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    “Independent researcher” Wayne Madsen posted this story on his website a little over a week ago:


    Rafael Bienvenido Cruz did live in Dallas, Texas in 1962, where his second daughter, Roxanne Lourdes Cruz was born, according to records that I found on Ancestry.com

    1962 Texas Birth records.
    A draft card from 1967 also indicates that he lived in New Orleans, although I could not find specific records of his residence prior to 1963.

    Cruz Draft Card.

    Residence doesn’t establish any links to the CIA or the Kennedy assassination, so I looked at two more applicable issues.

    One involved Rafael Cruz’s actual support for Castro. A 2015 New York Times story offered an important piece of information:


    In other words, Rafael Cruz may have been more of a wannabe rather than a hero of the revolution.

    Just how invested he may or may not have been in the Cuban revolution, his alleged disillusionment with Castro, or his susceptibility to CIA manipulation are all matters of conjecture. Madsen offers absolutely no proof regarding any of these issues in his article.

    Probably the one piece of evidence that seemed most applicable to debunking this conspiracy theory was something I learned on Metabunk—the shape of Rafael Cruz’s ears.


    Look at the school picture featured in the New York Times article:

    Cruz Yearbook.
    Now compare it to the person in the Madsen article. Notice the difference?

    After all that work, I should have started with the ears.
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    The story reappeared this week after the Indiana primary.

    Political consultant Roger Stone has been making the rounds claiming that Ted Cruz dropped out of the Republican presidential race because of “revelations” about his father’s role in the JFK assassination.


    Stone is claiming that Rafael Cruz's involvement in the Kennedy assassination was confirmed by Oswald’s alleged former mistress Judyth Vary Baker.

    Baker has been a fixture in conspiracy circles for a number of years.


    Appearing on AM 970 The Answer Wednesday with host Joe Piscopo, Stone made additional claims about the alleged photo of Rafael Cruz and Oswald.

    The exchange begins at about 5:00 in the interview


    Roger Stone is an interesting character with a long and, it might be safe to say, a “colorful” history in politics and conspiracy theories.


    It is a little amazing that this sort of malarky has made its way this far into a presidential race. Then again, 2016 has been a pretty strange year for politics.
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    This is actually quite hilariously bad.

    To go from "I went over the Sheriff;s dept and it;s a perfect match" in one sentence to "I had someone else go over ther and I think, I think it;s Rafael Cruz" in the next is quite some backtracking.
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    this is the closest in age i could find.. although i "think" he is slightly older than 24 in this pic. which is actually good as his hair line is all wrong..unless we go witht he hairplug theory.
    (from my searches it appears Mr. Cruz is the zodiac killer, :eek: but that's off topic)

    cruzside by side.PNG
    some photo sources:
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    It seems a lot more likely that he would have dropped out for the simple reason that Trump is winning and he didn't really have a chance after a certain point. I mean, Trump currently (as of the Indiana primary) has 1053 delegates compared to Cruz's 565. There really doesn't have to be another conspiratorial reason here, he just was going to lose.
    I wish we could just say 'Occam's Razor' and leave it at that but it's pretty useless against a long-lived conspiracy theory like the JFK assassination...
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    I don't know the website mediaite.com, but its commentary on Stone's claims was pretty funny.

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    You are absolutely right. Electoral math is likely the driving factor in Cruz's decision.

    But after giving it some thought, there might be more to this story. For all the derision raining down on Trump over the assassination conspiracy hoopla, the polls say that it does have traction with the public.

    The number of people who believe in more than one shooter is declining, according to a 2013 Gallup poll, but still pretty high.


    In politics, conspiracies don't rely upon facts for credibility. It looks like Richard Hofstadter's "The Paranoid Style of American Politics," Harper’s Magazine (November 1964): 77-86 is still alive and well.

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    From Gerald Posner's book Case Closed via the WSJ:



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