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    Hey guys, this thread is going to be a sort of "mega center" for debunking everything about Alex Jones. The problem with this man is that he releases so much content, that it would be hard for a debunker to keep up at his pace. (or have the patience)
    Anyway, anyone is welcome to add on to this thread. I'm hoping this could become a comprehensive view of Alex Jones and that what he says does not hold up to facts and reality.

    The first part is Jones' predictions, and uses his 'Intel evidence'

    Next, the guys from Skeptic Project debunk his movies:

    And finally, exposes one of his endorsements.

    Feel free to add on! Extraordinary claims need extraordinary evidence! Jones does not have any evidence to his claims, nor his he extraordinary!

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    I listened to Jones' Y2k broadcast, and William Cooper had him pegged back at the turn of the century:

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    Here's a fun video, called "The Wacky World of Alex Jones" pretty funny.


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    This is unbelievable.

    Gish gallop par excellence.
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    Classic Alex Jones. How on earth Piers managed to conduct an interview with him, I have no idea. What a jerk.
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    Alex was just using the opportunity to get some air time to spout his talking points, and is not at all interested in debate. I'm sure his base loved that performance.
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    Funny you should say that, I thought the premise of starting a petition (on a government website no less) smacked particularly of cynical publicity seeking.

    I also just read the comments on a repost of this video by the comedian (who's considered a friend of Alex Jones in some circles) Doug Stanhope. Sure enough, plenty of conspiracy heads thought it was sticking it to the man. Not so much the more run of the mill pro-gun types though, many of whom thought he'd made them all look like idiots, on that thread at least.
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    Yes, I watched the interview as well, and I have got to say, Alex was either ranting like a child, being racist towards the British, and hypocritical.
    What I mean about hypocritical is when Morgan began his sentence about gun deaths, and Alex yelled back that he was pointing out "factoids". He was pulling out "factoids" as well, especially in the beginning. Also, can anyone check if that statement he made about the UK being a "Police State" valid? I cannot take Alex Jones seriously because I doubt he has ever been out of the U.S.
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    Yay! Alex Jones also says that Climate Change is BS!

    In the first video, he states that thousands of emails of leaked Climate-Gate had been found which state that Climate change is faked, but that the earth is actually cooling. It's a shame that Alex and nobody else can actually show us any of these e-mails.
    Then, he mentions that Al Gore lied and that Temperature goes up first, and C02 later, not the opposite. While Alex does not show any evidence of this, I did find this: This website states that Gore over simplified the explanation of C02.
    Later, he talks about Carbon Taxes. He goes on on his usual tangent that Carbon Tax proves the Global Domination Agenda and all of that other baloney. Alex seems to think that Carbon Tax affects everybody in the US. That is false. This is how Carbon Tax works:

    Alex talks a lot about the leaked climate gate e-mails, to the point where it seems as if I have to look it up to see what it is. A website puts things into perspective nicely:
    If you want to see the full article, go here:
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    And now for something completely different!

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    Absolutely wild... this guy is so fun to debunk...
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    Back to the CNN interview - I think this image pretty much sums up what many people, who saw Alex Jones for the first time, thought after hearing him speak.

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    It's debunking time once again.

    In the beginning of this video, Alex says some very true things, about the the earth and the universe, and how much humanity is capable of creating and doing things. It is actually very made, good job on Alex and his editing team. It all goes well until the 4:00 minute mark in the video above, when he mentions "The Globalists".

    As I often say, before you start talking about the NWO or Globalists theory, you need to prove a correlation between the Governments, the industries and the media. If you cannot, then that automatically debunks the whole NWO thing. A good article ( discusses this here. It is well worth a read, and lays the smackdown on the theory.

    Alex Jones: The entire development of these systems [technology] are in the hands of The Globalists, super predators, who have a lustful disdain, and hate for humanity.
    Clock: Why do they have a hate for humanity? They are humans themselves, and if they want to kill off to kill off half of humanity (or all of it, while you're at it), what's the point? Then, there will be nothing to run and nothing to do. This line is also very silly, it sounds like they are talking about the evil empire in the Star Wars movies.

    Globalists and social engineers talk about the total population like we are animals, and our main use is to be manipulated
    -Nothing to say here. This is Alex's typical line of paranoia and opinion. be controlled, to be tested upon,
    If they did not give a damn about us why would they bother testing us? Besides, most scientists test their experiments with rats or mice. If you see in this link, ( the journalists write that the first tests on the rats were successful. They would not test on humans.

