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  1. newportrojan

    newportrojan New Member

    Hello debunkers, Vigilant Citizen has got me kinda scared actually thinking that the Illuminati and Monarch Mind Control might actually exist. I know that images can be interpreted many different ways but...some of these images just keep occurring over and over and over in pop this just a coincidence?

    Here is one of the most recent posts:

    Every page that I read on Vigilant Citizen seems to put forth quite a compelling argument, that I want so much to be wrong and full of errors, but it seems to be frighteningly possibly accurate.

    Have you spent a considerable amount of time on there, and if so, could any of you show me their errors on there?

    Please help! Thank you!
  2. Mick West

    Mick West Administrator Staff Member

    In order to show you their errors, you first need to show what their claims are.

    Can you pick one claim from that page that you think needs debunking, and explain why you think so?
  3. newportrojan

    newportrojan New Member

    Well, I guess just in regards to the fact that people like Rhianna and other musical artists and pop culture reflects the same things over and over like the black/white masonic checkerboard style, in combination with tattoo's of 'esoteric' Egyptian horus images...

    This page specifically is quite scary:

    I hate even reading it, but, it seems to be kinda convincing to me...unfortunately. I want it to be bunk.
  4. RolandD

    RolandD Active Member

    The problem is believing that checkerboard tile automatically indicates a masonic connection. Where is the evidence? Is every home with a checkers or chess set, or kitchen in black and white tile, a masonic influence?

    From a design standpoint, alternating patterns are pleasing to the eye. That's why they are so common. Just because the masons may have adopted the pattern into their ritual doesn't mean every appearance indicates conspiracy.

    Dissociative identity disorder is still a very controversial diagnosis, with many doctors disputing that it actually exists. All the major public cases turned out to be made up, either by the patient or the therapist.
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  5. Mick West

    Mick West Administrator Staff Member

    But they don't. Checkboards are very fashionable in spring 2013, egyptian hieroglyphs are always popular tattoos. All you have to do is look around and you'll find thousands, so all it is is cherry picking - just selecting things that fit, and discarding millions of things that don't.

    It's just fashion.
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  6. Clock

    Clock Active Member

  7. Grieves

    Grieves Senior Member

    The thing about Vigilant Citizen is it very accurately points out examples of real and often very unsettling trends in media, ties them in with other equally real trends of less significance, and points out the esoteric symbolism within those trends, (whether real or dubious) and then claims those as direct evidence of grand global conspiracy by a specific organization with a prevailing ideology rooted in Satanism. Because the trends are often very real, and some of them are very unsettling, it gives a certain level of faux credibility to his further assertions about the Illuminati/Satanist Elite. Though he may well be finding solid demonstrations of shady ideals being pushed by media industries, the connections he makes are often quite convoluted. A good example of this is the 'butterfly' thing... as though butterflies haven't been a mainstay of design for what's likely hundreds if not thousands of years, simply because they're so beautiful.
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  8. HappyMonday

    HappyMonday Moderator

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  9. Cairenn

    Cairenn Senior Member

    I am remembering a professor discussing that skyscrapers are 'phallic' symbols because of their shape and how in turn that cities represented MALE power.

    BUNK ! then and still
  10. SR1419

    SR1419 Senior Member

    Indeed. though pyramids haven't been a mainstay of design for thousands of years because they are so impressive and ingeniously built.
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  11. Grieves

    Grieves Senior Member

    Or because they're a generally solid geometric shape?
    You're trying to equate my opinion that America's romantic feelings toward the Pyramids of egypt are indicative of an ethos in which inordinate individual power is idolized, with the belief of Vigilant Citizen that butterflies in the media are a direct reference to brutal CIA mind-control techniques?

    Truly, one of his biggest stretches. Still, the guy spins a good yarn, and a lot of the stuff he points out as outrageous I think are spot-on... like the effort to make riot-police fashionable.
    Also, I've really got to thank him for introducing me to 'I, Pet Goat', which regardless of your opinions on its content or what you believe the message might be is just an incredibly impressive piece of animation. Encourage anyone and everyone to check it out.
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  12. Mick West

    Mick West Administrator Staff Member

    I think what is being equated there is the refutation. Both are iconic images because they are very impressive.
  13. Oxymoron

    Oxymoron Banned Banned

    Impressive video. Thanks G.

    There was a bit in there that reminded me of this pic.

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  14. JRBids

    JRBids Senior Member

    "Kim has good reason to fear learning about her past"

    So in other words, there is no proof this person was a "mind control victim".
  15. Alhazred The Sane

    Alhazred The Sane Senior Member

    They all are fairly rigid and sticking upwards. Idealistic phallic symbols for aul lads who can't get it up, perhaps? Men are weird. Imagine women building a similar mythology around rabbit warrens?
  16. TruthGirl

    TruthGirl New Member


    It's not that simple. Posting a picture of celebrities wearing checkerboard print dresses or a stage that may or may not resemeble Baphomet explains NOTHING. The irrelevancy in the comments is laughable.

