1. Mick West

    Mick West Administrator Staff Member

    Yes we do, we know a vast amount about the weather, both from years of observation and from access to science that was not available to the indians. We have a strong understanding of the physical processes involved (convection, conduction, radiation, evaporation, condensation, etc.), and we are able to predict weather patterns with considerable confidence.
  2. SR1419

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    Whatever technology SciBlue and/or Kutchinski used in Texas, it didn't work.

    This is what George Bomar- who oversees licensing for Texas weather mod projects said (the "General" is Kutchinski)

    This is what John Neilson-Gammon- UT meteorologist who was hired to verify any success of Sciblue's efforts said:


    So, there IS evidence...evidence that it doesn't work.

    John NG kept a diary of his experience with SciBlue- pretty interesting read:

  3. Cairenn

    Cairenn Senior Member

    I wonder if some of the problem is that there is a confusion in understanding the difference between weather and space weather?


  4. lotek

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    What the fuck?!
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  5. Jay Reynolds

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    That is silly. Indians had no special knowledge and weren't without human failures. No different from chemtrail believers, they had all sorts of very harmful beliefs. They used human sacrifice for weather modification, Jim.
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  6. rezn8d

    rezn8d Jim Lee

    I heard Algonquins' made hella good CCN. We understand a lot about the universe, yet we more than likely know less than 1% of the big picture. I imagine our climate is the same. Many speculate, formulate, and theorize, yet they are really on the precipice of understanding the macro side of weather, let alone the micro.
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  7. solrey

    solrey Senior Member

    That's just silly and says a lot about your own lack of understanding.

    Here's an example from today to demonstrate the level of understanding professional meteorologists and volunteer spotters like myself possess...

    The dynamics of the weather we had today that produced a few thunderstorms was in the forecast discussion four days ago. In the meantime, the forecast became more detailed and with higher confidence. I, being a spotter and all, kept an eye on moderate convection and some turbulence while out and about in town in the early afternoon, wondering if we'd dodge the rain so I could do some gardening and pruning. Around 4:30 we heard a couple of claps of thunder and had some brief moderate to heavy rain. Right after the rain passed, it was still springkling a bit but hey it's Oregon that's how we roll, my gf and I were out admiring a nice rainbow and cool looking clouds. I noticed some gentle low level inflow of clouds into an area almost directly overhead, so I kept an eye on it as it persisted in the same spot to see if the obvious convection resulted in further development. There were a couple of other adjacent cumulus cells as well. As I was talking to my gf while she was taking some macro photos in the garden, I noticed some scud clouds in what appeared to be counterclockwise rotation, with surrounding inflow. I watched it for a few minutes and my gf and I confirmed that there was definite rotation at least half a mile in diameter in the cloud base. I confirmed 2 or 3 cells in that location on radar as I was calling a report into the NWS. Neither I nor the meteorologist I spoke to were concerned about tornadic development due to limited convective potential, which I had noted in the not so high tops of cumulus clouds, but potential for damaging hail and microburst winds were definitely possible. He mentioned that rotation sometimes occurs with interacting convective cells. About 15 minutes later an advisory was issued for a strong storm because it pretty much developed as expected. Without a high degree of understanding of the dynamics of the atmosphere the accuracy of the forecast nor the discussion between a professional and volunteer could have occurred. You've been blindly cherry picking stuff off the net for a couple of years and to be honest, you sir are an insult to my intelligence.
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  8. Pete Tar

    Pete Tar Senior Member

    Pure poetry.
  9. Cairenn

    Cairenn Senior Member

    I am afraid that when most folks hear 'meteorologist' they think about the guy or gal on their local TV station, without realizing the difference. I know that they have tightened up requirements the last few years.

    We have learned so much in my lifetime. We can often have a good idea of major storms a week or more in advance. Now that is for a general area, not for your backyard. How ever I can remember when some storms would hit almost without notice.
  10. ssfor27

    ssfor27 Active Member

    Really? I want to relay something that has stuck with me ever since it happened. I was in Wichita, Kansas, in the Air Force, in late April of 1991 when the Andover, Kansas F5 tornado struck. It was the most powerful and deadly of 55 tornadoes that were recorded in the plains states that day. 2 days before the outbreak the forecasts coming out were for a high risk of severe weather that evening for south central Kansas and northern Oklahoma. The Weather Channel was so sure that the Wichita area would be ground zero for the upcoming bad weather that they sent 2 teams of storm reporters to the city to capture the event. The forecasts were spot on. The worst of the weather did indeed descend upon the Wichita area, including the Andover F5. That was in 1991 - 22 years ago - so how could those forecasters have been so sure about the forthcoming weather if nobody knows the first thing about how weather works?

