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The shooting at the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School happened today, February 14th 2018. But if we search for stories about it from before today we actually find some:,cd_min:,cd_max:2/13/2018&tbm=
Metabunk 2018-02-14 21-50-53.

This led some excessively suspicious types to claim that the event was pre-planned with media stories pre-written. Of course this is nonsensical, but why are these stories pre-dating the incident?

It's not a new thing. It happened with the church shooting in Charleston. In fact it happens with every single news story that gets broad coverage.

The reason is simply to do...
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This is a long discussion I had with Patrick Roddie, who firmly believes that the government is engaged in a secret geoengineering program with "chemtrails". Patrick runs a web site, and frequently appears at chemtrail/anti-geoengineering events.

We start out talking about the physics of contrails, then move on to the problems of sampling for aluminum, satellite images of clouds, halos and sundogs, and geoengineering proposals

The conversation was recorded on Jan 10th 2018.
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X-EDS Slag Metabunk.

The following slide has been part of Richard Gage's 9/11 Truth presentation for several years, at least since 2008 when it showed up in a version of 9/11: Blueprint for Truth video (which is basically Gage giving the extended version of his slideshow).
Metabunk 2018-01-27 08-05-02.

It's supposedly the spectrum of a sample of slag taken from a cut steel beam that's currently in the International Peace Garden on the US/Canadian border. Metabunk 2018-01-27 08-33-37.

Metabunk 2018-01-27 08-34-33.

He says this is the chemical signature of thermite. He also claims that the irregular and messy nature of the cut on the beam shows it was not Oxy-acetylene, contrasting it with a "clean" cut on a different beam.
Metabunk 2018-01-27 08-37-11. ...
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In a recent presentation, Dane Wigington, the Lead Researcher at showed what he said was the effect of "radio frequency" on water, and spoke of his concern on the effects on human health.

The problem is it's not radio frequency that's making the water freeze in mid air. It's not even being frozen by sound. It's actually a harmless trick of the camera called the wagon wheel effect.
Metabunk 2018-01-26 11-49-15.

The wagon wheel effect was first noticed when filming coach chases in old westerns. This effect can freeze objects, like a wagon wheel, if their rotation speed is synchronized with the speed of the camera. You can replicate this effect yourself.

In Wigington's example a water hose is attached to a speaker that's...
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Suspicious minds sometimes point to the flight path of American Airlines Flight 77 into the Pentagon on 9/11. The plane is heading straight for the building when it makes a descending turn described as things like a "corkscrew" or a "an incredibly precise diving turn " or " incredible, sweeping 270-degree descending turn"

Google Earth Pro 2018-01-16 13-15-00.

In fact the turn is perfectly normal, and very easy to execute. The reason for the turn is to lose altitude. The turn rate was more or less a standard 2 minute 360° turn, and all he had to do was reduce throttle and turn right.
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Tic Tac Nimitz.

The image was first used in connection with the Nimitz incident in this 2015 article:

It was used in the original "To The Stars" presentation by Chris Mellon

The image was also used today by George Knapp in a piece on LasVegasNow

However this "UFO" image is in fact of a mylar party balloon. It comes from this page dated 2005:
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Trailing Dust metabunk WTC 911.

When the World Trade Center towers collapsed they produced many tons of dust, powder, and granular material. This was from two main sources: drywall and concrete. After the initial collapse the bottom half of the core of the building was still standing. It was covered in tons of this material. As parts of it toppled and fell they left trails of this dust.

Some people think that the core was destroyed with tons of carefully placed and detonated pyrotechnics. They say that these trails are evidence of this, as they leave white smoke. There's a lot of reasons why the "explosives" theory would not work, but that aside, the simplest explanation for these trails is that it's dust. We know there was a lot of dust (lower Manhattan was coated in it). That giant cloud you see flowing around World Trade Center (the tall brown building on the...
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The recent release of many documents relating the the investigation of the JFK assassination has shed a little more light on some old situations. One such document from 1962 described how the US might acquire or manufacture some Soviet MiG aircraft. Several uses for these planes were listed, and one such was as false flag operation, where the US would pretend to be under attack in order to justify "U.S. Intervention".

Russia Today (RT) picked up on this mention and wrote about it:
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Roy Moore Yearbook Chromatic Two Color Metabunk.

The Gateway Pundit notes that in this image from CNN some of the writing is in a different color.


However in this image from the Telegraph the ink is all the same color, even when you zoom in and increase the saturation.




The two color image comes from an official CNN tweet:...
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This article starts out praising the usefulness of YouTube, then has a brief diversion in YouTube videos as evidence of Satanic Abuse, and then changes into something that I can't tell if it's rejecting or supporting the the Flat Earth hypothesis: