict 9/11 in July 2001: (down to airplane terrorism, reichstag event & Bin Laden being used as the scapegoat)

  39. Mick West

    Mick West Administrator Staff Member

    He just predicts some kind of false flag, and mentions bin Laden. I missed where he said airplanes.

    It's the standard conspiracy prediction "Something will happen", then later (if something happened) "that was it", or (if nothing happens), "something will happen soon".
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