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This is Folsom Lake, California. I visited it today (Aug 1 2016) to try to determine the curvature of the Earth.

Most people know the Earth is round, but they know it mostly because they just accept it, as it's long established science. But you can actually go out and test this for yourself, which can be either a fun science experiment, or a life altering paradigm shift, depending on your view of the "Flat Earth" theory.

So that viewpoint is at Brown's Ravine, a boat ramp area run by the California State Parks. Over in the distance is the dam, which is exactly 3 miles away on the right side (2.9 on the left).
I used a Canon 7D with a 500mm zoom lens, and from about 20 feet above the waterline the dam looks like this:
(Full Sized Original:...
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In a bit of recycled bunk, some video of the September 2nd, 2015 Atlas V Rocket Launch in Florida has popped up on social media wth misleading headlines. The footage was upload to Liveleak with the headline "Unkown object over Azerbaijan - July 2016" [sic] and also posted on the Facebook page of Bestagram Azerbaijan, where it got 15 million views. It was then picked up by British tabloid media, including the Daily Mail, and The Sun.

The footage is in Miami airport, where several people took videos of the rocket launch, for example:...
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So why is Mike Pence's daughter missing the reflection? Simple, she's behind him from that angle in the reflection, her white top blends with his shirt, and the little of her hair that is visible blends with the background.


There's possibly some hair there, but it kind of blends in.
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This morning a large aerodynamic contrail formed near Shingle Springs, California. The contrail formed partially in a cloud layer, and with the low sun it created a significant dark shadow on one side, and maybe something of a distrail. The above photo also shows a younger contrail to the right of the middle, leaving a shadow on the cloud layer.

The photo session started when I saw this older contrail fragment, about where the large contrail meets the horizon. It had very sharp sundog colors.


Just after that, I saw this plane flying east:

Zooming in, you can see it's a twin engine plane with the engines mounted on the tail. It's leaving aerodynamic contrails from the wing surface, and not the engines.

This was at 7:03AM, PDT, so 14:03UTC, July 15, 2016. The plane is an MD-90-30,...
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After discussing a conspiracy theory (such as the "chemtrails" conspiracy theory) for several years online, as I have done, you get very familiar with all the claims of evidence. You also get familiar with the science, facts, and reasoning that debunk those claims of evidence. After running through all these claims with the more reasonable conspiracy theorist (i.e. one who actually listen to you) you quite often arrive at the point where they say "well, that does not prove it's not happening".

Basically they accept (somewhat) that their claims of evidence don't really hold up, but despite that they assert that this lack of evidence is not an indication that the conspiracy theory is not a real thing. Just because contrails naturally can persist for hours, they say, it does not mean the government is not secretly spraying us to change the...
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UN Trucks 1. UN Trucks 2.
Activist Post and a number of websites have been recently sounded the warning about United Nations vehicles spotted in the United States.

U.N. Vehicles, Mysterious Troop Movement Spotted In VA, NC, W.VA, Ohio

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There's a few videos on the internet that show people using a simple EMF meter and supposedly demonstrating that a piece of "orgonite" can be used to block the radiation from a WiFi router or similar (example 1, example 2, example 3, example 4). In the above video I attempt to duplicate those tests, and investigate to see if the orgonite is doing anything that some other similar sized object would do.

The results were that the orgonite was not doing anything that any other object would do. In fact the blocking effect shown in previous tests comes from the person's hand, and not the orgonite itself. Holding any...
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These images of a contrail cross in the sky off the west coast of Florida are being shared on social media, and the usual dozens of chemtrail comments are being left.

Crystal Beach:


Oldsmar: (location appears to be roughly here)


The photographer of the first image confirms that it was...
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The above sequence of images is the international space station. I took them on Saturday, May 28th 2016, at 9:28PM in the Northern California town of Shingle Springs (near Sacamento). They are not very good, but you can still make out the general shape of the ISS, with the central body, and the solar panels off to the side.

[Update] And here's one I took on Sept 29, 2016, from the same location, with a bigger zoom. Discussed here:

While I took the photos purely out of personal interest, and as a photography challenge, it struck me after that it might be yet another piece of irrefutable evidence that the Earth is not flat. A brief search shows I was not the first to...
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Prince Tavis Chemtrails Quote.
In 2009 Prince appeared on Tavis Smiley's PBS show for a wide ranging interview, and at one point he mentioned chemtrails (the conspiracy theory that claims the trails behind high-flying aircraft are not contrails, but some kind of deliberate spraying). When he died seven years later, new conspiracy theories started to form, suggesting he had been killed to keep him quiet about chemtrails, or that he had somehow died of "chemtrail flu". Sometimes both.

And so Prince became part of the chemtrail mythology, another piece of "evidence" that sounds superficially significant. But like most chemtrail evidence, it's based on a series of misunderstandings, and sometimes deliberate falsehoods, essentially a collection of myths.

Myth #1 - Prince started to talk about chemtrails, and then he was killed to shut him up.
Reality: He mentioned "chemtrails" once,...