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A number of sources on the web have, since the advent and increased usage of Google Earth and other services providing satellite images, reported that a "strange" pyramid of supposedly alien origin can be see deep within the boundaries of (and each of these descriptions have been used in reference to the location) Area 51/NTS/NNSS.

To begin, let's do a little bit of disambiguation. As some of you may be aware, the term "Area 51" is often used indiscriminately and carelessly when referring to the Nevada Test Site (which is now known as the Nevada National Security Site). Area 51, whether or not the Government officially go on record to acknowledge the existence of a location with that name, does not encompass the entire NNSS, only a small part of it -- an airport and associated operations located near Groom Lake.


With respect to claims made about a mysterious/alien pyramid, the object...
by Ross Marsden at 3:21 PM
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[Admin: The video that this story refers to has since been removed by the maker, George Barnes]

The Weather Channel forecaster seems to say, "it is Saturday March first and of course we are starting meteorological spraying ... ".

Here is the transcript; cleaned up as much as I can.

0:00 [inaudible] Weather Channel forecast and it is Saturday March first and
0:04 of course we are starting
0:05 meteorological spraying with a winter storm that
0:08 will be in tracking into the tri-state area beginning tomorrow afternoon
0:12 continuing right in to Monday...

So, what does this mean? Have George and I heard this wrong? "... meteorological spraying ... "


UPDATE via @solrey: The weatherman is actually saying "we are starting meteorological spring".
Meteorological spring starts on March 1st. In Meteorological terms "Spring" is March, April and May....
by CeruleanBlu at 2:39 AM
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A few of the forums I frequent have just started the discussion on this video and a few others like it that have appeared online recently. It was pretty roundly discounted as being something more mundane than an other worldly visitor, but as a first attempt at debunking on this site I thought I would give this rather simple one a go. (Hope I've included it in the right spot!)

Spotted high in the skies of Miami on the night of February 27th this caused a bit of a stir for some. Having done a precursory search online I found a number of things that make this seem far less unusual.

In 2008 Reuters ran an article describing that Miami was one of the first Law Enforcement agencies to start looking into the future use of UAV equipment in their ongoing battle against crime.

TCAS MD 11 2.jpg
by KC-10FE at 4:22 AM
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'Video footage taken by a Federal Express commercial airline pilot, the tankers didn't appear on the Fed-Ex aircraft avoidance other words they were "Ghost Planes"

The FedEx Aircraft was on a dangerous collision heading with what appears to be two tankers. Vertical separation under 2,000 feet.

"... FedEx 5034 with request"

"... FedEx 5034 is requesting flight level '340' (34,000 feet)"

Second tanker on collision heading...

FedEx 5034 descends to 34,000 feet only to discover a third tanker at that altitude.
Conclusion: tankers were operating at civilian altitude with transponder off. The control tower had no idea the Air Force tankers existed and no radar system was available to warn the FedEx pilot of danger."

This is quite laughable reading this, especially to anyone with experience in the flying world. Below we can break down each one of these statements; conclusions drawn by someone with little or no...
by Mick West at 10:23 PM
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Conspiracy theorists point to the lack of utilization of Life Star helicopters at the Sandy Hook school shooting as evidence that something was wrong - either that people were negligent, or in the extreme versions of the theory that the entire thing was faked, and the fakers forgot to include the helicopters.
Why was it not used at Sandy Hook? Basically because it was much more sensible to transport people in an ambulance. There were actually not very many injured. The injured people were transported by ambulance to Danbury Hospital. Just 11.4 miles away by road, straight down a freeway, accessible in less than 14 minutes....
by Mick West at 12:17 PM
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An article on by Dane Wigington claims that the following two charts show a highly artificial and unusual change in the weather in less than a week.

This is described as: (
Unfortunately it seems the writer has misinterpreted the maps. Firstly...
by Lode at 2:16 AM
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An article appeared in The Telegraph reporting that a whole American style town was build recently for the US army to train in. According to commander Col. John P. Petkosek it was build as a training ground "to be ready for what comes next." He does not specify what that "next" might be. "This is a place where you can be creative and come up with solutions to problems we don't even know we have yet" he extends.,-77.3047326,1209m/data=!3m1!1e3 (

Original Army Press Release: "Asymmetric Warfare Training Center opens at Fort A.P. Hill" (

by Mick West at 8:04 AM
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This image claims to show a "giant bird" shaped object on Mars.


The image was taken from NASA's Mars panorama site:

The image is actually there, however it's just some defect on the sensor in the Rover's camera (probably a speck of dust). You can prove this by noting that the same image appears in the same position in each individual image that makes up the stitched image.


Even visible in the small viewer:

They are everywhere.
by Mick West at 9:20 PM
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The final nail in the coffin of the already widely debunked theory that the government (specifically the Department of Homeland Security) is stockpiling unusually large amounts of ammo (presumably to prepare for some great civil unrest) comes in the form of a GAO report requested by Senator Tom Coburn and others, released today

The bottom line:
  • The DHS makes ammunition purchases aimed at minimizing cost
  • The ammo is used almost entirely in training, at an average rate of 110 Million rounds a year
  • The large figures quoted are the upper limits for open ended multi-year contracts
  • Actual purchases of physical ammo have declined, not increased
[​IMG] (
by Robert Tankersley at 3:30 PM
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[Admin Update] Solved! It's a short segment of contrail from flight UA 4597, Illuminated head-on by the setting sun, casting a shadow behind, and drifting and spreading in the wind. Full explanation in the thread below.