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The water is not "freezing in mid air" as these videos so often describe. It's actually doing the opposite - it's evaporating into water vapor. This then very quickly condenses in the cold air as a cloud of visible "steam" (micro-droplets of water) which then very quickly freeze into a dust cloud of tiny ice crystals, because they are so small. The actual boiling water does not freeze instantly, and in most of the videos you can see and hear it splattering on the ground.

I don't think any more water is evaporating than would if it were thrown at normal air temperatures - quite probably less. And even here it does reach the ground - the cloud of fog is solid all the way to the ground, although it rises away from it due to convection.

I think more what is going on is the surface area is vastly increased, from the maybe 5 liters with surface area of 500 cm2 of the pan (which is steaming) to that water reduced to droplet...
by Mackdog at 3:35 PM
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[Admin: debunked at: and below]

The recent reports of slightly higher than normal radiation levels on a beach in San Francisco have been investigated by, and they found that it's naturally occurring radioactive material, like granite. It's demonstrably not from Fukushima, because it has a different signature.
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Hey Metabunk, this is a fresh new end of the world conspiracy that has cropped up on facebook but also on Youtube thanks to InfoWars.

[Broken Video]

The video is just a guy on infowars testing it. Basically when you ask what July 27th 2014 is on SIRI it responds with, "Opening Gates Of Hades" now many have already jumped on this claim and already it seems pretty well debunked.

[ADMIN: 100% Debunked now, it's the Chinese Ghost Month, which varies by the lunar calendar, similar to Easter. All the "opening" dates below match]
by Mick West at 8:56 AM
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This claim comes via Alex Jones, and Natural News. It's bunk, and of course it is linked to ads for the "health" products they are selling:

The description on the YouTube video is:
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Popular on social media:

It's actually from a 2007 photo of contrails left during an exercise of the Chinese air force practicing high altitude dogfights between F-10 and SU-27 fighters.

[​IMG] (

Similar contrails were...
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There are some very well known examples of thermitic material being used for the purpose of CD. The skyride tower [1936] and the remaining roof of the reichstag building [1954] being two.


Source: Mechanics thermite&pg=PA657#v=onepage&q&f=true
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Acupuncture is a popular alternative medicine treatment, often used for very subjective symptoms - pain and general malaise. The only way of measuring if a treatment works is "patient reported outcomes" - i.e. what the patient feels about changes in their symptoms, so it's very susceptible to the placebo effect - where the patient thinks they feel better just because they have received a treatment that they think works.

With drugs it's fairly easy easy to test for the placebo effect by giving one group of patients in a study a harmless pill. If there's no way the patient can tell if they got the drug or the placebo, then any difference between the placebo group and the drug group will be due to the effects of the drug.

With acupuncture though, this is more difficult. It's quite hard to devise a fake needle. It's difficult to convince a patient that they have had a needle stuck in them when...
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Rather an obscure one, but just came up on twitter, so adding the debunk for future reference:

The claim is that the choice of words to read for the kids in the class with GWB were the rather portentous "Kite hit steel plane must":


Really they said "Kite, Kit, Steal, Playing, Must". Just a random collection of words.

It works because of the subtitles in the video. Even though it's quite plain the children are saying "kit" and not "hit", your brain gets tricked due to the observer expectancy effect, where subtitles force your brain to hear things a certain way. Here's a great example

Now this is obviously a rather esoteric claim, and would only be made by people who are very deep down the rabbit hole, but it illustrates just how persistent bunk is, and how resistant it is to correction in some...
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This is from a robotics trade show in China earlier this year, and some people point to the nuclear explosion in the background image as having some particular significance.

However, it seems to just be an unfortunate choice of a stock image by someone not paying much attention.

The original image dates back to digital painting on, done by N4u2k (James Oliver) when he was 17.

The artists responded to the usage:

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A small portion of an interview I gave a year ago showed up on the documentary film "Look Up", by George Barnes of Skyder Alert.

The film suggests that geoengineering is currently taking place via "chemtrails" and that "normal" contrails do not persist. I totally disagree with this.

And in fact, what I say in the film disagrees with this, as I describe how contrails can spread out to form a layer of cirrus cloud, and I describe the conditions required for this to happen. The problem is that my explanations are slightly technical, and if you don't follow it then you might think I was actually endorsing the "chemtrail" theory, which I am not.

Unfortunately my section is bookended by commentary that suggests that spreading contrails are deliberate geoengineering, and that normal contrails should not persist.

Here's what I say in the film (about 15 minutes in)