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Donald Friedman, P.E., F.ASCE, is a professional engineer with more than 30 years of experience in the investigation, analysis, and restoration of landmark buildings. He has taught engineering at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, the University of Massachusetts at Amherst, and Columbia University; he has spoken at numerous conferences including the fourth and fifth ASCE Forensics Conference; he is the author of After 9-11: An Engineer’s Work at the World Trade Center, based on his work at the World Trade Center site, starting September 12, 2001.

We talked about his experience at the 9/11 WTC site, and how what he saw relates to the various conspiracies regarding the collapses of the World Trade Center Buildings. We specifically discuss the recent University of Alaska study that Professor Leroy Hulsey carried out for Architects and...
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Metabunk 2019-08-15 14-12-20.

The Discovery show "Contact", Episode 2 "Declassified Breakthrough" (aired Aug 14 2019) focuses on the Chilean Navy's "UFO" case which was completely and conclusively solved in January 2017. The object was identified without a shadow of a doubt as being Iberian flight 6830. And yet they present it as an unsolved case, seemingly pretending they don't know what it is, and that the temperature (the IR glare from the engines) and the trail (a contrail, black like the clouds, because contrails are clouds) are mysterious. Here are three shots from yesterday's show:

Metabunk 2019-08-15 14-12-58. ...
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Cursius-West Comparison.

Many conspiracy minded people pointed out the striking differences between the various photos in the media of the El Paso shooter, Patrick Crusius. In particular some found it impossible to reconcile the post-shooting mug shot with either the yearbook photo or the selfie-stye profile picture Crusius used online. Here's a typical comparison.

They are in fact the same person, Patrick Crusius. The differences are due to a number of factors.

The first is that the mugshot initially and widely used by the media is distorted. The photo was released at a printed handout, the AP obtained a photo of this photo, and that's what was used by the media, and very quickly it became the default image, on the left in the comparison above.
Even the above video snapshot of someone holding the handout photo...
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Adam Taylor was very active in the 9/11 truth movement for ten years from 2007 to 2017. He’s still very much in favor of a new investigation and thinks there are many unanswered questions about the events of 9/11. But he no longer spends time advocating, and instead is focusing on living a normal life. We talk about how he got into 9/11 “truth” activism, why he eventually retired from the movement, the role of debunkers, and his thoughts on the “truth” movement as a whole

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David Keith is Gordon McKay Professor of Applied Physics and Professor of Public Policy at Harvard University. He is also executive chairman of Carbon Engineering. Because he’s a well-known expert in the largely theoretical field of geoengineering (deliberately modifying the Earth’s climate) he has become an often demonized target for conspiracy theorists who think that the climate is actually being secretly modified using “chemtrails.”

We discuss the actual state of Geoengineering research (just starting to do very small scale tests), the plausibility of doing it secretly (almost none), and Professor Keith’s experiences with the chemtrail theorists over the last decade.

The Keith Group at Harvard University -
Carbon Engineering -
David Keith on...
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Jim Lee used to be a fairly hardcore conspiracy theorist, deep into things like Chemtrails and doomsday comets. Now he’s less deep down the rabbit hole, but has managed to create one of his own. He’s convinced there’s something going on involving chemicals in the air or modifying contrails. Not exactly chemtrails, but still something nefarious. He spends a lot of time researching what it might be. He’s also concerned about the effects of potential future geoengineering, pollution, and nuclear leaks, and his large website Climate Viewer, is where he educates people on those issues, and other things he finds important.

Unfortunately a lot of people in the chemtrail community think of him as a supporter of the conventional chemtrail conspiracy theory, even though he thinks that’s implausible, and prefers his own version. He still uses the language of...
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When I originally saw the Nimitz footage, I assumed the black blob was actually in infrared
Metabunk 2019-06-29 06-50-52.
But it's actually in TV mode.

I wondered if I could recreate it, so I made a clip of a silhouetted plane rotating, and looked at it from various angles:
Metabunk 2019-06-29 06-53-44.
Then tried down-sizing it and adding noise etc.

Metabunk 2019-06-29 06-54-45.

The version in the video I did above still has wings detectable, but I think it gives a reasonable idea of how the shape might have come about - especially with multiple generation of copying of the video, possibly including some analog format like VHS, and then a very low resolution digitization.

Still, I'm not sure on exactly what pipeline would best simulate what we see. I attach the source video I used if anyone wants to play with it.
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Jen Senko is the director of the documentary film The Brainwashing of my Dad, released in 2016. The film tells the story of how her father had a drastic change in personality after slowly getting sucked into a rabbit hole of conservative talk radio. This was very interesting to me, not simply for the whole rabbit-hole aspect, but also because partisan media often traffics in conspiracy theories (like Obama being a Muslim.) Jen does a great job of examining the history of right wing media, going back to Goldwater, Nixon, and Roger Ailes.

While her perspective might seem too left-wing for many people, I encourage you to give it a go. It features several people who tell their own stories – some about their friends and relatives, and some who were sucked in themselves, and eventually escaped.

The last third of the documentary covers the...
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[Note: the above video is a simplified summary of the findings in this thread]

Original Video: