1. rezn8d

    rezn8d Jim Lee

    What do you guys know about this guy/company?

    CEO Col. David Kutchinski
    Sciblue Inc. and US Air force mention here
    World Peace Technologies Inc.
    Legacy Technology Holdings, Inc. and here

    sciblue acquiss.
    image source: http://www.aquiess.com/Introduction - Aquiess - 2012.pdf

    [h=1]Documents Reveal Air Force Uses Advanced Weather Modification to Alter Climate[/h]

    [h=1]The Blue Gold Rush | Using the Rivers of the Troposphere[/h]http://terraforminginc.com/the-blue-gold-rush-using-the-rivers-of-the-troposphere/


    Someone explain all this please.
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    Looks like a scam to me....
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    Just seems like Harold Saive-once again- proclaiming proof before understand what it is he is really posting...

    Your first link to Sciblue doesn't appear to have anything to do with weather mod- its a private investigator in texas:

    http://www.sciblue.com/SciBlue Investigations 1.html
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    rezn8d Jim Lee

    We are not talking about Aquiess, we are talking in particular about David Kutchinski, his words "Using the rivers of the troposphere" and his ties to the US Air Force. Do you have any information regarding these?
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    rezn8d Jim Lee

  9. rezn8d

    rezn8d Jim Lee

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    So someone creates a company named US Air Force---that just screams a scammer to me
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    Jim, this is what I dug up in 15 minutes, you really could have done the same. Aquiess Pty Ltd is an Australian Company which claims to be able to make it rain. The CEO is David Miles and he has apparently been making these claims for some time, none of them substantiated. Here is some links I found including a discusion going back to 2004 on a Weatherzone forum. That Sciblue one is for a private investigation office... I don't know why that is there..

    This has all the odour of a scam...particularly the part where he claims he broke the drought in Australia in 2005



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    SciBlue and David Kutchinski seem to be difficult to find any substance on...

    SciBlue is a PI in TX- see here an article published by David earlier this month:

    http://ezinearticles.com/?Find-Out-The-Truth!&id=7524730 (http://archive.is/KQZbg)

    yet he does seems to have activity in "rain making" - see here for a description of his failed attempt:

    http://blog.chron.com/climateabyss/2011/07/diary-entry-the-last-word/ (http://archive.is/niYNi)

    Supposedly he was an FBI agent and a Green Beret- but not in the USAF...that connection seem tenuous at best- if not down right a misleading attempt by Kutchinski to add relevance.
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    Here is some more comments on Kutchinski and his efforts in Texas from George Bomar who oversees the process by which would-be weather modifiers obtain permission from the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation:

    http://blog.chron.com/climateabyss/2011/07/diary-entry-george-bomars-thoughts/ (http://archive.is/88Vvz)

    the author of the blog is John Nielsen-Gammon-a meteorologist and climatologist. He is a Professor of Meteorology at Texas A&M University, and the Texas State Climatologist. He has 17 "diary" entries detailing is experience in trying to verify any results from Kutchinski's efforts. pretty interesting stuff.
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    rezn8d Jim Lee

    That's because the WMO expert team on Weather Modification says ionization should be treated with suspicion, following a meeting to pass judgement on Meteo Systems "Weathertec" system, which claimed to make it rain 50 times in Abu-dhabi.


    Details on cloud ionizers here: http://terraforminginc.com/cloud-ionizers-electromagnetic-cloud-generation/

    It seems that the aquiess/sciblue project uses ionization... and other tech. US Navy and Air Force are mentioned repeatedly in aquiess documents.
  16. MikeC

    MikeC Closed Account

    AFAIK the lack of proof or evidentail backup is not because of anything the WMO has said - it is because it doesn't actually exist.

    I do not see desalination as off topic - it is a technology that will probably end up providing the water for irrigation that these systems claim tobe able to do - with the added advantage that it actually works in eth eral world - hence it makes systems such as ionization obsolete.
  17. rezn8d

    rezn8d Jim Lee

    it is off topic as neither Sciblue or Kutchinski's desalinization is in question. Their relation to the US Air Force and Weather Modification is in question here. I'm sure someone here can answer this.... right?
  18. rezn8d

    rezn8d Jim Lee

    [OFF TOPIC] Did Australian Rain Technologies ATLANT system end up rebranded as Aquiess?
  19. Cairenn

    Cairenn Senior Member

    It seems their connection the US Air Force is to a BUSINESS someone created, not to the real branch of the US military
  20. Jay Reynolds

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    Hey, Jim, why don't you go to the original source. If they won't tell you, they are likely hiding something. Might be lack of performance. I know what you want to see, but you better have something to back it up if you say it.
  21. rezn8d

    rezn8d Jim Lee

    Kutchinski is an ex-military guy, who uses his old ties to garner multiple federal funding avenues. His group Thor Omega is for taking ex-military guys and finding them jobs, centering on special forces guys with odd skillsets. His company sprayed the BP oil spill. His company claims to have ended the drought in Texas in 2012, and is using NOAA documents as proof.

