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    I've not seen this footage being used by the chemtrail community. The following footage taken in Syria and showing some of the trails left by the Russian Navy cruise missiles fired from the Caspian Sea.

    It appears that part of the flight profile of the 3M14TE Kalibr-NKs was conducted at altitude. The Kalibir is powered by a small turbojet.



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    yes perhaps as cruise missiles go one by one from ship deck while the multiple ordnance pretty much all at once guess & would leave the picture of mass trails.

    The CT chaps may use the image trails as proof of ?? tho i can only guess how they'll frame it as some form of hidden subversive spraying when its got a HE warhead on the nose. Perhaps there some barium within HE compound to cause sickness or NWO mind control after your blown to bits.
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