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This article was written in 2012. A more up-to-date discussion of where the iron microspheres came from can be found at:

The iron microspheres (as evidence for thermite) were debunked years ago, but they keep coming up. The bottom line is:

  • Iron Microspheres form from condensed vaporized iron or from molten iron
  • You can melt iron by igniting it with a Bic lighter, if the pieces of iron are thin enough.
  • There are several other sources of iron microspheres
  • Iron microspheres were expected in the WTC dust
Here's an iron-rich microsphere found by the USGS, who did not consider it at all suspicious: (it's about 30µm, 0.03mm, in diameter)

If you ignite some steel wool with a...
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The growth of photography has been a mixed blessing for debunking. On the one hand the vast number of photographs of events like the Boston Bombing helps to quickly disprove (but not prevent) the spread of conspiracy theories. Also the sheer number of cameras around makes it highly improbable that things such as Bigfoot and Alien UFOs could be appearing to people, and yet avoiding having good photographic evidence.

But on the other hand the vast number of cameras and photos means that there are far more photos of everything now than there were 10 or 20 years ago. And this leads to a special problem, the illusion of frequency.

The illusion of frequency is the impression that something is more frequent now because you can find more photos of it now. It's an illusion because the increase in the number of photos of a thing (say, persistent contrails) is due to a combination of several things:...
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  • The UN IPCC Report did not say "the world won't cool without chemtrails"
  • It said: the world won't cool "except if net anthropogenic CO2 emissions were strongly negative over a sustained period."
  • That means we would have to remove CO2 from the air.
  • Some people consider that a form of geoengineering but it's nothing like Solar Radiation Management (SRM), which is what people are referring to when they talk about "chemtrails" for geoenginering.
  • All the mentions of SRM in the IPCC report are about possible future use.

In Depth:

The claim that the UN says "the world won't cool without chemtrails" comes from this Daily Sheeple article by Melissa Melton, repeated in Before It's News
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"Shade" is a new documentary film by Shepard Ambellas & Jason Bermas, the descript for which reads:
The film has yet to be released, and yet there's enough in the trailer to know that the "chemtrails and geoengineering" segments contain a fair bit of bunk.


For a more general debunking of chemtrails see, but here I'll specifically address the points mentioned in the trailer....
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A common claim regarding 9/11 was that the fires were not very serious because there was some black smoke and some of the flames looked "dark orange". The claim is that this indicates an oxygen starved fire.

However, this was no basis in reality. Here's an example of a fire in open air, with thick black smoke and dark orange flames creating temperatures of nearly 2000F


The "black smoke = cool" myth is just based on wood-burning stoves. The buildings contained a large amount of plastics, which burns with black smoke at all temperatures. And they had a ready supply of oxygen though the impact hole, and many broken windows.

This fire of plastic containers in an open field is clearly not lacking oxygen.

And while certainly not white, the fires on 9/11 were nowhere near even the open air black seen above:...
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I just did the Joe Rogan Experience podcast, which is an interesting format, a three hour casual discussion of whatever springs to mind, with a loose focus on conspiracy theories and debunking. We ended up covering a very wide range of topics.

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The fuel for this massive rocket is pure hydrogen and oxygen. Meaning it will make a contrail of pure water (no exhaust particulates required). It will be visible from all over Southern California, and maybe some of Nevada. Here's the last one from Orange County (south of LA)

I'll post updates in this thread, and then see if there's any fallout from people spotting the trail, and thinking it's suspicious.

Here's one of my better photos. More below.
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Episode 4 of Joe Rogan Questions Everything was on the "Biopocalypse" - the (not entirely unreasonable) idea that there might be some major biological catastrophe in the near future, either from a natural pandemic like airborne ebola or bird flu, or a terrorist attack, or from something that escapes from a lab, like weaponized smallpox.

The last segment of the show was on "Morgellons", which is a list of symptoms that some people are suggesting is actually a distinct disease characterized by finding unusual fibers on the skin. The CDC did a study a couple of years ago, and concluded there was nothing to indicate a distinct condition.

The most significant part of the segment consisted of Joe taking some samples that a woman had sent him, and having them examined at a lab. They basically found four things:
  1. Flakes of skin (which were not really...
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People who suggest there is some kind of covert geoengineering program going on (the term "geoengineering" is often used to refer to a variant of the "chemtrails" theory), often point to global dimming (a reduction of the amount of sunlight hitting the earth's surface) as evidence of this. Here's an example:
The problem with the above assertion...
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The recent segment on Joe Rogan's Question Everything (JRQE) with Brooks Agnew was supposed to demonstrate how HAARP could alter the weather.


It came about because of a thread here on Metabunk.

That thread was looking into a couple of times that Agnew had appeared on TV to show off his cloud chamber experiment, where it looked he basically made air move around by heating it up. Nothing to do with HAARP at all, but his claims were breathless repeated by Jesse Ventura, and the History Channel.

There was a brief discussion of the science (hot air) his credentials (seemed to be mail-order), and then came this post,...