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MUFON 91964 Metabunk Compare.

This case of a "UFO" submitted to Mufon, is described as:
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Metabunk 2018-05-08 10-32-45.

The ongoing eruption of Kilauea is interesting for a number of Metabunk related reasons.

Firstly there's the association of volcanos with the solar radiation management proposals in the field of geoengineering. Volcanoes spew a lot of sulphur dioxide and ash into the air which (simplifying) makes it hazy and reflects sunlight back into space. This most famously happened with Mount Pinatubo in 1991
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Metabunk 2018-05-06 18-35-22.

I was on Santa Monica Pier at 1:45PM PDT, and I notice far to the north was what looked like a fata morgana - a type of mirage where objects get stretched and inverted. It was quite hard to see and I doubt many people (if any) had noticed it. I took a few photos. These have been "dehazed" in Photoshop:
Metabunk 2018-05-06 18-42-52.
Metabunk 2018-05-06 18-44-05.
Notice the above two images are of the same region, taken just 30 seconds apart, and yet look very different. Here's a slider comparison:
Metabunk 2018-05-06 18-48-11. Metabunk 2018-05-06 18-49-58.

This made me wonder if fata morgana might be responsible for occasional UFO sightings, as it could make things appear and disappear, and even seem to move. When the mirage just catches the tip of something like a tree it can make it hover in the air like a flying object. Like this:...
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72 Commentsício_Wilton_Paes_de_Almeida
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Metabunk 2018-04-21 17-34-45.
Metabunk 2018-04-21 17-35-34.
Metabunk 2018-04-21 17-36-19.
Metabunk 2018-04-21 17-37-06.
Metabunk 2018-04-21 17-37-31.

The above images are from a YouTube video. They are excerpts from Gary El's channel of live feeds from his web cam.

The web cam captures a lot of planes. At night the camera is set to a longer exposure, which makes the planes leave trails. This is also happening with these purple streaks, which are just bugs that are very close to the camera, and are lit by a light close to that camera.

We know this because they look exactly like thousands of photos of "rods" - an optical phenomena cause by insects (or sometimes birds) and long exposure. You can find many examples with an image search for insect+rods
Metabunk 2018-04-21 17-44-05.

They are explained in this documentary:...
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Deadly UV Metabunk.

In a paper titled "Deadly Ultraviolet UV-C and UV-B Penetration to Earth’s Surface:" J. Marvin Herndon, Raymond D. Hoisington, and Mark Whiteside write:
Metabunk 2018-04-01 10-27-32.
They get values for UV-C (their readings are...
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A large part of the reason that 9/11 conspiracy theories persist is simply that people not understanding the physics of the collapse. I was talking to a conspiracy theorist a while back, trying to explain why the towers collapsed. I said that the floor trusses were heated until they sagged, then they pulled away from the walls. Here's a visualization of this with the floor slabs removed so you can see the trusses.


He asked why would they pull away from the walls. They were not any heavier. They were still attached to the walls. It was still the same mass being supported by the ends of the truss, so why would it pull? It made no sense to him.

I realized I'd not really given it much thought myself. I had to...
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Mystery Solved by Fox 6 News in a later video, lights at the courthouse illuminating a flock of seagulls.

Metabunk 2018-03-01 11-11-21.

Metabunk 2018-03-01 11-13-23.

The original video is set for night exposure, which creates trails behind the brightly lit seagulls. The cars in the video have similar trails

If you apply a persistent image filter to the seagulls you get:
Metabunk 2018-03-01 12-45-18.

Some people still insist the traffic camera video shows something a lot higher and larger than seagulls, but in this next video I compare them to the courthouse seagulls in size, which makes them only a few hundred feet away.
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Roland Angle-vs-NIST.

In a recent interview with the BBC, Roland Angle claimed that NIST did not have any explanation for the 2.25 seconds of essentially free fall descent observed during the collapse of World Trade Center Building 7, saying:
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The shooting at the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School happened today, February 14th 2018. But if we search for stories about it from before today we actually find some:,cd_min:,cd_max:2/13/2018&tbm=
Metabunk 2018-02-14 21-50-53.

This led some excessively suspicious types to claim that the event was pre-planned with media stories pre-written. Of course this is nonsensical, but why are these stories pre-dating the incident?

It's not a new thing. It happened with the church shooting in Charleston. In fact it happens with every single news story that gets broad coverage.

The reason is simply to do...