    Foster children have been used to be tested upon by the US Military for the past 60 years

    -There have been cases of humans being tested (not children) for our safety during the cold war, in St. Louis/ Texas. However, this has been debunked here:
    The whole "for more than 60 years" line lacks evidence and is false. He does not even bother to give us examples of children used for testing.

    I'm asking humanity to realize that a very small group, of inbred, unhappy, twisted and wicked people, have seized control of human development, and are attempting to establish a total control system of technocratic surveillance systems and de-humanization. It is now that we must begin to struggle against their bureaucracy. Fighting their 1984 system, with liberty and enlightenment and truth, until the levers of technological development, are leveraged from the hands of the globalists. Humanity has a very dark future.
    -Technically we all have control of human development. If you look up human development on google, you get this wikipedia page: ( Sex is human development, it is not only something the "ultra mean globalists" have. And if he is talking about alternating a human gene and cloning it, well think again. Many countries are banning genetic human testing and cloning,( so this entire statement is false and plain feermongering.

    The real threats facing humanity are not the fake environmental threats that Al Gore and the UN talk about.
    -Extremely debatabe

    There are unchecked, cross-species genetic engineering. Tens of thousands of biotech companies, universities and governments, randomly splicing viruses, bacteria from plants and animals and then injecting them into other animals, which is already giving a rise to mutated viruses and bacteria and irrevocable vandalization of the genetic code of the planet.
    -Although he is right here, it is taken entirely out of context. Mutated virus are created by mistake, in which there is not enough protein in the gene of the substance. If there is a mistake in the mutation, it cannot give any offspring, and if a DNA system is broken, it can be fixed using the DNA Repair system in order to prevent mutation. Although mutations can be problematic, they have lots of benifits as well: for ecample a cell named CCR5 can help delay the AIDS disease from having an effect your body, and people who naturally have mutations in their body can help fight very harmful diseases, such as the mutation CCR5-Δ32 help the human body to be immune from the Bubonic Plague. "...Mutation may enable the mutant organism to withstand particular environmental stresses better than wild-type organisms, or reproduce more quickly. In these cases a mutation will tend to become more common in a population through natural selection."-wkipedia Also, Mutations are not unchecked, I am not sure where Alex got that from. They are obviously checked if they know it can cause cancer, as seen in the wikipedia article below.

    High tech chemical and most importantly biological weapons development, unchecked nanotech,

    -Unchecked Nanotech is pure fiction. This technology is always checked, and some of the problems that conspiracy theorists say about it ( are just plain false.

    the artificial creation of black holes,
    -Alex pulled that out of his @ss. This is what a phycisist has to say about it:

    Although I see where Alex saw his info about the 2 phycists in china creating a black hole, this is actually what their experiment was
    It mimics the properties of a black hole, the machine does not create a cosmetic black hole.


    any matter weapons of the airforce, who admits they developed a new viral vaccine that re-engineers the brain by attacking certain gangly i systems in which you could no longer feel emotions.
    This is false, a pure fabrication. It you can't find it on google, where can you?

    ...and in the incoming years they are going to override every major life form on this planet without asking you.
    Once again this is false, there are many groups that are against human cloning, again, look at the list of countries who refuse human testing.

    That's a trillion times what Monsanto does planting your crops next to yours, and they come and charge in on your property and charge copyright infringement when they polluted your property.
    Gmos debunked here:

    And then... Alex goes on another well spoken about how unethical it is to do all of these transformations. He still says his typical BS of "NWO are trying to distract you" but alex is actually being a wellspoken person in this, and I must say that he is doing a good job. It's really a shame that Alex Jones is a Conspiracy Theorist, as he is pretty well spoken when he is not yelling and screaming like an ape. But then, he goes back to the whole wake up message, which is dumb.

    At one point he talks about those times when scientists say the planet would be better off without us. Alex says that is a plan by the NWO to make humanity seem as a desease. And honestly? The Scientists who say so are right. Michael Chriton once wrote in The Lost World that humans are so destructive, that is so easy for us to manipulate things that we are somewhat like a disease on the earth, and we abuse its resources to hell. And to be fair? we sort of do. Would Climate Change be an issue if we were not extracting oils from tar pits or decomposed fossils? Would have less floods and landslides if we did not cut as many forests down? Alex takes these quotes by scientists way out of context.

    He says that they are openly planning to release biological weapons in order to kill us all, which is false as the US, UK and Russia banned the developement of stockipiling bio weapons, and they is also a lack of proof that the other countries will launch all of them on us to kill us all.

