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Chinese Rocket Debris metabunk.

Chinese media reports that on Dec 12th something crashed in Zhangjiabian village, Fugu New District, causing a fire and leaving a large crater. The object also left quite a bit of debris.

While "Alien Spacecraft" is always a popular explanation, the most likely thing is that this is some space junk, most likely the remains of a Chinese rocket. Particularly as the object had some very human looking numbers written on it.

A curious green substance was found at the site, described as "space rock"...
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[Nov 18 2016] For anyone interested, in a couple of hours I'll be heading out of Santiago heading for Sydney on the QF28. The flight plan has us spending quite a bit of time at 71'30" South and the cloud forecast at the moment shows not a lot of cloud! Lucky I brought 2 GoPros with me!

Fingers crossed for a good time lapse video of the ice pack!

The pic above shows the route. I've been meaning to post something explaining great circle routes and why they are faster. This map will help once I compare it to the Google Earth representation of the track.

In the meantime we will be taking off around 1700 GMT and landing about 14 hours later. Only around 5% of the flight will be visible on FR24 as there is just nobody to pick up our ADSB signals.

Main Flight plan has just arrived with 13:25 as the flight time which should have us in Sydney on schedule at 0645 UTC. Here is what the flight looks like in the Nav software.

upload_2016-12-10_14-58-56. ...
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I enjoy the process of debunking: the investigation into claimed evidence, and then communicating the results of that investigation to the public. But are there any claims that are simply too silly to even bother investigating?

We've all seen videos on Youtube that make you shake your head in disbelief that the person in the video might actually be serious. There's older classics like Rainbow Sprinkler Lady (2008), there's people who spray the sky with vinegar to ward off "chemtrails" (2011), there's the burning snow (2014), and now we've got fireproof GMO cabbage (October 2016).

Should we debunk silly things like fireproof cabbage? Well I did, and I'll explain why. But first, here's the video explaining what's going on with the cabbage....
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Bahoz Marchers.

Several variants of a blurry video have been shared on social media. They show a group of men in camouflage patterned t-shirts walking down a pedestrian street. One such video is described as:

In fact the video is not in Berlin, it's in the town of Hanau near Frankfurt (they are marching past the WMF store on Rosenstraße). The men marching are members of Bahoz, which is a Kurdish "rocker" gang (the equivalent of a US biker gang, like the Hells Angels). They were marching as part of show of strength, however it was just against another local gang,...
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Crathes Castle Scotland Ghost Photo Montage.

Supposed ghost photos have a number of possible explanations. The two most likely are that it's a photo of something that just kind of looks like a "ghost", or that it's some kind of hoax photo. Or course there's also the distant possibility that maybe it's a ghost, but since that would require an entirely new scientific understanding of the universe and is something that has never been definitively observed before in all of human history then it's generally a good idea to eliminate the other two first. While this not the most important form of debunking, ghost photos are also an interesting exercise in figuring things out with Google and Photoshop.

So, what have we here?
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Peter Michael Ketcham, an iPhone app developer from Wisconsin, has a masters degree in mathematics and worked as a mathematical data visualization programmer at NIST from 1997 to 2011. He had no involvement in the 9/11 investigation (or any other investigation), and has no background in structural engineering or physics.

And yet the 9/11 conspiracy theory group Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth (AE911) is strongly promoting a letter he wrote that was published in Europhysics News, (which last month published an article by AE911). The letter is:
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Mystery Plane Over Denver Metabunk.

Update: The "mysterious" plane over Denver was indeed an E-6B Mercury, TACAMO - a mobile command platform used by the US Navy - the extra bumps are for communication equipment. While it's unknown exactly what it was doing, it's not at all mysterious. They fly practice and testing missions all the time. The only reason people noticed this one was that it left a nice contrail that showed the curved path it was taking.

Original Story.

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Source: Daily Mail

In a tabloid story widely shared on social media, we see two photographs taken seconds apart. In the first photo there's a girl looking at the camera, taking a selfie. The camera is reflected in her sunglasses, her hair seems to be blowing in a breeze.

In the next photo, taken seconds later, the image is pretty much the same, the camera has moved slightly, and the hair and background outside the car have moved, but now we see the image of what looks like the head of a boy with a high forehead, and curly brown hair.

The girl in the photo is Harper Kurz, her mother, Melissa Kurtz, tells the story like this:...
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Donald Trump Reopens 911 fake.

On October 18th 2015 (over a year ago), a satirical/fake news site "World News Daily Report" published a fake news story about Donald Trump, saying:

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Unusual "Ice Boulders" on Lake Michigan are being promoted by some as evidence of a secret "geoengineering" program, when actually they are a natural phenomena that simply does not happen every winter because it needs certain combinations of weather conditions.