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  2. Leifer

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    We are all asking you for specifics, but you seem to be avoiding this.
    Do you have any specifics, other than "what you think you see" ??
    ...or what others think they see ?
  3. firepilot

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    Why is it annoying, when you get questioned on the very links that you post? You can not seriously not expect that can you? What is the point of posting a link if you do not want to discuss it?

    But at least we are getting somewhere. By "Bullshit", what do you mean? That that are not what the chemtrail site claims that they are?
  4. Leifer

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    I don't want to get swayed from the topic, and this is.

    That's a lot of suspicion. Do you believe all that ?
    Don't you want more evidence than a website ?
    ...or further...
    Is this your belief ?

    Here is his "proof"...

    ....back to the topic...
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    I think debunk this is just trolling now, he/she has dodged every question and just posts more irrelevant links. I'm still waiting for answers to my questions!
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  7. Mick West

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    I think he's been pretty much trolling all along.
  8. Spongebob

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    This link of yours: http://www.jamescarner.com/chemtrails.html

    Was pure garbage.

    It was full of delusion filled pseudo-scientific claptrap that only the most gullible simpleton would ever accept as evidence.

    I was embarrassed for you, that you could stoop so low as to post this as a credible link - which is the real point right DT? You are here to play games.

    Your youtube orb fantasies have been a joke from post one.

    You don`t believe in them any more than you trust the bunk filled excretion on your jamescarner link do you?

    That was your last chance as far as I am concerned.

    If you post tripe links to james carner then you are a troll plain and simple. (simple in a bad way)
  9. PCWilliams

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    I'm still waiting for you to verify you have these packets.

    Display this message on your monitor and take a picture of the packets in front of the monitor displaying this message.
  10. Mick West

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    I think the Winfield packs may well be real. It just looked rather fake with one of they being boat wakes.

    The whole brainwashing thing rather falls down when you consider that the trails have been in the sky (year round in some locations) for many years already.

    Why would you need to condition someone to see something as normal, when they already DO see it as normal, and have done for decades.
  11. firepilot

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    Yeah, its funny how these people make claims that any usage of contrails or airplanes in ads or on merchandise, is just brainwashing to get people to think contrails and airplanes are normal.

    But everyone else, except the small number of members of the "Insane Clowd Posse", aka Chemmies, thinks they are normal anyways. These chemtrail believers think that because airplanes, contrails and cirrus are sinister to them, that it must actually be sinister to everyone else anyways, and that propaganda is needed to normalize them to it.
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    I should have just posted this link instead. http://www.rense.com/general79/chem.htm
  13. Debunk This

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    Oh well... i have proven my point with this thread. bye now
  14. firepilot

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    Stop with the endless link posting.

    You do not prove any point, by endlessly throwing up link after link. How about...I know this is a novel idea to some of you, but actually putting ideas in your own words and stating a fact, a point that you are trying to make.

    If you post a link full of bad info, you do not change that by putting up yet another link. You have avoided over and over, trying to discuss what is actually in the links you post. Why is it all of you chemmies do that? Is like you all go to chemmie school, to where you are trained to never state a real point, to detour away from discussing what you post at all times.

    Its not that I am full of myself, its that when I post a link or my thoughts, I am fully prepared to talk about any of that. And if I cant, thats my fault, and I cant change that by posting yet another URL link. You will never see me posting pics or links of pics, without knowing exactly what I am posting. You however, were caught not knowing the slightest thing, and kept trying to change it back to your Orb discussion, in which you never actually stated what Orbs were
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  15. MikeC

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    Impossible - you never made a point!!:rolleyes:
  16. Unregistered

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  17. Mick West

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    It's not information though is it? It's just videos of some things in the sky that might be birds, or maybe something else.

    In fact the last video you post has what is actually described as a bird, and yet it looks nothing like one, and you can't tell how far from the camera it is. So why is this a bird, but every other orb you've posted is not?

    I'd urge you to keep watching the skies. But get a good pair of binoculars. Video footage is not very useful because the low resolution makes EVERYTHING look like orbs. Especially bright white things. Regardless of their actual shape.
  18. Spongebob

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    "Information" ???

    Zero "information" . Just 100% trolling mixed with ignorance and absurd beliefs...

