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People who suggest there is some kind of covert geoengineering program going on (the term "geoengineering" is often used to refer to a variant of the "chemtrails" theory), often point to global dimming (a reduction of the amount of sunlight hitting the earth's surface) as evidence of this. Here's an example:
The problem with the above assertion...
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The recent segment on Joe Rogan's Question Everything (JRQE) with Brooks Agnew was supposed to demonstrate how HAARP could alter the weather.


It came about because of a thread here on Metabunk.

That thread was looking into a couple of times that Agnew had appeared on TV to show off his cloud chamber experiment, where it looked he basically made air move around by heating it up. Nothing to do with HAARP at all, but his claims were breathless repeated by Jesse Ventura, and the History Channel.

There was a brief discussion of the science (hot air) his credentials (seemed to be mail-order), and then came this post,...
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An entertaining look at some typical logical fallacies and mistakes in reasoning:


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The political spectrum is not one dimensional left-right. There have been many ways of attempting to describe it, but the Political Compass model is probably the simplest, while still capturing some of the complexity. Take the test and see where you are:

(To copy the image into a post, just right click on it, then "Copy Image", and then you can post it directly into the editor here)

This is me:
Economic Left/Right: -5.00
Social Libertarian/Authoritarian: -6.10


Some relative positions:


Other people:


I've found the skeptical movement seems to be populated with social libertarians, which makes sense as we are skeptical of arbitrary rules and moral codes - especially when based in religion. However there seems to be a good left-right spread on economic...
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Some recent reports make it seem like the CIA is funding some kind of secret weather weapon. The somewhat mainstream Mother Jones posted a story with this ridiculous graphic:

It's ridiculous because it's a picture of a Tsunami, which was caused by an earthquake, and is absolutely nothing to do with either climate or the weather. The actual article is not too bad, but ends with a nod to conspiracy theorists.
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The Amazing Meeting (TAM) is a four day conference on skepticism organized by the James Randi Educational Foundation (JREF). It's been running for 10 years, and this was the first year I attended, so I thought I'd quickly write up my impressions.

Conferences generally serve two functions, firstly as a way of learning more about a subject, but secondly as a social and networking opportunity, where you can meet like-minded people and discuss the topics with them. If your only concern is the former (learning more), then you really don't even need to go to the conference. All of the talks will be available on YouTube (the TAM 2012 talks are there already) The rather concentrated nature of the large number of talks crammed into four days makes it rather hard to take it all in.

So for me, really the most valuable parts of the conference were in meeting other skeptics and debunkers, conversing with...
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This reporter makes a rather startling claim about how the engine in the Hasting car crash "broke the laws of physics" by ending up behind the direction of travel.

Except she got it wrong. The engine...
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Lots of news coverage right now:

Here's the FlightAware log:

I was looking at in Google Earth, and it seems to show a too steep approach. Might just be the data though.
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To "debunk", according to the Oxford English Dictionary, is to

"Remove the ‘nonsense’ or false sentiment from; to expose false claims or pretensions"


Debunking has been a hobby of mine ever since I was young, when I grew up reading a magazine called "The Unexplained - Mysteries of Mind Space and Time", a magazine published in 1980 that told tales of UFOs, ghosts, magic, and strange beasts. For many years these things were causes of great fear to me.

When I was a child I used to lay awake at night, literally trembling with the thought that some alien could enter my room, and spirit me away to perform experiments on me, or that ghosts might actually be hovering around me, ready to shriek into existence, or softly stroke my face with disembodied hands reaching out of the darkness.

In particular one small book, written for children, really scared me. It contained...
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Today, I received the following video in an email. The sender was almost apoplectic. Doing a quick search "NASA War Documents Exposed", a boatload of conspiracy sites popped up with the below video. Seems to be fairly new "revelation". At the site, I found the following:

Anyone have any knowledge about these claims? They sound completely preposterous but I'd like to have something concrete to rebut this stuff. It's all about hyper weapons that supposedly the U.S. govt is planning to use on it's own people. Unless she's a academy award winning actor,...