1. Steve Andrews

    Steve Andrews New Member

    I am in the somewhat unusual position of having been a believer in chemtrails but am no longer one and this is one of several conspiracies that I not convinced about at all. My friend JazzRoc was the person who got me to see the scientific explanation that adequately explains what is happening with the so-called chemtrails. I published a HubPage hub about my views on it all here: http://hubpages.com/hub/Dear-Conspiracy-Theorist
  2. Jay Reynolds

    Jay Reynolds Senior Member

    Congratulations, Steve!

    You have a true friend.

    I wrote this 11 years ago about chemtrails, and it still holds true:
    I hope that you and others can get together somehow using social networking and help others.
  3. Steve Andrews

    Steve Andrews New Member

    Well, I have published several hubs all of which explain that I do not believe in chemtrails and all of which get plenty of traffic but the chemtrail-believers are like fundamentalist religious devotees or cult members and hold fast to their belief system as well as trying to push it on to me and others. They do not read what I say or what JazzRoc says or what is on Contrailscience and even say that I am in denial. I often get fed up with trying to talk to these people.
  4. Janet D

    Janet D New Member

    I'll be in touch soon! Thank you one more time for posting your experience.