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After the breaking story of Philip Seymour Hoffman's death today by the Wall Street Journal on Twitter, many people linked to what looked like a story that suggested he was the victim of an internet death hoax earlier this week: (

This gave lots of people the false hope that the WSJ story was itself a hoax, that the WSJ had somehow been fooled by someone just propagating this old hoax story.

However, the MediaMass site is simple an automated generator of these stories. You can adjust the URL to get an internet death hoax story about any famous person. In this case, it was the hoax itself that was the hoax.

MediaMass have been doing this since 2012, and even explain how it works...
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There are some videos going around that claim to show that recent snowfalls are somehow "fake", because when people try to melt the snow with a lighter or blowtorch, they are surprised by the results.

Typical story with links to several videos:
What's happening here is:

A) The snow is melting, but the very loose fluffy structure of the snow wicks away the water, turning dry snow into wet snow, and eventually turning the snow into slush.

B) The snow is blackened when a lighter is held underneath it because of the soot from the lighter (the products of incomplete combustion). It's not burning....
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This rather poor quality photo seems to show a ghostly figure in a window (part of a much larger story of demonic possession)


Obviously it could just be faked, and indeed there's an Android app for that. Ghost Camera,
(Photo by Larry DP on Facebook, via Doubtful News)

I'm not sure if it's using this app though, as the image in Larry's photo is actually different. And if you compare the suspect image (in the middle, below) to the fake images, you'll notice it looks a lot less human than at first...
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Debunked: This story is indirectly based on a 2006 paper by the Surveillance Studies Network, prepared for the UK Government's Information Commissioner, that theorized that by 2016 school children might be given a plastic ID card with RFID built in. They did NOT suggest compulsory implanting of anyone. It contains a number of science-fiction-like dystopian scenarios, and is more of a set of pessimistic speculations. The most dire prediction it has for children is about using an RFID card at school:
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Usually, these UFO videos that I stumble across are pretty easy to debunk, in terms of telling what the object is. This one is more difficult. The credibility of the videographer is (in my mind) questionable, but I was still hoping that somebody could provide some insight as to what this is, or perhaps determine that it is something added in post. Thank you:

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This video by Patrick Roddie has the description: "Close up of unmarked chemtrail sprayer over San Francisco, 12-30-13 "

At 1:00 into the video, there's a fairly clear shot


Contrast enhanced, there's a clear marking on the wing to the pilot's left (right on the photo).

Compare to a similar photos of a (marked) A380:

Or this one (different plane)
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This video of four jets flying in formation proports to show some kind of "chemtrail" because what looks like a contrail starts and stops on two of the jets, but not the other two, and the on/off is at different times for each jet. This video was repurposed for a chemtrail video titled "ChemTrails 100% NOT DEBUNKABLE! I Challenge Pilots and DeBunkers to TRY to Discredit This Video!"

What's particularly interesting is that there's a gap between the engine and the trail, something that you normally only see with a contrail (as a contrail starts out as invisible water vapor). This gap initially led me to think it actually was a contrail, and the on/off was to something to do with power settings.

Luckily the video description gives the original source, "IAF SU 30K and French Mirages French India Air Exercise Garuda"....
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The water is not "freezing in mid air" as these videos so often describe. It's actually doing the opposite - it's evaporating into water vapor. This then very quickly condenses in the cold air as a cloud of visible "steam" (micro-droplets of water) which then very quickly freeze into a dust cloud of tiny ice crystals, because they are so small. The actual boiling water does not freeze instantly, and in most of the videos you can see and hear it splattering on the ground.

I don't think any more water is evaporating than would if it were thrown at normal air temperatures - quite probably less. And even here it does reach the ground - the cloud of fog is solid all the way to the ground, although it rises away from it due to convection.

I think more what is going on is the surface area is vastly increased, from the maybe 5 liters with surface area of 500 cm2 of the pan (which is steaming) to that water reduced to droplet...
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[Admin: debunked at: and below]

The recent reports of slightly higher than normal radiation levels on a beach in San Francisco have been investigated by, and they found that it's naturally occurring radioactive material, like granite. It's demonstrably not from Fukushima, because it has a different signature.
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Hey Metabunk, this is a fresh new end of the world conspiracy that has cropped up on facebook but also on Youtube thanks to InfoWars.

[Broken Video]

The video is just a guy on infowars testing it. Basically when you ask what July 27th 2014 is on SIRI it responds with, "Opening Gates Of Hades" now many have already jumped on this claim and already it seems pretty well debunked.

[ADMIN: 100% Debunked now, it's the Chinese Ghost Month, which varies by the lunar calendar, similar to Easter. All the "opening" dates below match]