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    at 00:49:00 in the Joe Rogan Interview

    It's not often you get the explanation of a UFO before the report. But I was wondering if we could actually track this down in reverse. Unfortunately vague on time, other than some years ago. Perhaps use the time of the Nimitz incident as a starting point, 2004?

    Location is fairly precise:
    Superstition Mountain, California is a small ridge in the middle of a desert area to the South of the Salton Sea. It seems popular with dirt-bike and ATV riders, as it's really not far from town.
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    It's not really labeled in Google Maps, but shows up if you search for it (not the one in Arizona). There's a "VooDoo Rock Garden" ATV area there.
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    Here's one report that fits reasonably well, from 1997:
    Quite a detailed account involving a bunch of different things. But is it possible this was all just a result of David Fravor and his buddies messing with them?
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    that is interesting because my first (middle and last) thought when the operator asked them if they had live ammo on their planes during the Nimitz episode, was that they didn't want them to freak and accidentally shoot a comrade or drone they were using to "test" their reactions.

    And then when they got back to base everyone was making fun of them by playing ET videos. hhmmmm….
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    Fravor told a more detialed version of this story before, in a 2018 audio interview with Jeremy Corbell.
    I included Fravor's prank in this article on UFO hoaxes by military pilots.
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  4. Makes you wonder about the Cash-Lundrum UFO case:


    Obvs the description in total if remembererd accurately and honestly doesn't really fit.
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