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    Interesting how history repeats itself. A Danish-born friend of mine, Kai Lawaetz, held the world's most exquisite private collection of Taino Amerindian objects called Zemis, which he collected over 80 years. I just recognized the parallel.

    Archaeology report, year 3010:
    The North American Orgonite tribe circa 2000 continued a tradition of placing talismans underground for ceremonial purposes which are unknown. These conical objects of resin, crystal and metal shavings were known as "holy hand grenades", and were produced by "Modern Shamans" and artisans of a sub-culture not fully described in their literature.

    The use of "holy hand grenades" follows the Pre-Columbian Taino and Arawak people of the Caribbean who buried stone, shell or wooden objects of conic form in their fields to promote fertility.
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    I made my own vinegar video. I had to. It's just too funny.

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    "Look at those clouds. They weren't here earlier".

    loooooool. Love it!
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    During a google news archive search, iI happened to run across this reference to persistent contrails and the effect on climate, from the 1968 Gettysburg Times, February 13, 1968, page 5 column 1. The article mentions how some contrails can persist and create cirrus clouds, and speculates on the possible effects.
    It was written close to the time when people were discussing Supersonic Transports(SST's), which was an idea which never came to fruition with the exception of the Concorde.
    A remarkable article, titled "Man Despoiler of a Planet".

    Hope this link works, pease LMK.

    This link should let you browse the 2/13/1868 edition:

    This link should let you browse all issues of this particular newspaper:
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    Nice. Here's a capture for posterity, I made it over wide to capture the date.


    It's an AP article, and actually appears in several newspapers. In others it was sub-titled with variously degrees of alarm:
    • "Fleets of Spaceships May Drown Cities".
    • "Possible Disasters are Predicted from Lingering Exhaust Particles"
    • "Mankind Is Threatening To Destroy Earth By His Own Actions of Carelessness"
    • "Flooded Cities Or A New Ice Age Eyed In Man's Quest For Speed"
    • "The Air We Breathe .Rockets, Supersonic Planes Could Warm Climate to Perilous Point"
    Here's one illustration from the article, in the "European Stars and Stripes", 1968-02-14

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    Good news report from 1980:

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    New article-
    The Unsavory Origins of Chemtrails:
    This article, by Peggy Day of Marin County, CA, was prompted by a chemtrail believer action to have the Fairfax, CA Town Council approve a resolution against chemtrails:
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    Interesting. Would you say that's all accurate Jay? You know a lot more about the early days than I do.
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    It's good enough, she evidently went to my site, and supercell.org, who was a cohort of mine, and a former believer. She confirmed what I had found.
    I'm making some comments at their message board.
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    ' ...a pending resolution could make the town an official "chemtrail-free zone." '

    I think this is exactly the kind of local laws that need to be passed. This way, when it's alleged that an aircraft has violated this resolution, this issue can finally go to court where the chemtrail believers will have to finally prove their case.
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    I see the same thing when I'm running on cold clear calm mornings down the trail beside the rail road tracks. After a train goes by, as long as I can smell diesel exhaust, my breath makes more fog. Lets me visualize the particulates that I am inhaling from that exhaust.
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    A recent photo-article by Trutv:
    It won't be easy, but it's time we tried to make sense of one of the most intriguing conspiracy theories of recent times…

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    Ugh. Looks like another Ancient Aliens type of grab at ratings. :cool:
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    I doubt that company "Basic Labs" likes being linked to chemtrail testing. Of course there were not any "off the chart" tests, thats just yet another creation of the chemtrail mind. Does anyone live nearby to that lab or has anyone considered getting them to chime in?
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    The Pit Arm tributary test is the only one that hasn't been debunked anywhere that I can see - ther is an "original" document here - http://www.geoengineeringwatch.org/...nia/private/shasta7_07pitriversludgewater.pdf - and it does seem to actually show a test of water - but it's a different date from that claimed (was done in 2007 not 2008 as claimed around the web), and the elements being tested for do not actually appear on it that I can see.
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    Here's the full page for that test:


    Note the Sludge and the "Water" have about the same values, which makes me thing that the "water" was actually just muddy water, basically sludge. Past experience shows that Dane Wigington has no problem using muddy water, and ignoring the fact that mud is naturally 7% aluminum on average.

    source: http://irritatethestate.net/wp-content/uploads/2012/01/USFS-labtestsSugarpineCr..pdf
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    Makes me curious. Maybe I will go fishing there. I saved a satellite photo with this inlet in the upper left, and what is probably Wigington's house in the lower right, but it was too big to upload, It will be about a 3 mile paddle from the nearest official launch unless I try to drag my kayak down a steep hill about 1,000 feet.
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    I'm not able to get a phone connection from my location, but would be interested in what the poster's creator says when you call the number:
    (530) 941-8872
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    Yeah thats Basic Labs, that the chemmies are including in their chemmie claims, to give some kind of authentication. I wonder if they are aware their name is being used to spread chemtrail bunk?
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    No it's not BasicLabs number - that is on the report and their webpage -

    Phone: 530 243 7234
    Toll Free: 888 511 4804
    Fax: 530 243 7494
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    941 is a cell phone prefix based the small town of Gerber, in Tehama County, but you can take the phone anywhere. It might be Dane Wigington. He wouldn't have a land line.
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    I was able to call that number today. The man who answered with a slightly foreign accent said he had no knowledge of chemtrails.
    The ad also sends readers to jeffpress.com as a local contact, which domain is currently not in service.
    Acording to this message board posting, the ad at one time did appear in the Redding, CA, newspaper:
    I am assuming this advertisement was made some years ago and is another case of 'ghost fishing' similar to a lost fisherman's net which continues to wastefully catch unwary fish long after the fisherman has forgotten about it.