    Anyone who is "awake" or not one of the "sheeple" has undergone a spritual awakening so to speak. The world we live in is now seen through OPENED eyes. If your eyes are not opened, then you have "EYES WIDE SHUT."

    Ask yourself a few questions, (ladies and gentlemen these are real issues we are dealing with, not "consipracy theories"):

    Why is the world's wealth concentrated in less than 1% of the world's population?
    If the government borrows money from the FED, then who owns the Federal Reserve?
    Why is Monsanto going to court with small private farmers and winning? And why is a former Monsanto attorney now an Associate Supreme Court Justice?
    What on earth is HAARP technologies? Project Bluebeam?
    Don't believe in Mk Ultra Monarch Mind Control? Then you simply didn't research anything. Declassified government documents, court cases, Project Paperclip, Kim Noble, its all out there.
    Why do the world's elite meet together annually in an event called "The Builderberg Group?"
    (9/11 was definitely the Muslims, not an inside job. The Bush family investment in Haliburton was a coincidence. Building 7 imploded on itself at free fall speed because of a fire, and even though $2.3 trillion dollars went missing the accounting department being hit by a plane at the pentagon was also a coincidence. The passport to one of the highjackers was found in the rubble, that was coincidence too. The highjacked planes were not intercepted because the air defense was having a drill. Coincidence. Not a conspiracy! It's all coincidence, no connections. Oh Those Cracked-OUt Cracy Conspriracy Theorists! )
    Have you heard Kesha's music? How about Gaga? How about Niki Minaj? Satanic much? Nah. Coincidence.
    Alister Crowley? Anton Lavey? Do not know these people? Again, you did not research.
    Case #12-cv-04269-jbl-rml, Libor Scandal ring a bell? Did you know the man who pin pointed the missing $ exact location is James's Holmes father (Dr. RObert Holmes) of the Batman theater shootings? Did you know Kevin Krim, the online editor for CNBC who reported about the Libor scandal had his kids murdered the night the article aired online and then was removed? Or did you know that Adam Lanza's father is Peter Lanza, the tax director for GE (General Electric), in which the CEO is Obama's advisor. Or did you simply get all your news from those reputable coporate news stations?

    If you really want to know the truth, you have to neutralize your bias heart, open your mind, and RESEARCH. Because remember, only a few find that narrow path. I know because I took the red pill.
  17. Cairenn

    Cairenn Senior Member

    Truthgirl I would suggest that you take some time and read through many of the threads here.

    Several of your 'points' have been shown to be incorrect.

    Take number 3. Monsanto is winning lawsuits because the farmers SIGNED a contract saying that they would not save and replant seed. They violated it.

    Quickly looking the children's deaths at the hands of their nanny. That happened at the end of Oct.

    Now on to the Holme's father and the 'Libor congressional hearings"

    Not only that but the shooting was on July 20th.

    This is from July 19

    Read more:

    It is sort of hard to be called for a hearing that hasn't been called yet.

    You got 'pranked' by Sorcha Faal.

    I am not going to go through the rest of your Gish Gallop.
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  18. Melbury's Brick

    Melbury's Brick Active Member

  19. HappyMonday

    HappyMonday Moderator

    There's clearly no bias whatsoever in your comment after all.

    One thing at a time in future please, and search to see if any of your topics are covered elsewhere first.
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  20. JRBids

    JRBids Senior Member

    Oh, the RED pill! D'OH!
  21. Melbury's Brick

    Melbury's Brick Active Member

    I took the yellow pill. Actually, it could have been an M&M. I found it under the sofa.
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  22. mynym

    mynym Banned Banned

    I'd hate to see what you'd make of Washington's monument and the Capital Dome. (A satire: "All penis symbolism, debunked! And put quotes around the word phallic while you're at it. It's like a "symbolic" condom. Safety first!" But there I go, imagining things from different perspectives and distorting imaginary perspectives into caricatures again.)

    In any event... sometimes a cigar isn't just a cigar, just as sometimes huge monuments to the abject ignorance of the base really are phallic symbols. Scary, huh?
  23. mynym

    mynym Banned Banned


    Although, it's actually true that we seem to have created Red and Blue teams like the Republican gang/bloods and the Democratic* gang/crips and so forth based on similar symbolism. And it is indeed the symbolic blue pill that seems to be like consciously choosing an illusion, more of the same hopium for a change and all that.

    Only problem is, the red pill seems to be the same choice being made subconsciously... so the only real choice seems to be the red and blue lights flashing on top of a police car owned by the police state. Thus the conspiracy theorists galloping across the scene here and there, I'd imagine. Their details may be "loopy" but they seem to have a better herd instinct than some.

