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    The following letter was posted on Madisonstar Moon's Facebook page. It was apparently written by FOEN (BAFU in German), the Swiss federal environment office in response to a "chemtrail activist". I'm posting it here because it is a much more thorough and better-written response than many we see from governments.

    letter1. letter2. letter3.

    Translation follows. My German is not too great so this is mostly machine-translated and then edited for sense. Any improvements welcomed!

    Edit to add: the letters that Herr Tscheulin has sent to the FOEN can be found here: http://www.tscheulin-software.com/php/BAfU/anmeldung.htm

    [Mick Edit:] Response scan here http://www.tscheulin-software.com/php/BAfU/antwort_bafu.pdf

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    For information and by way of contrast: The cypriot government pledges to probe chemtrails:
    There are new reasons for chemtrails:
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    Whitewash = "didn't find the results I wanted"?
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