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    Bunk via headline. A common technique. You put a misleading headline on a real story, and 90% of people only really take in the headline. They don't read enough of the entire story to figure out it does not match, so just assume they missed the bit that confirmed the headline.
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    I've always wonder how many CTs actually read the articles they share amongst each other.
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    I don't see how this headline is misleading at all. If they were part of the team that helped arrest Tsarnaev, then they were involved. Just because you assumed it meant that they were deployed in Watertown does not make it misleading.
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    "part of the team that helped arrest Tsarnaev" means they were members of "the team" (the FBI's Hostage Rescue Team in Quantico, VA), not that they aided in the arrest.
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    Late to the story, but it's worth mentioning that the original foxnews story now contains no reference to Boston or Dzokhar Tsarnaev, in either the headline or the body of the article.
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    Noticed that too. Scrubbed? Just going by memory but the original local story that I read a while ago said that they were part of the team involved with the Boston boys. Found it:
    Interesting, if this is a story in which the corporate media starts scrubbing stuff or retracting stuff like they do sometimes then that's usually a sign that the intelligence services of various nations have been incorporated into the plot of the story. My conspiracy theory so far... the intelligence services working for the oligarchs that own The Grand Chessboard probably had to wrap up a Russian terrorist cell operating in America after it turned out that they actually wouldn't be going back to Chechnya and fighting with the terrorists there* against the Russians. Oops. (...against the Russians like Uncle Ruslan might have wanted. What losers! So: "Get him out on the corporate media... and find some female DNA on the bombs while you're at it." I'd imagine. Not sure what happened to that meme. The investigation is ongoing, I'd imagine...)

    With respect to a hypothetical Russian terrorist cell note the people with the "#1 Terrorist" license plate and so forth. It may be that the Russians have begun doing the same thing that America did to them in Operation Cyclone and so forth. And this "wrapping up" of various people after a terrist attack may also be why they recently arrested an American spy over there and so forth.

    It's likely that the intelligence services can't tell if they are some of our allies, terrorists and mercenaries** or if they work for the Russian intelligence services that serve their oligarchs, etc. "You're either with us or you're with the terrorist." --George W. (But it gets a little confusing sometimes: "Fool me once... uh... and terrism happens.")

    And in the background, more Russian ships headed toward Syria incoming, etc.?

    Everything is only a theory, including conspiracy theories... except when it isn't, in fact... just a theory. One thing seems certain, the streams of information that you're getting out of the "mainstream"/corporate media usually contain a lot of bunk.


    If only the intelligence services had bigger budgets and a better infrastructure and were all fused together, then everyone would be safe. But the FBI and the CIA are still separate and the Russians and others aren't centralized into one huge Global System Inc. similar to what NATO has yet. If only they could all be incorporated then we'd all be safe. Bummer.

    (More hopium and change incoming...)
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    Yes it does, the headline of the 12160 article reads "2 FBI Agents Involved in Dzhokhar Tsarnaev's Arrest "FALL" Out of Helicopter and Die" while the Virginian Pilot article they copied from simply reads "FBI: Agents died in fall from helicopter off Va. coast". 12160's headline is very clearly implying that the agents were involved in Dzhokar's arrest which could only mean that they were deployed in watertown. You're trying to say that these men were involved in the arrest simply because they were part of the team that arrested him, (which is completely absurd) then you later tell me that the article is not misleading because I assumed that that it meant they deployed in Watertown when they would have to have been deployed in Watertown in order to be "involved" in the arrest. You can't have it both ways :)

    If I'm a member of the SWAT team, does that now mean I as an individual am involved with every single one of their operations? No because that's impossible and ridiculous.

    Also the Virginian Pilot (the source from which 12160 posted their article) released this article confirming the the FBI agents' cause of death which reads:

    So apparently I'm not the only one who made that assumption based on the headline.
    Now Rusty, do you honestly think that 12160, or anyone else in the conspiracy blogosphere posted that information? They would have, if their intentions were to "get the truth out". :) It seems to me that these so called "truth seekers" are very uninterested in the truth.
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    Well, folks in Texas run on their support of death penalty.

    To us, beheading seems like a violent and harsh means of executing someone. But until the just after the middle of the 1800s, it was a much quicker death than hanging was. Until then, hanging did not break the neck, the person suffocated to death.
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