    On a more personal note, I spent 4 1/2 years at the weather service office in Salt Lake City, UT. I did a lot of hiking and 4X4 off roading in the southern part of the state when I was there. Before every trip I would get a personal weather forecast from one of the meteorologists at the office as there can often be a concern for flash flooding in Utah in the summer. I was amazed at how often they not only were accurate forecasts, but often times spot on hour for hour.

    A more accurate and certainly fair statement would be to say we still have an incredible and probably never ending amount to learn about our planet's weather. But to say we do not know the first thing about weather is a bit of a reach.
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  11. Joe

    Joe Senior Member

    Nice job Jim [FONT=Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif]:) [/FONT]http://www.terraforminginc.com/weather-control/
  12. Cairenn

    Cairenn Senior Member

    Weather modification=cloud seeding

    The other stuff has never been shown to work---
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  13. Met Watch

    Met Watch Moderator

    Explain to me, then, how meteorologists were able to recognize conditions favorable for long-tracked and damaging tornadoes, very large hail, and widespread damaging winds across the Tennessee and Ohio Valleys, as well as the Gulf Coast - 7 days before the actual event occurred (April 27th, 2011). Was it magic, or just a lucky guess, or because they had enough meteorological knowledge to make an educated forecast?
  14. rezn8d

    rezn8d Jim Lee

    Geoengineering SRM is weather modification as cloud seeding intends to alter rainfall, geoengineering intends to alter temperature.
  15. Mick West

    Mick West Administrator Staff Member

    Weather is LOCAL and BRIEF

    Climate is GLOBAL and LONG TERM

    Weather modification alters the weather.

    Geoengineering alters the climate.
  16. Cairenn

    Cairenn Senior Member

    The temperature part is still mostly theoretical. It is unproven.
  17. rezn8d

    rezn8d Jim Lee

    My comment was one part comedy, one part common sense. Particularly, I was speaking to the geoengineers who claim to be able to predict global rain patterns and future climates, and intend to alter weather globally, even though much debate about cloud seeding remains after 50 years of use.

    This thread has devolved into a cherry-picking fest. For two pages I engaged in a semi-discussion about Sciblue and Kutchinski, only to end with weathermen bragging about how much they know. Do any of you even have an opinion when it comes to things like geoengineering SRM? Or do you sit back and ignore the myriad of things there are that need urgent attention, whilst you bicker over verbiage? I maintain that your community is a negative one, that does a disservice to all by focusing on the negative.

    While you intend to better the world by disproving conspiracies, you waste your time and energy on people who are marginalized to begin with, while doing nothing about real problems.

    The world is polluted, everyone is corrupt, and none of you seem to care.

    There are obvious misinfo/disinfo regimes on YouTube etal, however you guys attack any Tom, Dick, or Harry that enters your "categories of opportunity" . EX: John Massaria's big mistake of using a ballast tank image... you're a bunch of bullies, sick.

    I'm sure you'll all have a good time with this post, like sharks to chummed water, cause that's exactly what you are, sharks.
    I came here in good faith, in an honest attempt to have discourse with your community, only to have my intelligence insulted time and time again, a mistake I will not make again.

    Can any of you link me an article or anything you posted online where you either exposed something you found to be illegal/immoral/wrong, or spoke out against an injustice in the world? Would make you seem more human, to me at least.
  18. rezn8d

    rezn8d Jim Lee

    ENMOD banned what?

    Geoengineering SRM falls in this category [1]
  19. Cairenn

    Cairenn Senior Member

    So pointing out folks falling for hoaxes and wasting their money is not 'helpful' to you? I feel that those that ROB others, whether with a gun or a fear monger hoax to be doing an injustice.

    There is a thread about threats to planes, pilots and radar stations. Bringing down a plane would be illegal and immoral. So would shooting folks.

    I see this site as being an important clearing house for FACTS instead of rumors. That is doing RIGHT in the world.

    It is unfortunate that you seem to feel that that is not so.
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  20. rezn8d

    rezn8d Jim Lee

    Either you are an educated perception manager or you are think I am a fool. I did not make the statement you just made, and of course those are bad things. However, people choose to buy fear-porn because they are addicted to it. Surely you can find a better "evil" target.
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  21. Mick West

    Mick West Administrator Staff Member

    Calm down Jim. You've got the wrong end of the stick.

    I think everyone here means well, so lets have a civil discussion, okay?