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An article appeared in The Telegraph reporting that a whole American style town was build recently for the US army to train in. According to commander Col. John P. Petkosek it was build as a training ground "to be ready for what comes next." He does not specify what that "next" might be. "This is a place where you can be creative and come up with solutions to problems we don't even know we have yet" he extends.,-77.3047326,1209m/data=!3m1!1e3 (

Original Army Press Release: "Asymmetric Warfare Training Center opens at Fort A.P. Hill" (

by Mick West at 8:04 AM
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This image claims to show a "giant bird" shaped object on Mars.


The image was taken from NASA's Mars panorama site:

The image is actually there, however it's just some defect on the sensor in the Rover's camera (probably a speck of dust). You can prove this by noting that the same image appears in the same position in each individual image that makes up the stitched image.


Even visible in the small viewer:

They are everywhere.
by Mick West at 9:20 PM
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The final nail in the coffin of the already widely debunked theory that the government (specifically the Department of Homeland Security) is stockpiling unusually large amounts of ammo (presumably to prepare for some great civil unrest) comes in the form of a GAO report requested by Senator Tom Coburn and others, released today

The bottom line:
  • The DHS makes ammunition purchases aimed at minimizing cost
  • The ammo is used almost entirely in training, at an average rate of 110 Million rounds a year
  • The large figures quoted are the upper limits for open ended multi-year contracts
  • Actual purchases of physical ammo have declined, not increased
[​IMG] (
by Robert Tankersley at 3:30 PM
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[Admin Update] Solved! It's a short segment of contrail from flight UA 4597, Illuminated head-on by the setting sun, casting a shadow behind, and drifting and spreading in the wind. Full explanation in the thread below.


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[Admin: Debunk in post #2, scroll down]

This story seems to have gone viral at the moment. The first place I saw it was

GLP have a current thread running on it where you can see the photo.

Any thoughts from anyone?

I don't believe it's a demon but I messed around with it for a bit on my photo editing software and couldn't really get it much clearer.

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This video has something strange going on with Justin Bieber's eyes:
[Youtube video removed, I've replaced it with this short focused clip]

When the on-screen clock reads 13:07:45, his eyes take on a strange half-lidded appearance, as if they are both open and closed.

And actually they kind of are, but only in the video. It's a very common video compression artifact. The video software tries to save bandwidth by not updating areas that don't seem to have changed. This video is rather heavily compressed, so you see things like the judge's glasses being messed up, his ear falling off, and an odd square line on his forehead. But nobody is looking at the judge.

This compression happens upon specific boundaries in the image, here it looks like the top half of his eyes are from a frame where they are open, but...
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After the breaking story of Philip Seymour Hoffman's death today by the Wall Street Journal on Twitter, many people linked to what looked like a story that suggested he was the victim of an internet death hoax earlier this week: (

This gave lots of people the false hope that the WSJ story was itself a hoax, that the WSJ had somehow been fooled by someone just propagating this old hoax story.

However, the MediaMass site is simple an automated generator of these stories. You can adjust the URL to get an internet death hoax story about any famous person. In this case, it was the hoax itself that was the hoax.

MediaMass have been doing this since 2012, and even explain how it works...
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There are some videos going around that claim to show that recent snowfalls are somehow "fake", because when people try to melt the snow with a lighter or blowtorch, they are surprised by the results.

Typical story with links to several videos:
What's happening here is:

A) The snow is melting, but the very loose fluffy structure of the snow wicks away the water, turning dry snow into wet snow, and eventually turning the snow into slush.

B) The snow is blackened when a lighter is held underneath it because of the soot from the lighter (the products of incomplete combustion). It's not burning....
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This rather poor quality photo seems to show a ghostly figure in a window (part of a much larger story of demonic possession)


Obviously it could just be faked, and indeed there's an Android app for that. Ghost Camera,
(Photo by Larry DP on Facebook, via Doubtful News)

I'm not sure if it's using this app though, as the image in Larry's photo is actually different. And if you compare the suspect image (in the middle, below) to the fake images, you'll notice it looks a lot less human than at first...
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Debunked: This story is indirectly based on a 2006 paper by the Surveillance Studies Network, prepared for the UK Government's Information Commissioner, that theorized that by 2016 school children might be given a plastic ID card with RFID built in. They did NOT suggest compulsory implanting of anyone. It contains a number of science-fiction-like dystopian scenarios, and is more of a set of pessimistic speculations. The most dire prediction it has for children is about using an RFID card at school: