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There's a few videos on the internet that show people using a simple EMF meter and supposedly demonstrating that a piece of "orgonite" can be used to block the radiation from a WiFi router or similar (example 1, example 2, example 3, example 4). In the above video I attempt to duplicate those tests, and investigate to see if the orgonite is doing anything that some other similar sized object would do.

The results were that the orgonite was not doing anything that any other object would do. In fact the blocking effect shown in previous tests comes from the person's hand, and not the orgonite itself. Holding any...
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These images of a contrail cross in the sky off the west coast of Florida are being shared on social media, and the usual dozens of chemtrail comments are being left.

Crystal Beach:


Oldsmar: (location appears to be roughly here)


The photographer of the first image confirms that it was...
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The above sequence of images is the international space station. I took them on Saturday, May 28th 2016, at 9:28PM in the Northern California town of Shingle Springs (near Sacamento). They are not very good, but you can still make out the general shape of the ISS, with the central body, and the solar panels off to the side.

[Update] And here's one I took on Sept 29, 2016, from the same location, with a bigger zoom. Discussed here:

While I took the photos purely out of personal interest, and as a photography challenge, it struck me after that it might be yet another piece of irrefutable evidence that the Earth is not flat. A brief search shows I was not the first to...
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Prince Tavis Chemtrails Quote.
In 2009 Prince appeared on Tavis Smiley's PBS show for a wide ranging interview, and at one point he mentioned chemtrails (the conspiracy theory that claims the trails behind high-flying aircraft are not contrails, but some kind of deliberate spraying). When he died seven years later, new conspiracy theories started to form, suggesting he had been killed to keep him quiet about chemtrails, or that he had somehow died of "chemtrail flu". Sometimes both.

And so Prince became part of the chemtrail mythology, another piece of "evidence" that sounds superficially significant. But like most chemtrail evidence, it's based on a series of misunderstandings, and sometimes deliberate falsehoods, essentially a collection of myths.

Myth #1 - Prince started to talk about chemtrails, and then he was killed to shut him up.
Reality: He mentioned "chemtrails" once,...
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Army Chief of Staff Gen. Mark Milley was the keynote speaker at Norwich University during its Reserve Officer Training Corps Centennial Symposium, Northfield, Vermont, on April 21, 2016. During his speech he talked about "little green men and hybrid armies" [at 34m40s]

This refers to forms of unconventional warfare carried out by Russia in the Ukraine. Little Green Men is a term used for anonymous forces who wore nondescript green military style clothing, (and were presumed to be Russian SPETSNAZ). The term was first used by the local Ukrainians, then used in academic papers:


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In a widely shared tweet two identical pieces of curved train track appear to be different sizes.


This has been widely explained as an example of the Jastrow Illusion, something that's commonly illustrated with toy train tracks. And indeed that that's part of it, however there's more to it than that. Compare the top segment to the bottom segment here.


It looks smaller, right? Now everyone is telling you this is just an illusion. It's quite true that the Jastrow illusion makes the bottom piece look bigger. But in this image (and the video) the bottom piece actually IS bigger. It's bigger because it's closer to the camera:

This may seem like a minor point (after all the Jastrow Illusion IS partly why it seems...
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I saw this contrail heading towards me and thought it would pass overhead, giving me a clear shot of the plane.


Instead it began a turn to the north (the plane's left)

Quite a dramatic one, from where I was standing.

Turns out it was this:

Identified on FlightAware as NASA502,

It's an earthquake fault mapping flight.
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The Carbon Monoxide overlay on appears to show a sudden spike in CO levels over most of California on 2/26/2016. There's a large area shown at off-the-scale levels.

The previous day looked like:

i.e. basically none. So what's going on here? Was there a huge spike in CO? I'm right in the middle of that black area, I did not notice anything on Feb 25th (last Thursday).

It turns out it was just a glitch in the data. Here's NASA's statement:
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I saw the above image shared on Facebook with the description: 'Death Valley is coming to life as a direct result of the rains caused by El Niño. Called a "superbloom".'

The problem is it's not Death Valley, and it's not this year. It's actually from 11 years ago, and was taken in the Tremblor Range in California (170 miles from Death Valley) in march 2005 by Frank Kee.

Even back in 2008 the image had been widely and misleadingly shared on the internet, as the photographer himself describes:
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Philanthropist Manoj Bhargava plans to distribute 10,000 stationary electricity generating bikes in rural India. The bikes power an electric generator which charges a battery, which can then be used to power a few lights and charge some mobile devices in homes that often do not have any electricity.

Unfortunately this story has been shared many times with the suggestion that it can power your home, typically with the suggestions that just one hour on the bike can power your home for 24 hours. Example:

The reality however is that the bike is designed for very small houses in rural India, and the actual usage is limited to a few very low powered...