    More rambling on trying to dumb us down. Yawn.

    And.. he talks about that for the rest of the vid. I hope you enjoyed this debunking. And now, I will take a nice shower, this guy is giving me a headache!
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    Another person (from a conspiracy website, interestingly) debunked Alex Jones-Piers Morgan interview. Here is the debunking:

    [h=1]Fact-checking Alex Jones’ gun control interview on Piers Morgan[/h]
    Here’s the viral-video interview Alex Jones had on Piers. He goes on about gun control and uprising/revolution that will occur if boundaries are overstepped. Jones calls him a “Hatchet Man” for the New World Order; tee-hee, Jones is always good for entertainment value, if nothing else.

    Piers states that he supports a nationwide ban on semi-automatic, high-capacity clips, close gun-show loopholes that allow private dealers to sell guns without background checks. This is about the first and only point he will get during the interview because Jones proceeds to go off on him.

    Here’s an unprofessional fact-check breakdown of Alex Jones’ statements, consisting of Wikipedia and other website references that I could find to the best of my ability to determine the truth. Please double check them to see what you think. I’m by no means an expert in this, but Wikipedia is supposed to be held to a similar validity and accuracy as an encyclopedia (I heard a whole story on this on the radio once), so for the most part I think Wikipedia is a fairly safe resource, but definitely not the end-all be-all.

    Here we go:

    1. Mao Zedong said “political power grows out the barrel of a gun.” –True.

    Alright, we’re off to a good start here, maybe Jones’ arguments are going to have a nice, solid base. From Chapter 6 of ‘On Guerilla Warfare,’ in which Zedong explains that military action is necessary to attain political action.

    2. Mao Zedong killed 80 million people because he had all of the guns. –Mostly false, but partially true.

    Zedong is believed to have killed close to 77 million people in China’s genocide and mass murder, but that includes deaths as a result of his policies as leader of China, including famine upon his people due to his hunger for more international power. So to claim that the deaths are SOLELY due to gun control is pretty farfetched, but I’ll give him partial credit.

    Mao Zedong was in power from 1949-1976 as leader of the Communist Party and of the People’s Republic of China. He executed and murdered millions of people, and even killed some land owners in order to give their land to poorer peasants. But to say that Zedong’s gun control policy killed every single one of the 77 million (estimated) people is far beyond realistic. Gun control was only introduced in China in 1966, after an incident in Tiananmen Square. It wasn’t until 1996 that full gun controls were put into measure; that’s 20 years after Zedong’s death.

    3. The government buys 1.6 billion bullets, armored vehicles, tanks, helicopters, predator drones, armed now in U.S. skies, being used to arrest people in North Dakota. -True

    They did in fact arrest people in North Dakota in 2012 through the use of a Predator drone, and it doesn’t look like it’s going to stop anytime soon. The FAA suggests we could have over 30,000 drones by 2020 in the American skies.

    4. The Second Amendment isn’t there for duck hunting. It’s there to protect us from tyrannical government and street thugs. -Partially true.

    The Second Amendment is part of the Bill of Rights that has had the most recent Supreme Court rulings in 2008/2010 that the amendment is there to protect an individual’s right to possess a firearm, unconnected to service in a militia. They didn’t really mention tyrannical government, but you could assume street thugs were included since they go on to mention self-defense.

    5. Women in India are signing petitions to own firearms because they believe the police won’t protect them. -True.

    274 license requests and 1,200 inquiries (from December 18th- January 6th) for firearms have been submitted by Indian women in response the recent rape incident of a woman being gang raped and murdered on a bus.

    To play devil’s advocate, there’s evidence that guns would actually make these women more vulnerable because of domestic violence.

    6. F.B.I. crime statistics from 2011 show a 20+% crime drop in the last nine years. –False… but only slightly.

    As a 10-year trend (okay, that’s slightly longer than the nine year quote), violent crimes (murder, rape, robbery, aggravated assault) have gone down 15.5%, not 20+%. This is a bit nit-picky, so to keep this argument logical, let’s go ahead and further research this since Jones’ point is that the violent crime rates have gone down, even though gun ownership has gone up.

    I believe Jones says nine years specifically because he’s referencing the expiration of the Federal Assault Weapons Ban which banned the manufacturing of semi-automatic weapons and high-capacity magazines from 1994-2004. If that is the case, there have been several studies into the effectiveness and crime rates during that timeframe. Most of these reports found that there were very little, to know significant effect on gun violence. Even a report by the U.S. Department of Justice made the statement that assault rifles are rarely used in gun crimes.