    Side question till someone can give me something credible on Sciblue and Aquiess' claim of ending the Texas drought with "Weather Resonance Technology"....

    Who is:

    Attn: Gregory T. Marx
    4180 Watson Way
    FL 2830 Technical Library
    WPAFB, OH 45433
    Ph: 937-522-3607
    Fax: 937-522-2315

    Wright Patterson AFB spray squadron on Weather Modification Association corporate roster?
  22. Cairenn

    Cairenn Senior Member

    He gives ex military guys jobs, I have a friend that does that also--he leans toward ex Navy, and he is legit defense contractor

    Half the country it seems sprayed the oil spill.
  23. rezn8d

    rezn8d Jim Lee

    I assume he is an honorable man, and hiring his own is a good thing... not a judgement, an observation
  24. MikeC

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    NASIC is not a squadron - it is the National Air and Space Intelligence Centre. Its wiki page

    I am unsure what DEKA is in a NASIC context (it used to be a range of department stores here!!), however one of the roles of NASIC is:

    Keeping track of what weather modification can do would seem to fit under that.
  25. rezn8d

    rezn8d Jim Lee

    Makes sense to me, Offutt AFB and WPAFB need their weather data, and NCAR, UCAR, and the weather mod gang have good sensors.
  26. rezn8d

    rezn8d Jim Lee

    Sciblue Inc. and Targeted Weather, Inc.

    anything? anybody?


    Can anyone tell me what equipment they are using? Maybe that would be a good lead, as the Sciblue/Aquiess April-July 2012 Texas campaign probably used a modified ATLANT system:

    However, ATLANT, Weathertec, and ELAT all use voltage to release ions into the atmosphere, preferrably on a mountaintop, so natural updraft wind will carry the ions into the clouds. Aquiess claims to use electromagnetic wave forms.... which seems to be entirely different, and sounds more like the Dutchsinse world of radars.

    What we have here is a very private citizen who owns a secret weather modification business, with many federal contracts, and strong ties to the military, coupled with a controversial group of psuedo-scientists, who did experiment on Texas April-July 2012 and claimed to have ended their drought:

    http://www.aquiess.com/Introduction - Aquiess - 2012.pdf

    NWS Special Weather Briefing "Potential Moisture Return"
  27. rezn8d

    rezn8d Jim Lee

    note: the aquiess pdf refers to the company as "Sci-blue"
    Kutchinski's company is Sciblue.





    This guy would make GI Joe jealous, a real American hero. My hat's off to the man.

    Texas Private Investigator license:





    those last two are odd, if not creepy.
  28. Cairenn

    Cairenn Senior Member

    My gut says that 'resume' is padded. You have to be 23 before you can become a FBI agent. The Emory PD in Georgia is EMORY University. The enrollment there is about 14,000.

    Hmm here is his LinkedIN profile

    That doesn't really match what he claims. That is his most comprehensive profile on Linkedin. So it seems that he was in the FBI for less than 6 years. There is no mention of his time with the Emory PD.
  29. solrey

    solrey Senior Member

    The fire suppression system is simply an alternative to Halon. The application is for automatic fire suppression in any confined space, such as those found in aircraft, to wit...

    I'm not convinced they're using any equipment at all. They must be referring to some sort of radio transmission based on their description of allegedly using resonance and such. They seem to move the operation around a lot too, kinda like a grifter... know what I mean.

    Corona discharge does create ions and free electrons, albeit confined to a very short distance from the surface of the electrode/antenna where the electric field is still strong enough to maintain what's known as an "electron avalanche". The visible glow from the discharge is produced when electrons recombine with ions, which emit a photon as the electron drops to a lower energy state. Beyond the first few centimeters from the electrode, there are no free electrons/ions left, they've already recombined. Basic physics says cloud seeding with ion generators can't work. Regardless, the top of a mountain would be the worst place to locate a cloud seeding generator, lower elevations on the windward side is where they put them in the mountains to take advantage of upslope winds.

