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Interesting cloud, on first glance it looks a bit like smoke and dust from a collapsed building:

If you look closer it's not really as dense as it seems, it's actually quite wispy. The fog seems darker because there are dark buildings in the fog, and dark hills behind it.

It's actually just another example of foggy air from the ocean moving in and rising up over beachside hotels, forming more dense fog as it rises, like this example in Panama City, Florida,



The rising air cools slightly as it rises, and as the conditions are "just right" for fog formation, this make more fog form as the air rises. Technically it's a type of "advection fog" (advection means the...
by Balance at 7:58 PM
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Admin Edit by @Mick West: Since the entired theory rests on the claim is that the Exif data proves the location, this claim has been debunked by post #9, which demonstrates that Exif data can be easily changed.

Material from the thread reproduced here for reference, main debunking by @Mick West

  • The photo was originally posted on 4Chan, a notorious source of internet hoaxs
  • The GPS EXIF data in a photo is trivial to modify, there are many free apps that do it
  • The GPS EXIF data in the fake photo is in a different format than a standard iPhone 5 photo's data.
  • The fake photo's GPS is consistent with the format used by Picasa when editing EXIF.
  • The fake photo lacks altitude data, which is consistent with being edited, as most editors let you select position, but not altitude.
  • Photos...
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A point sometimes raised in 9/11 discussion is that the the planes, and in particular UA175, were flying above their maximum "safe" speed, with the claim being made that they would immediately experience flutter, and hence be uncontrollable, and quickly break apart. The implication being that the planes that impacted the World Trade Center, the Pentagon, and the field at Shanksville, were not stock planes, but were planes that have been modified in some way, or were entirely different types of plane in disguise - possibly even not the same planes that took off that morning, but some other planes that were craftily swapped in at some point in the flight.

While this seems like an incredible, even ridiculous theory, it's raised often enough that it's worth looking in detail into how flutter occurs, and at what speed, so we can see if this is in any way relevant to the events of 9/11.

What is the Claim?

The specific claim made by Pilots for 9/11 Truth is:
by TEEJ at 1:53 PM
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Link to Exif.



Direct link to image claimed to be of all three unidentified aircraft. No full Exif data....
by mrfintoil at 3:11 AM
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Photos were taken at Bromma Airport in Stockholm recently.
At a brief glance it looks very suspicious. It contains the word "aero", "chem" and showing a trail at the same time. Can this be definite proof?

aerochem1. aerochem2. aerochem3.

Actually no. Aerochem is a Scandinavian supplier of de-icing fluids:

"Aerochem has been supplying de-icing fluids to the Scandinavian aviation industry since 1996. We supply airports in Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland."

So the photos show tanks containing de-icing fluids.

De-icing is required all year around, even in summer. Despite warm weather conditions on ground level the conditions during flight can easily turn into wet icy conditions high in the air where ambient temperatures reach far below zero in strong winds or while planes passes through areas with high humidity.

Here is NASA's A Pilot's...
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No. For two reasons:

A) It's a photo from March 12th, and it's clearly above the trees, and hence is flying - four days after MH340 went missing.
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Conspiracy theories can be broadly classified into event conspiracies, systemic conspiracies, and super conspiracies. Event conspiracies are those that focus around a single event, such as the assassination of John F. Kennedy, or the terrorist attacks of 9/11. Systemic conspiracies are those that involve complex systems over a long period of time, such as water fluoridation, or the establishment of a dictatorial World Government by some elite group. Super conspiracies consist of multiple separate conspiracies spanning the entire spectrum of subjects, all linked together into one overarching master plan.

The conspiracy theory type that occurs in the largest numbers is the Event Conspiracy. Event conspiracies now spring up almost immediately after the event, even for seemingly mundane happenings. When the lights when out in the stadium at the 2013 Superbowl, there were almost immediate suggestions that it was done deliberately, perhaps by some shadowy hacker...
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[Full sized images attached]

Can anyone help me out with describing the why this particular shape takes place? I've been flying for 27 years and have only seen this phenomenon twice, all within a month (coincidentally).

Both photos were taken at around 35,000 feet. One was in Mississippi, the other was over New York State somewhere. Keep in mind the window is about 2.5 inches thick of laminated poly. If there are other details missing I will be more than happy describing what I can.

I understand the meteorological term, "sun dog" so don't bother with that.
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Here's an interesting example of dark and light that I just took. It took me a while to figure out exactly what was going on, initially thinking it was one trail shadowing the other, but the sun is too high, and the difference far too stark for that. The explanation ended up being that the jet had two different engines.

Photos taken around 11AM PDT, 1800 UTC, 12 Noon PST. Mar 9 2014
Original photos can be found here: (Camera time is 2m 20s fast, so subtract 2m 20s to get correct time)

The plane flew almost directly overhead, over the Santa Monica VOR, which is about a mile away. It was heading south, to San Diego.

This is one of the first photos I took, with the contrast enhanced. Here the difference is slight, but noticeable:...