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The above two images have been shared on Facebook as evidence that the torching of a police car at the "Million Mask March" demonstration in London was staged by the authorities. But while the car itself was actually set on fire, the image on the left is an entirely unrelated image taken on April 21, 2011 by Josh Reynolds, and posted on his Flickr account:


The meme is shared as a single image (originally one photo above the other, I moved it side by side for this post). This presents some brief obstacles...
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Tracking down planes that make particular contrails is something I do quite a bit. So I've made this video showing how I do it, with the hope that it will be useful to other people doing the same thing.

I also discuss in the video why planes sometimes fly in a holding pattern, or make sharp turns, often hundreds of miles from their destination airport. They do this to adjust their arrival time, so they they can fit into their slot in the arrival queue at busy airports.
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James Hodgskiss of "Chemtrails Project UK" recently posted a claim that Professor Tim Lenton of Exeter University "conceded that the geoengineering of our skies was indeed already happening".

Link (currently the site is working only intermittently)

The story is mirrored here:

This claim is based on a Q&A session at a conference in Paris in July 2015 entitled Our Common Future Under Climate Change

Here is a transcript of the...
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This video, uploaded June 25th 2015, appears to show two very different colored contrails, one described as "red" (although it's more of an orange pink, like a sunset cloud), and one "blue" (but really more like a normal white contrail).

The planes themselves are barely visible in the video, appearing only when reflections from the sun highlight a spot on the plane. There seems to be quite a long gap between the plane and when the contrail is first visible.

The two planes appear to be flying very similar routes, even appearing to curve in sync at one point (although it's not clear if that's a camera distortion). Regardless, they seem to be flying roughly together.

Here's a composite image of the two...
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A popular video claims to show an object in the sky that resembles a "second sun". However analysis of the video proves that what is shown is an offset lens reflection of the Sun itself. There is nothing else in the sky. The effect is also not a sun-dog, an atmospheric reflection, or a mirage. It's just a reflection happening at the camera.

We can see this quite clearly if we stabilize the video so the background is fixed. We can then see the reflection moving with the camera motion. Notice how the small movements of the reflection are in sync with the large movements of the lens flare....
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A video is being widely shared on social media (and the "weird news" sections of more traditional media) claiming to show the image of an impossibly large city rising above the fog in the city of Foshan (佛山), Guangdong province, China


Here's a composite image of the Foshan video

Notice the scale of things here, there are what looks like two construction cranes on the "horizon" to the left, and the buildings seem to loom high into the sky above them.

Some have said this is...
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BUK missile producer Almaz-Antey conducted live explosion tests with a BUK missile placed next to the cockpit of a plane similar in size to the MH17 777.




RT says:

The idea (seems to be) to demonstrate that the missile's heading was coming from Zaroshens'ke...
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Interesting sunrise contrail, not sunset like most of this type of thing. Less commonly observed, mostly because people are still in bed. Here the contrail develops in sections as it passes through bands of moisture. You can see those bands of moisture reflected somewhat in the bands of cloud (although the clouds are probably not at the exact same altitude).

The biggest misconception...
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A video being shared on social media shows an odd looking colorful cloud that looks a bit like a translucent disc hovering over a storm cloud.

It actually is a translucent disc hovering over a storm cloud. It's a type of cloud know as Pileus, or a cap cloud, which is formed above a cumulonumbus cloud (a storm cloud) by the strong updraft. Seeing a pileus cloud indicates that the storm cloud is growing rapidly.

The colors are a cloud phenomenon...
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Scientist J. Marvin Herndon Recently published two papers that argued that there's a secret climate modification program being carried out worldwide involving loading ash from coal power stations into planes, and then spraying it into the upper atmosphere to block the sun.

Update: the second of these two papers has been retracted by the publisher

The evidence he presents is essentially taking a rough chemical profile for dirt or ash, and then testing dirt (dust or soil in air and water), and then noting that the profiles are similar within a huge range of possible values. This is fairly standard stuff in the "chemtrail theory".

But the really interesting thing is that Herndon's papers, which have been lauded by the...