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Anybody noticed, that the official HAARP-Website seems to be offline since a week?

ThereĀ“s a copy of the site in the "Internet Archive":

Only GodlikeProdutions has a small thread about it (with the wrong conclusion that they moved to the faked "Haarp-Status" at

Does anybody has some facts about?!

EDIT BY MICK: Answered in post below:
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HAARP is a favorite target for conspiracy theorists. It's an easy target because the science behind it is rather difficult to understand and even harder to explain to people with no background in science. So I'm starting this thread to:

A) Gather useful resources that can help explain what HAARP actually does and how it does it
B) Explain why HAARP can NOT do the various things that are claimed (change the weather, create earthquakes, mind control).

First a very brief attempt at an understandable explanation of what HAARP does:
About 60 miles up the atmosphere is very thin. The radiation from the sun here is so powerful it knocks electrons off the air molecules creating an ionized layer called the ionosphere. HAARP is square grid of antenna that transmit radio waves straight up. The radio waves are absorbed by the electrons in the ionosphere. This heats them up slightly (but a lot less than the normal heat from the sun). HAARP does not affect the 60 miles of atmosphere...​
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As a complement to the pre-1995 contrails photos thread, this is the place to upload any instance of contrails seen in airline (or aviation-related) advertising. The older the better!

DC-8, circa 1959: