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    Metabunk 2019-11-12 06-40-44.

    The red icons above are fires that are less than 12 hours old. While Indonesia is certainly having problems, the larger fires seem to be in Australia:
    Metabunk 2019-11-12 06-50-14.

    Mostly on the East coast between Sydney and Brisbane.
    Metabunk 2019-11-12 06-51-54.

    Sydney is wreathed in orange smoke.
    Metabunk 2019-11-12 06-57-24.
    (Source: Angela Dapper)

    Surprisingly, I've not noticed any conspiracy theories (other than regular government incompetence, corruption, and cover-up). But I'm sure it's just a matter of time.
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    Yesterday (Tuesday 12th November) the New South Wales Government listed the fire danger as “catastrophic”, which is the first time that danger earning has been used.
    Although not exactly a conspiracy theory, there right wing folks on the radio have been blaming the “greenies” (environmentalists) for this by saying they they blocked local council's from taking preventative measures by not allowing hazard reduction burning during the winter, and this combined with the drought that we are currently under in Eastern Australia means there is a huge amount of highly combustible extraneous dry undergrowth. I guess they are technically correct about that, although the Greenies are hardly responsible for the drought and the extreme heat we had yesterday.
  3. derwoodii

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    Im keeping an eye for the expected CT theory's to pop up or the claims that these fires have been started on purpose by various sub sets of marginalizes groups eg directed by ISS, Greens, Climate change extinction..
  4. deirdre

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    what is "Australia fire season"? June to May?
    why is this year 'unprecedented'? is it because the locations of fire are more 'popular/populated'? or are there actually more fires than other years.
  5. dc_hatman

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    Australia Fire Season is usually late spring to Early Autumn, November to February. However Australia has had an extreme drought for the past few year s meaning there is a huge amount of dry combustible materials lying around. This is combined with the fact that we had an unseasonably hot and windy day yesterday, all adding up to a perfect day for fires to start and spread. The lack of water due to the drought also made it a lot harder for the Fire Service to fight the fires.

    At one stage yesterday there were about 80 fires burning across New South Wales. The fires start usually in unpolished areas but travel quickly and can suddenly engulf an entire town This all stretched the resources of the Rural Fire Services who are mostly volunteers. The fires traveled quickly due to the high winds, destroying homes. Around 20 people were injured but thankfully nobody died yesterday.
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  6. derwoodii

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    It more complex as Australia large mass and variation in weather and climate.. In the northern parts fire season is August to December then monsoon should start.. In middle where current fires are its October to January in the southern parts its December to March with variable within these ranges.. What OZ is experiencing is AGW anthropogenic global warming input driven fires of greater number with higher intensity over longer season duration start and finish in all parts..but our current government cant say climate change sad but i guess not as sad as suggesting CT DEW weapons or magic whoo..

    sums it up with humor & pathos

    comedy skit OZ Government responds to bushfires
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    Queenslander dingo here, can confirm that there's not much in the way of conspiracy ramblings save for the anti-Greens narrative. There was a statement from Barnaby Joyce (an MP) about how the Greens were to blame, usual political bull.

    On the side of reality we have this news story : https://www.news.com.au/technology/...s/news-story/c06b3e6f9bc7429128d03bdf18a40486

    The real reason for limited hazard burns is a narrow window to carry them out safely due to dry conditions.
  8. Leifer

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    If there is a pattern at all, it seems there is a natural pattern from all areas of the globe, where a dry season is followed by a wet season. Fires burn, then rain puts them out. This seems to be nature's way of managing itself.....a method of destruction that helps bring new life.....and well before humans were established in numbers.
    Add the sudden industrial human element, and fires become more likely, and the natural process is disrupted.
  9. derwoodii

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    some more info to help as i had thought 3 zones when in fact its 5 as i had neglected deeper south tassy & my western Oz brethren


    Climate change and bushfire risk in Australia
    Climate change is influencing the frequency and severity of dangerous bushfire conditions in Australia and other regions of the world, including through influencing temperature, environmental moisture, weather patterns and fuel conditions. There have been significant changes observed in recent decades towards more dangerous bushfire weather conditions for various regions of Australia.

    In particular, observed changes in southern and eastern Australia include more extreme conditions during summer, as well as an earlier start to the bushfire season with dangerous weather conditions occurring significantly earlier in spring than they used to

    still not seen claims regards CT inputs but to be fair i dont go looking too hard for these, a quick search finds typical comments on youtube new files

    Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p7asijrT0Qc

    2 days ago
    Agenda 21 , (DEW) Direct Energy Weaponary, Agenda 21 , read it and Wake Up
  10. dc_hatman

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    Barnaby Joyce also implied that those who were killed were to blame for their own deaths by saying they “most likely voted Greens”, a most insensitive thing to say
  11. deirdre

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  12. derwoodii

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    hi ya Deirdre the link seem to be diverting to another page??

    lets see if this works
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  13. Dingo

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    Well Australian flora are literally evolved to burn. Eucalyptus are highly flammable because it's a crucial part of their life cycle. A bushfire comes through fuelled by flammable eucalyptus leaves and destroys all the underbrush, but the core of the eucalypts is still alive and will regrow. And more importantly the ground is free of clutter and competition and new trees will start growing.

    Fire is such an essential part of the eucalyptus life cycle that their seeds won't germinate unless they're exposed to smoke.
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  14. dc_hatman

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    Former Wallabies representative Israel Folau, who was sacked from the Australian Rugby Union team this year for posting homophobic comments on his Instagram account, has now claimed the bushfires were punishment by God for legalizing same sex marriage and abortion in Australia during a sermon he was giving in his church.

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  15. deirdre

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    :) he sounds more humanphobic (from your link)
  16. dc_hatman

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    As John Laws (a talkback radio host) said at the time, “oops. There goes me and all of my friends”.
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  17. derwoodii

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    This guardian article addresses the claim, what i cannot determine is Australian fire seasons continuing extend over the past 60 years eg they start early and finish later due to AGW climate inputs. The map of winter fire 2019 vs 1950 help illustrate but not conclusive

    Australia bushfires factcheck: are this year's fires unprecedented?
    Conservative commentators have pointed to a long history of bushfires to suggest there is nothing unusual about this season. Experts disagree


    Australia has suffered a devastating early bushfire season with fires across several states burning through hundreds of thousands of hectares and destroying hundreds of properties with the loss of six lives.

    firemb.PNG mbfire.PNG
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