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Encounters Per population.

In a misleading article on, Brandon Darby attempts to portray a relatively small number (7,700) of positive matches that were made against the FBI's Terrorist Screening Database (1,877,133 people) as evidence that "terrorists" are streaming across the border, particularly in Arizona.

In fact the number of matches (which were generally from routine things, like traffic stops, and TSA passenger screening), generally matches the population of the states (highest in the states with the highest populations: New York, Florida, California, and Texas). When ranked by matches per head of population then Arizona actually ranks behind...
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The idea of a Flat Earth is firmly at the far end of the conspiracy spectrum. It's an extreme conspiracy theory because the belief requires that you accept that the entire space program is a fake, designed to cover up hundreds of years of an even deeper scientific conspiracy to hoodwink people into thinking the earth is round (for no good reason). On the Flat Earth GPS does not work by satellites, but from radio towers, flights between Australia and South America are fake, the sun sets via a bizarre interpretation of "perspective", and Antartica does not exist.

To the person first looking into this theory it can be difficult to believe that the proponents actually take themselves seriously. And indeed many of them do not. Many Flat Earth popularizers are simply doing it for fun, or to make a philosophical point about people's over-reliance on...
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Ae911 Billboard Quote Metabunk.
AE911's new billboard (on the left), with some additional quotes for context.

The group Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth (AE911) is devoted to popularizing the theory that the World Trade Center buildings were secretly demolished by explosive devices that were placed in the building ahead of time, somehow survived the plane impacts and an hour of raging fire, and then triggered to make the buildings collapse in a way that fooled most experts into thinking that there were no explosives.

To promote this theory, AE911 likes to rent billboard space in New York's Times Square (AE911 has a yearly income of around $500,000). In particular they like to rent a billboard opposite the offices of the New York Times, admonishing the NYT for ignoring them. Here's the billboard in place:


This latest...
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After a two year hiatus, HAARP (The High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program) has returned. HAARP is a powerful transmitter array that uses radio waves to slightly heat a bit of the ionosphere so it can be studied. It was previously run by the US Navy, but they completed their work there and closed it down. After some negotiation for funding control of the site was turned over to the University of Alaska, it was refurbished, and is now set to re-open.

On Saturday, August 27, 2016, they will hold an open house, mostly for the locals, as it's in a remote area of Alaska.

HAARP is the source of many conspiracy theories, mostly because it's very complicated, and far beyond the understanding of the majority of people. So it's quite easy to bamboozle people into thinking it is something it is not. In...
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Aerodynamic GEW Debunk.

In a recently published paper, atmospheric scientists specializing in contrails were asked what caused various photographed phenomena that "chemtrail" believers frequently identified as evidence of a secret large scale atmospheric spraying program. They unanimously identified the photos as ordinary contrails, and gave physical explanations for the various things shown in them.

As a response to this paper (which also covered chemical tests, and of which I am a co-author), the web site "Geoengineering Watch" published a response, the most prominent part of which being a video of a jet leaving a...
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Chemical Test for Metals Like Aluminum Metabunk.

Believers in the "chemtrail" theory (the theory that the trails behind high-flying aircraft secretly contain chemicals intended to alter the climate or weather) often point to chemical analyses done on soil, air or water. Typically these tests are done for three metals: Aluminum, Barium, and Strontium (the fallacious "geoengineering signature"). Since these elements are all naturally found in the Earth's crust, they usually find some of each. Experts in geochemistry recently analyzed a typical set of these results, and determined they did not come from a secret spraying program.

However a very...
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In a paper publish in Environmental Research letters, August 2016, 77 scientists with expertise in atmospheric science and geochemistry were asked to give their expert opinions regarding the most common claims of evidence put forward by proponents of the "chemtrail" or "covert geoengineering" theory (referred to in the paper as a "secret large-scale atmospheric program (SLAP)". The evidence being photos of trails left by planes, and chemical analyses of air, soil, and water. The scientists overwhelming rejected the idea that the photos and tests were evidence of a secret spraying program. All of the atmospheric scientists and all but one of the geochemists saw nothing suspicious about the proffered evidence. The photos were all identified as contrails, and the...
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Numerous conspiracy sites are promoting the idea that Hillary Clinton is dangerously ill, and are grasping at every last bit of evidence to try to convince people that it is so. The above photo shows Hillary Clinton after her DNC acceptance speech. The large man to the right is a member of her security detail. He is holding a flashlight in his left hand. The conspiracy sites have suggested for some reason that it's actually an emergency Diazepan injector, used for seizures. They point at some random pixels, and then draw a line to part of an injector.

However it is actually just a flashlight. This can be seen from earlier footage of the agent using the flashlight to light up Clinton's path as she exits the stage.

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A much shared image on Facebook claims to show a comparison between the revitalization of Hiroshima after the atomic bombing of 1945, and the decline of Detroit since 1945.

However, it's not at all hard to find recent photos of Detroit that very closely resemble the "Hiroshima" photo, for example.


Of course this does not mean that Detroit does not have significant problems with urban blight, nor does it say the Democratic administration is blameless in regard to this. However it does mean that the photo comparison is very misleading.

But what are the photos actually showing? For a start, the 2010...
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Not my debunk as others online have found the original video.

During January 2016 the Iranians aired the following video detailing the transfer of money from the US to Iran. Part of the footage showed a pallet of money.


From following video from 0:08.

The Iranians had to blur out part of footage as they lifted it from the following 1991 video showing inside the U.S. Bureau of Engraving and Printing, Washington D.C.


From following video - See 6:05

Video description