    It appears that Jones’ statement is true, but a point that I can honestly bring up (which is sort of covered by Piers during the interview) is that there have been several mass murders since 2004, all made possible through the use of assault weapons. Is the number of lives lost compensated for in these studies? I would think not, they are looking at crime rates and instances; not the 10+, 20+, 30+ dead bodies racked up in one mass shooting. And also, if you look at the Bureau of Justice’s violent crime rate trends since 1994, you can see that there has been a sharp decline since 1994, with numbers dipping to all-time lows since 1973. Does this show a correlation to the ban of assault weapons? According the studies it does not, but I’m just going to point that out.

    Another interesting source here shows what the law enforcement feels about the assault weapons.

    7. Hitler took the guns. –False

    The German government passed the ‘Regulations on Weapons Ownership’ that made all firearms illegal in 1919, well before Hitler. After that, in 1928, there were other gun laws that made it legal to own guns again, but only with several permits. In 1938 Germany made revisions that deregulated rifles and shotguns, and relaxed the gun laws to only consider handguns. The Nazi gun regulation of 1938 did in fact restrict handguns from the Jewish people, but not the entire country.

    8. Stalin took the guns. -True

    9. Mao took the guns. -False (see #2 above)

    10. Fidel Castro took the guns. -False.

    Cuba has a Constitution that specifically states they can be armed in Chapter 1, Article 3:

    Article 3: In the Republic of Cuba sovereignty lies in the people, from whom originates all the power of the state. That power is exercised directly or through the assemblies of People’s Power and other state bodies which derive their authority from these assemblies, in the form and according to the norms established in the Constitution and by law.
    When no other recourse is possible, all citizens have the right to struggle through all means, including armed struggle, against anyone who tries to overthrow the political, social and economic order established in this Constitution.
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    11. Hugo Chavez took the guns- True.

    Only in 2012, but I’ll give this one to Jones.

    12. Suicide is now the #1 cause of death in America. -Partially true and false.

    Suicide has taken over motor vehicle crashes as the #1 cause of death by injury, not flat-out cause of death. Heart disease and cancer still takes the cake by almost ten-fold, which is the ultimate conspiracy theory; our food. Jones sort of implies that Prozac is one of the “suicide-mass murder” pills that is the cause of all this, I’m not sure how to fact check that one properly. Jones posted more about it HERE. My vote is that I don’t trust ANY of the drugs given out, although I feel that some people do benefit from them, but for the most part they are unnecessary and dangerous mind altering drugs. The doctors get compensated to hand them out like candy, which is a byproduct of our capitalistic-for-profit healthcare system.

    13. Morgan asks “How many gun murders were there in America last year?” Jones replies, “About 11,458, and about 74% of those were gang related.” –Possibly True and DEFINITELY false

    I couldn’t find the official statistics for 2012, but I did find charts for 2011 and further back on the FBI website. I don’t know how Jones got 11,458 precisely, but it doesn’t seem all that far off from the average of the last few years, so this one could be true.

    As far as that 74% claim, let’s break that down: 74% X 11,458 = 8,479 gang related murders in 2012. This is far more than the average of 2,000 per year from 2006-2010, so this one is grossly false.

    14. Jones then replies, “How many people die from infections in hospitals? 197,000.” -False.

    This topic is one I’m more familiar with in my anatomy studies. He is referring to nosocomial infections, and there are an estimated 99,000 deaths caused per year due to this. It is still an alarming number (and higher than the number of gun related deaths in America).

    15. This one is by far one of the funniest exchanges during the interview, so I’ll transcribe more of it below:

    Piers says, “How many gun murders were there in Britain last year?” and Jones refuses to answer, calling it a trivial “Perry Mason factoid.” Alex Jones also replies, “How many great white sharks kill people every year but they’re scared to swim?” Jones says that the UK has “hoards of people burning down cities and beating old women’s brains out every day, they arrest people in England if they defend themselves, that’s on record, my god, you’ve got a total police state.”- False

    Although I’m sure an old woman’s brains have been “beated out” somewhere in the UK, the English don’t arrest anyone for defending themselves. They do, however, favor gun control. The police are generally not allowed to carry guns though, which contradicts the police state argument somewhat. The UK does enjoy one of the lowest gun crime rates in the world, 40 times lower than that of America. The UK has a much lower intentional homicide rate with 1.2 per 100,000 residents, while the USA has 4.8 per 100,000 (which is actually still a fairly low rate, the world’s average is 6.9 per 100,000).