    Nothing in that briefing indicates anything other than normal, expected and forecastable atmospheric dynamics with no hint of anything unexpected or odd.
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  30. Cairenn

    Cairenn Senior Member

    This is in no way scientific, but I live in Dallas, so that drought was 'personal'. I cannot imagine that any program that 'made it rain' would not have been all over the local news. I almost felt sorry for our Governor, he called for a statewide 'day of prayer for rain'. Instead of rain, the worst wildfire in Texas' history broke out. A successful 'rain making' would have been BIG news.
  31. scombrid

    scombrid Senior Member

    Aquiess claims that they divert rain to the desired area.

    They claim that they broke the drought in Texas.

    Maybe farmers in Illinois should take them to court for damages. You know, because they diverted Illinois rain to Texas.
  32. rezn8d

    rezn8d Jim Lee

    The "Robbing Peter to pay Paul" argument is still undecided:

    [h=1]Mahmoud Ahmadinejad says Europe 'stealing Iran's rain'[/h]http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/art...d-accuses-West-stealing-Irans-rain-AGAIN.html

  33. scombrid

    scombrid Senior Member

    Of course aquiess doesn't actually do anything so there is no possilbe claim against them for damages. But if a company was able to divert rainfall, they'd be liable for damages to third parties under the present tort code should their activities alleviate a drought in one place by causing one elsewhere.
  34. scombrid

    scombrid Senior Member

    Aquiess says:

    Flight paths of weather systems?


    How about they show us their "resonance" generators? How about they show us something other than a still-shot water-vapor satellite image with some lines drawn on it in microsoft paint when they are claiming to alter the course of the jet stream over a spacial scale of 1000s of miles?

    As far as I can tell from the vast amount of non-information on their website, their weather resonance technology is about as effective for changing the weather as the magnetic resonance technology of the q-ray/powerbalance bracelets are for affecting human performance and health. It only works through confirmation bias acting on natural variation.

    Their website does not show one statistically significant result and does not detail their actual methods or the mechanism by which electromagnetic energy beamed at the sky is going to impart a resonance in the atmosphere that is going to move the entire jet stream. It looks to me like it is a scam preying on people suffering from drought.
  35. SR1419

    SR1419 Senior Member

    Is the drought in Texas "over"??

    SciBlue certainly did not have any success with their efforts:

    http://blog.chron.com/climateabyss/2011/07/diary-entry-the-last-word/ (http://archive.is/niYNi)
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  36. scombrid

    scombrid Senior Member


    But Aquiess et al. are making this claim:

  37. rezn8d

    rezn8d Jim Lee

    double edged sword:

    They say ENMOD doesn't apply as the intent is not warfare.
    Their claim of success can set off lawsuits. If during this massive rainfall flood damage occurred in Texas, those households could sue, I would imagine, the "You said you did it" argument.
    During their RAINAID campaign in Africa, there were massive floods that displaced millions in India, and flooded China and Japan. All are "downwind" of the Horn of Africa, where Aquiess claims to have diverted "atmospheric rivers."



    The company Aquiess was formed to develop Oceanic Rainfall Acquisition (ORA) technology
    source: http://www.aquiess.com/RAINAID - aquiess.pdf

    [h=2]Artificial rain project in Horn of Africa[/h][h=4]Wednesday, 07 September 2011[/h]
    China floods: Dozens killed after days of rain20 September 2011

    Typhoon Roke Weakens Over Japan as Wind, Floods Kill Three September 21, 2011

    India floods situation worsens in UP, Bihar and Orissa
    [/h]26 September 2011
    More than two million people have been affected by floods in India as torrential rains lash Orissa, Uttar Pradesh and Bihar states.

    April-July 2012 Texas drought relief

    Of course all of this is conjecture and circumstance.... still I believe in the butterfly effect, and you can't move an atmospheric river without someone noticing, and three countries getting flooded should seem hard to overlook.

    [h=1]Predictability: Does the Flap of a Butterfly’s Wings in Brazil Set Off a Tornado in Texas?[/h]
  38. rezn8d

    rezn8d Jim Lee

    Where is Mick?
  39. scombrid

    scombrid Senior Member

    Seriously, read Aquiess' claims about "resonance" and compare that to marketing by Q-Ray, PowerBalance, and other sham bracelets.

    Some excerpts from the old Power Balance website:

    From Q-Ray:

    Empty buzz words and testimonials without controlled trials makes my baloney detection machine sound an alert. I don't know if Aquiess has hoaxed the sciblue guy in getting him to help get them into Texas or if he's in on it. But unless there's something out there that better described the mechanism by which they are altering hemispheric air currents by imparting a "resonance" on a fluid I'm going to assume they are just like the folks selling Ionizing Jewelry.
  40. rezn8d

    rezn8d Jim Lee

    I intend on calling him, I have too so many questions.