    *Look at their county maps. Oh, wait... that was the other gang of criminals. Which one was the red and which the blue, again?
  24. mynym

    mynym Banned Banned

    On with the show... but I just have a few questions about your theatrical production. Why did you feel the need to include every single thing that you think you know? Couldn't you start with different threads of thought or points and dots while being a little more careful to carefully verify them and then get to the Big Picture that they reside in later?

    I think we still have time to be careful enough to actually focus on truth and accuracy in the details, even if the world is a big scary place and the sky seems to be falling and so forth.

    At least, that's what I think for today. Tomorrow, I might panic!
  25. JRBids

    JRBids Senior Member

    I was going to say I took both of them. The more drugs the better!

    Oh but hey! I thought the "awake" people didn't take ANY pills.
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  26. lemonlover

    lemonlover Member

    Read Brice Taylors book online called "thanks for the memories" she mentions chess as part of her programming by Henry Kissinger There are also a lot of other people who have come forword claiming to be mind control survivors. Like James Casbolt and Andy Paro.
  27. lemonlover

    lemonlover Member

    There is plenty of evidence on YouTube to prove that the new world order is real. There are videos of politicians like Barack Obama, Bill Clinton, Tony Blair Gordon Brown all talking about it/ calling for it. There is also David Rockefeller and George Soros. Also look up George Green called "how the elite plan to kill us" Also look up "the illuminati card game" released in 1995 which shows 9/11. You could say well this could have been released after 9/11 but there is also a card that shows "18 1/2" inches, and what I thought was film reel. But a few months back in the news they found a piece of plane egine which looks almost identical to the picture on the card wedged between an 18 inch gap. Also look at the 2016 olyimpic stadium it is shaped like a giant triangle with an eye over the top. This is the major illuminati symbol. You can go and look up everything I've said the evidence is all there.
  28. JRBids

    JRBids Senior Member

    DO you think if someone uses the words "new world order" in a speech they are calling for the (initial caps) "New World Order"?
  29. lemonlover

    lemonlover Member

    Okay, so technically, not all the videos include people calling for it but they are talking about creating one or one emerging. I mean Gordon Brown says "A new world order is emerging" Henry Kissinger says "because of how much Obama is adored it is a great opportunity for him to create a new world order." What about all the other stuff I mentioned?
  30. MikeC

    MikeC Closed Account

    A New World order is something I do at the local New World supermarket - I knew those shopkeepers were up to something!!
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  31. JRBids

    JRBids Senior Member

    THen you believe that if someone says they hope for a new world order, or a new world order ought be created, it means they are talking Illuminati, or just that they're hoping for worldwide change in hostilities or a coming together peacefully?
  32. lemonlover

    lemonlover Member

    This new world order is not a coming together peacefully of nations. It is exactly what the so called conspiracy says. Well, I can't EXACTLY, like as in down to the last detail, but there or there abouts. A communist world government with the masses enslaved through a micro-chip world currency and I believe robotic soldiers. NOT GOOD for any of us. Could you explain why the 2016 Olympic stadium is shaped like a giant Triangle with an Eye over the top of it? Which is the major Illuminati symbol.I believe that they are going to try and make the world believe that it is a good thing. Just like they try and make us believe that us invading all these countries is a good thing and that all these laws are a good thing. You know the saying the road to hell is paved with good intentions. The new world order is very real and it is happening in front of us. Take de population for example, the so called conspiracy is that they want to reduce the world population by a making things so expensive you cannot afford to eat. That is happening at this very moment. Here in England people are going to food banks because they cannot afford food (2) a war in the middle east. well look up George Green on YouTube and look at what is happening the middle east/ Us invading all these countries. Assad has said he is willing to negotiate and has accused the west of trouble making and of be behind the "rebels." (3)A vaccination, well that hasn't happened yet but I've read a few reports in the news about a potentially deadly new virus in the middle east.
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  33. lemonlover

    lemonlover Member

    As I say, the evidence is there.
  34. JRBids

    JRBids Senior Member

    Do you think they're leaving hints? Why would they leave so many blatant clues? I thought the world population was growing pretty fast. I don't see any de population going on.
  35. lemonlover

    lemonlover Member

    In 1776 the illuminati set out 25 goals to achieve a new world order. One of those goals was to reveal themselves at a time where nobody could stop them. I can't say for certain that this is the reason everything is being revealed but that's why I think it is. Prices are going up and up everyday and it's only going to get worse.
  36. MikeC

    MikeC Closed Account

    Actually inflation here is down to the lowest in decades - despite petrol going up and the $ devaluing!
  37. Cairenn

    Cairenn Senior Member

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  39. lemonlover

    lemonlover Member

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  40. lemonlover

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