    Auf Wiedersehen. Adiós. Au revoir. Arrivederci !
  19. Mick West

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    "Debunk This" has been banned for link spamming, trolling, and failing to make a point. He was allowed six pages (containing 218 posts) to demonstrate why the orbs were not simply out-of-focus or low resolution objects. He gave no reasons other than "LOL". After several pages of this, it became apparent he was trolling (posting simply to get a response, not stimulate honest discussion). Hence he is banned. Any future posts he makes as "unregistered" will be automatically deleted.
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  21. GregMc

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    Yes, mr chemtrailorbs aka debunkthis challenged me to post a link to the tracers website.
    It seems to be just a bunch of links to images taken by people who don't seem to have a clue how cameras work.
    I've suggested to mr chemtrailorbs that he might benefit from a viewing of the following links:

  22. CbIncus

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  23. Mick West

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    The orbs directly behind the wing are especially suspicious :)
  24. Bjarki

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    Check this video about 11:00.. Check these orb videos, I´m really curious. Might be out of focus birds or dust between his lenses. But his claims that one of the orbs is "shooting" I found very interesting. Did any of you come across this before. If someone know if theres been a throughly research of these "orb"-thing please point me in that direction. I really want to know what these are. The guy in the video says the orbs is intelligently controlled crafts.

  25. Mick West

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    The look like birds. So unless there's some evidence that they are not birds, there's really no need to go any further.
  26. Peter

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    Can't say either way in that clip from 11:00 and onwards. Could be anything, but I can't say it looks exactly like a bird. It doesn't move in any particular direction, so it's probably not something just blowing in the wind. I can't even say for sure the thing is even near the clouds/contrail.. it seems to be below the clouds. In fact I can see several other 'objects' move around as well, besides the main one. There's another one at 12:24, shooting downwards slightly left of the middle.

    So once again, no idea what they are.. but that doesn't say anything about the contrail in the video. Seeing objects apparently fly near a contrail doesn't make it a chemtrail. It makes them unidentified objects near a known object/phenomenon.
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  27. Shade sitter

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    I live next to a NASA AIMS reaserch center/military airfield. There is also Raytheon and Lockheed Martin right there, and nearby are multiple biotechnology companies. I see big planes and jets leave all kinds of trails, and I don't think twice about it because I know this stuff is bogus. They are all training and practicing with aircraft. I live between 2 airports so I see a lot of Comercial aircraft and there are wealthy people who fly private aircraft around from a public air field.

    Those orbs are birds for sure or something else for sure. All you have to do is take out of the millions of these videos the ones with "orbs" and put them all together and boom now it looks like it is super common and everywhere. What are these "orbs" supposed to do? They are not doing anything useful, they just happen to be in some pics and not in others. There is no concrete evidence they are anything but a balloon from a wedding or party.

    unless you have something other than shots of objects that are clearly out of view, as evidence, then just rest this whole orb thing. By the way a film camera has much higher resolution than a 1080p or even 4k or 8k digital. and don't forget that YouTube channels make money for views and these videos are easy to make. YouTube videos undermine credibility because of the money involved. So youtube should not be used to cite any evidence without knowing all the facts first. Frankly we do not have all the facts. So as far as I'm concerned it's all coincidental white things unless you know what they are.
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  28. Shade sitter

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    Could be a balloon or a dandelion in the wind or a remote control drone (spooky)
  29. Leifer

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    The relatively cheap Nikon P900 has 83x zoom (a potential 2000mm zoom).
    Lots of them have been sold.
    There will be a P900 successor....100x zoom, 24mp, 4k....etc....(rumor ?)

    The B700 has better video resolution, but less of a lens or zoom.

    These "superzoom" cameras should make blurry "orbs" more understandable, at to what they might be.
  30. M Bornong

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    At this point in time, most of the people using that kind of magnification, understand the need for at least a mono-pod to steady the camera. I think they will produce even more blurry "orbs" with people trying to use that kind of lens hand held.
  31. Leifer

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    The attraction to those cameras is to get good close shots.
    I don't think orb enthusiasts (investigators) would forget a tripod, if they had such a camera.
    I think they would start eliminating their guesses, because of a better camera.
  32. JFDee

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    The challenge with any high magnifaction is to get the focus right. I tried to catch planes with my 60x camera but the closer I zoomed, the faster the target moved ...

    The 'orbs' will likely be even harder to focus on because once they are not blurred anymore, they won't be visible in the eyefinder or on the back screen.

    The shaking is not so much of a problem as these cameras have very good stabilizing mechanisms.
  33. Rory

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    Gee, the New Agers'll be disappointed: they always claimed the camera fluff things - I mean orbs - were evidence of spirits or angels or something.
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  34. Hierophant

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    [video and new claim of evidence removed. No click policy. New claims of evidence in new threads please.]

    On a serious note, white dots in the sky can be balloons, the ISS, birds, plastic bags, cotton, and dust specs on the lens. They are most commonly seen by CT watchers near CTs because that's where they most commonly point the camera.
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  35. WeedWhacker

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    Camera anomalies? I'd put up various common scenarios before resorting to ET...etc. [....]
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