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    Charlie Veitch was a prominent 9/11 truther until 2011, when he accompanied the BBC in filming the documentary "9/11 Conspiracy Road Trip". After speaking with some experts on the matter, he changed his mind on the subject and made a video explaining it:

    The video garnered him a lot of negative attention, even death threats, from the truther community as he was fairly well known. He lost a lot of close friends.

    There is an excellent article by Vice Magazine on him, detailing his life leading up to and after he changed his mind. The article also does a great job of discussing the negative attention those renouncing their beliefs in a conspiracy tend to receive, particularly those who are well known and entrenched in the community.

    On the subject of debunking working, however, he did something not many devout conspiracy theorists do:

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    I can't see why anyone rational would take exception to this video. Naturally there are some extremists in the conspiracy theory group, as in any other group. I can only think he was 'attacked' by these extremists which are a very small minority.

    He makes some good points about the government's deceptions and willingness to kill innocent people, which I agree with. It is a simple matter for those who hold life at such low value to transpose their crimes on other nationals to their own nationals. People realise this which then spurs peoples suspicions in other areas, notably FEMA camps and drone attacks on U.S soil. Lockdowns and virtual martial law in watertown and an hour long gun battle with an unarmed man hiding in a boat tend to worry a lot of people.

    For someone who has had the experience of being able to question the architects and engineers involved in the construction of the knew buildings, he comes up with highly questionable examples as to why it wasn't a demolition.

    The planes crashing into the buildings were well within their capacity to withstand and indeed they did and even NIST acknowledge this was not the reason they collapsed. He glosses over kinetic energy as if that explains everything when millions of people know full well that it doesn't.

    I think he is just easily swayed and enjoys being on yt from any angle. He may have lost 'friends' but he has certainly made a new set of 'friends'. Wonder how they will react if he switches again? lol, as if I don't know.

    Anyway, I have a serious complaint about jvnk08... I am petitioning to have his avatar changed on the grounds that it is psychological warfare.

    How can anyone debate when confronted with that avatar which is so cool, it just makes me laugh and smile whenever I see it... STOP MAKING ME LAUGH. :)
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    I think he's probably talking about specific objections like "how could soft aluminum cut hard steel?", or "why did the plane look like it was sinking into the building?" (things lee used to bring up) - and not really the collapse itself.
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    They do, do they? Then they must wonder how wars are won.

    The planes that struck the towers had thirteen times the energy the architects assumed might occur. Twelve tons of kerosine, atomized and ignited immediately afterward. Lightweight long span truss floors detached in the ensuing wreckage fire, and creep allowed the columns to transfer loads. The most highly-stressed columns passed their point of buckling stability, and failed. The tower tops had enough momentum to bring about catastrophic collapses. The bottom face of each steel and rubble pile, against ground zero, was heated by kinetic energy transfer.

    That's Occam's story. Simpler, isn't it?
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    It's been six years since this documentary. I wonder if any of the others changed their minds at all.


    Here's their original bios:
    Online search finds these are Charlotte Scott Hays, Emily Louise Church, Shazin Nurse, and Rodney Chavrimootoo

    From Emily's blog it seems like she was already moving away from the hardcore "truth" movement back in 2011
    Rodney echoed similar criticism:
    But a brief search fails to find anything recent.