    Another case of how little it takes to start bunk rolling, yet how long it can continue to virally propagate.
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    That Bermuda story is interesting. I wonder just what the original historical basis is though. Smith's book is a novel, set 70 years after the events, so the story might have grown with the telling. It's hard to imagine where such a plane would have come from - mostly likely if it were anything it was US practice flights.
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    Sounds like they're flight checking jet ways to ascertain any vertical and/or horizontal limits. Very routine stuff.
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    te he he
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    Not exactly chemtrails in the news. More like geoengineering in the news.


    Bill Gates backs climate scientists lobbying for large-scale geoengineering

    The headline makes it sound like Bill Gates and scientists are advocating large-scale geoengineering programs, doesn't it?

    Bill Gates is funding a small group of scientists who advocate RESEARCH into geoengineering. None of the scientists mentioned want to start a large-scale geoengineering program. Ken Caldeira later asked The Guardian to amended the article to reflect that just becuase he advocates research for geoengineering, it does not mean he advocates geoengineering. Unfortunately, the headline was never amended nor were the other fatual errors within the article ever corrected.

    For example:

    This is misleading. Rasch was called as an expert witness before the Subcommittee on Energy and Environment to inform them on our current scientific understand of geoengineering and with issues involved with implementing such programs. Rasch was not lobbying for geoengineering, he was asked to inform politicians so they may determine if geoengineering warrants attention and to help them develop national and international geoengineering policies.

    It's almost like the guardian wants us to believe scientists are desperate to start geoengineering. The fact is most scientists consider reducing CO2 emissions as the best course of action.
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  37. Trigger Hippie

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    (Just a followup to post #115 above about The Guardian's articles on geoengineering...)

    Taken from the Geoengineering Google Group, Ken Caldeira reprimands The Guardian for misrepresenting and sensationalizing his stance on geoengineering... not too flattering I'm afraid.

    Here's a link to an exchange of emails between Ken Caldeira and Guardian editor Chriss Elliot and Guardian reporter John Vidal.

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    well... this is more "Cloudseeding in the news".

    But you know it, some people just doesnt want to know the difference. Our German Chemtrail-Citizensmovement presented it as "the evidence"

    It explains the basics of cloudseeding and hail-protection very well in just about 5 minutes...

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    Excellent articles!

    Ive been posting here,now I see links are allowed I want to put some up soon from youtube.
    One that really is an attention grabber is where a citizen goes to an industrial/airport and there sits tanks of chemicals
    of all sorts that are being added to the fuel tankers nearbye.
    The gentleman has a hidden cam and starts interviewing the Dispatch man slowly but surely he starts admitting and opening up to the
    fact that he is sponsored by the govt to chem the skies under the guise that it helps the ozone layer and their communication.

    Then he goes on to talking about a local drought and how they have raised rainfall 3=5% Anyone know this video Im talking about?If so please link it.
    When I first seen it ,my mind was blown about how this guy let the cat out of the bag soon as he got comfy and thought no one else was around or could
    hear what he was saying.

    Someone mentioned Timetravel

    This is the garbage they feed the public.
    Ancient aliens is on right now talking about timelight curves and frame dragging which is the heart of time manipulation.But we have had accusations of aother type of travel since the 60s.
    Exciting lasers in a field on chemicals and electifying it with femominal amounts of energy and magnetism creates a field they can go into if they have the correct applications "computer fed" .

    They are learning to tap into the free energy which is the framedragging,where there is more free energy than they ever could have imagined.
    Remember were 50 years ahead of anything that is told to the public.

    China is rumored to be already using time manipulation in the public domain by a reliable source,Mike Anderson which I spent a few google moments looking into but only chinese hits,If anyone speaks chinese,there is information maybe they can share what they find.

    Back to the main topic..Why are people not accepting the chemtrails?

    FOR GODS SAKE THEY HAVE ADMITTED TO LAYING SILVER OXIDE AND BORIUM?SO THEY CAN COMMINUCATE WITH THE SATTELITES PROPERLY 24/7. All so you can chit chat on your cell phone at 99c a minute with 3 bars so you dont bitxch about having no signal.
    Actually,they are more concerned about comm with underwater subs.
    I will start saving the documents I refer to cause I see people are linking like crazy.

    FINALLY Bill gates is dumping money into something that is already been mastered.Buying old technology.It makes no sense,unless he plans on using geoengineering in tandom with his forced innoculations to control population.
    He is on a mission trying to help control population for the last few years and he proposes that feeding the people in africa will help lower the population in one lecture.When theres reported documents that the innoculations are sterilizing the females with advanced chemistry.
    This isnt anything new to the usa,just like giving the indians blankets filled with small pox

    wikipedia>>>June 29, 1763, a week after the siege began, Bouquet was preparing to lead an expedition to relieve Fort Pitt when he received a letter from Amherst making the following proposal: "Could it not be contrived to send the smallpox among the disaffected tribes of Indians? We must on this occasion use every stratagem in our power to reduce them." [1]

    Bouquet agreed, writing back to Amherst on July 13, 1763: "I will try to inoculate the bastards with some blankets that may fall into their hands, and take care not to get the disease myself." Amherst responded favorably on July 16, 1763: "You will do well to inoculate the Indians by means of blankets, as well as every other method that can serve to extirpate this execrable race."[2]

    Im sick of the evil in this world>and the people who try to protect the evil doers.

    THE POPULATION MUST BE CONTAINED! IMO Chemtrails are the most effective way to spread a new disease which will devistate the world,the elite and military will already be innoculated and the rest of us will be going into those fema coffins.The question is when.

    Im way off topic but its all relitive to the subject.
  40. Jay Reynolds

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    Sounds sort of crazy to me.