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The above statement was obtained by Bryan Bender of Politico,...
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Metabunk 2019-04-13 09-45-41.

An ISS transit is where the International Space Station passes between you and either the Sun and the Moon. You can take video of the Moon transits with just a powerful zoom. The Sun transits are basically the same, except you need a solar filter to block out the light, and will just get a silhouette.

With the ISS whizzing around the globe, there's an ISS transit somewhere pretty much all the time. But for a given location they are relatively rare to pass directly overhead. However, if you enter your location in the ISS Transit finder it will show you upcoming transits that are nearby, often just a short drive away.

The one above is happening tomorrow and is very close to my house. So I'm going to set up my camera in a suitable location and try to record it. It will be in daylight, so the ISS will actually appear quite...
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This is not new, in fact, it's probably been identified several times since the original video cropped 12 years ago, up back in 2007:


But it just popped up again on Facebook, labeled as a UFO. I recognized it, and so tried to look it up again. It took me about half an hour to track down the video! So I'm just writing this post to save people time.

The small jet is an X-45A, an unmanned aircraft. It was an early proof-of-concept vehicle, and was smaller than the later versions of the X-45. Only two were built, and both are in museums now. It's a lozenge-shaped plane with dark wings that fade into the sky.

Metabunk 2019-04-07 16-59-32.

Metabunk 2019-04-07 16-58-40.

Metabunk 2019-04-07 16-55-55.

This video...
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"Footage of spooky spinning UFO in Wales declared GENUINE by expert" says the Daily Star. They then show this shaky footage of some lights moving over some houses. They quote the expert, Jason Gleaves, talking about the footage. He did some analysis, including finding a photo taken from the same window as the sighting, which he overlaid it onto a single frame of the video.

Jason concluding various things including:
  • That it was something rotating, like the lights were rotating around a central disc.
  • That it was ABOVE the treeline, hence some kind of flying craft, a flying, rotating saucer type thing.

I thought I'd do a bit more analysis. The original video was very shaky so I took it into After Effects and ran an image stabilization using two lights as reference points. This immediately showed that it didn't really...
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Uniqueness has long been put forward as evidence of a conspiracy, and nowhere more so than in the highly unique events of 9/11. What are the odds, they will ask, that three tall building could collapse from fire when this has never happened before?

These arguments are specious, of course, as the events of 9/11 were unique from the outset. Never before had hijackers attempted to fly four planes into large structures. The outcome was bound to be unique, even spectacularly unique.

But this mantra of "what are the odd" and "never happened before" became such an integral part of the 9/11 conspiracy mythology, that when it finally DID happen again they were forced to either incorporate this new occurrence into their mythology or discard a huge swath of "evidence."

Thus after the 17-floor high Plasco building in Tehran caught fire and then collapsed, we...
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P900 Conversion.

The Nikon P900 occupies a special place in many topics discussed on Metabunk. It's a fairly lightweight "bridge" camera that has a ridiculously powerful zoom lens. It's described as 83x, or the equivalent of a 2000mm lens on a normal 35mm SLR camera. It replaced the need to carry around several pounds of equipment to get super-zoomed shots. This made it an ideal tool for various communities to use for their interests. Normal ones like bird-spotting or aviation, but also a variety of more conspiracy-oriented topics, including:

  • Chemtrails - Where enthusiasts would zoom in on planes leaving contrails and try to pick out anomalies that might suggest some kind of secret spraying program.
  • UFOology - Long hampered by regular cameras creating blurry photos of distant blobs, the P900 now gave UFO hunters the opportunity to zoom...
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A video of a plane circling and leaving a nearly concentric pattern of contrails in the sky recently cropped up on Chemtrails Global Skywatch on Facebook and has over 160 comments and 4,000 shares:


No date or location given, although the poster says they are in Yorkshire, in the UK, in the comments. (Their FB location is set to "Fukushima" :rolleyes:) It was posted on Feb 4. There is snow cover in the video, though, and the recent snow in the UK was largely gone by then, having fallen on Jan 31-Feb 1.

The poster may provide an answer in the comments, though:


(note also that "Doncaster Sheffield" is visible on the map beneath the image)

Searching on FlightAware: brings this up as the last flight before the video was...
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If there were no atmosphere, and somehow the Earth still had oceans, then the curvature of those oceans would be readily apparent, with a pin-sharp horizon cutting off distant objects with mathematical precision. You'd be able to zoom in clearly on ships vanishing over the horizon, and calculate the radius of the earth with great precision.

But back in the real world, we have an atmosphere. That atmosphere is generally denser as it gets lower down, and this makes the light bend down a bit, which lets you see beyond the mathematically calculated horizon.

This is normally illustrated with a side view, with the camera on one side and the target object on the other, and a greatly exaggerated curve of the Earth, like this:
Metabunk 2019-02-06 12-13-03.

This is where the explanation starts to get lost on people. This abstract side view is...
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Boiling Water Freezing mid air Metabunk 2019-01-30 06-31-25.

Whenever there's really cold weather you see lots of accounts of people throwing hot water into the air, which creates a dramatic cloud. People often describe this as being so cold that boiling water freezes instantly. This description is inaccurate.

The water is not "freezing in mid air" as these videos so often describe. It's actually doing the opposite - it's evaporating into water vapor. This then very quickly condenses in the cold air as a cloud of visible "steam" (micro-droplets of water) which then very quickly freezes into a dust cloud of tiny ice crystals, because they are so small. The actual boiling water does not freeze instantly, and in most of the videos you can see and hear it splattering on the ground (or sometimes, with screams, on the person throwing.

What is going on is the surface area is vastly...
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Chemical Test for Metals Like Aluminum Metabunk.

Believers in the "chemtrail" theory (the theory that the trails behind high-flying aircraft secretly contain chemicals intended to alter the climate or weather) often point to chemical analyses done on soil, air or water. Typically these tests are done for three metals: Aluminum, Barium, and Strontium (the fallacious "geoengineering signature"). Since these elements are all naturally found in the Earth's crust, they usually find some of each. Experts in geochemistry recently analyzed a typical set of these results, and determined they did not come from a secret spraying program.

However a very...