    16. Jones tells Piers to “go back and face charges for the hacking scandal.” -True

    Piers was involved with a hacking scandal where he was involved with a phone hacking of Lord Leveson in 2012. He is also supposedly buddies with phone hacker Rupert Murdoch of Fox News.

    17. Piers is a “Hatchet Man” for the New World Order. -Undetermined

    With his ties with Rupert Murdoch I wouldn’t put it past him. The mass media types are sketchy at best. Although he does argue against the British Royal Family in the Princess Diana ‘Unlawful Killing’ documentary so maybe he’s not.

    18. Piers claims there were 35 gun deaths in the UK last year. -Undetermined

    There were 39 gun deaths in 2008-2009, so this one’s probably true.

    19. Jones cites a study about a form of murder called ‘democide’ referenced in a Hawaiian university study that researches the number of deaths caused by government. He claims 292 million people were killed by the government in the 20th century. -True, (true enough).

    After scouring around the internet, I think Jones is referencing professor of political science Rudolph Rummel out of the University of Hawaii, where he postulates that 262 million people were killed by government causes in the last century. Rummel coined the term democide, and has researched the topic extensively.

    20. Jones says that statistically where there are more guns there is less crime. -Undetermined

    Jones’ website uses violent crime offense figures to make an assumption, and this oversimplifies the statistics in my opinion. Although the article makes some good points and is worth a read. He references a DailyMail article (which is from clear back to 2001) that talks about the crime rates in the UK, but he conflates all crime with violent gun crimes, where the DailyMail article is talking about any crime, such as having your car stolen.

    Overall though, this is a topic that could be misconstrued and overevaluated no matter which side you’re one. Pro-gun people cite NRA-sponsored gun studies, while Anti-gun types will cite more liberal sources, so it’s hard to find a non-biased and true solution. Hence the fierce debate over the subject.

    To add one more option into this debate, I’d like to argue that less guns means less crime by citing the crime rate decrease we’ve had since the late ‘90s against the Gallup poll that shows the gun ownership in America decreasing drastically since the ‘90s. This same source (The Washington Post) posits more arguments that suggest gun rates increase as do violent crimes and vice versa.
    SOURCE , SOURCE#2 , SOURCE#3 (Gallup Poll graph)

    21. Jones says that knives murders are three times higher than gun murders. -False

    I don’t know where he came up with that figure. The USDoJ has several years of data that suggest otherwise.

    22. Mexico has a total gun ban and the most violent crime rate in the world. -False

    Mexico has an intentional homicide rate of 22.7, compared to Hondoras (91.6), Jamaica (52.2) and dozens of other countries; it is probably not the highest violent crime rate in the world. Also, it is legal to own a gun in Mexico, they also have a Constitution with a right to bear arms. They have piles of red tape and applications to go through before getting it, but they are not completely banned as Jones claims. Ironically, most of the illegal guns in Mexico are from the U.S..

    23. The U.K. has the highest violent crime rate. -Partially true.

    In all of Europe, the U.K. does have the highest violent crime rate with 2,000 violent crimes per 100,000 people, as compared to the U.S. where we have 466 per 100,000. Note that violent crimes include murder, rape, robbery, and aggravated assault. So does this have a correlation with guns? Not really, but it’s still true.
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    In other words, Alex takes it entirely out of context. He's saying it as if a person of the government came in front of a random person and shot him on purpose. The stat that our fact checker is checking here is that 262 million men and women died because of Government causes, such as Military usage during both World Wars, Vietnam, USSR, Nazi party and various other events. Of course, you need to characterize what is a Government death, but it does not necessarily mean that Government killed someone on purpose for the fun of it. It's not directly the governments fault they died. It is very debatable and up in the air, however.
  19. someGuy

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    I do think A.J is not only all about the money
    The gatekeeper thing seems to fit
    I have no proof, just...Weird experiences with the guy's so called "social network" some years ago

    First, about the planetInfowars socialnetwork plateform, he claimed it was not like facebook, not gathering personal information on users blablabla
    SocNet ?
    ...The Special Operations Community Network...
    Imagine that...

    And it's true, I was there at the time, I don't know if the source code of the site is still the same now, but socnet was mentioned inside like it is in the video
    (btw, forget about the drama music, just follow what's explained in the video)
    Then , listen to this testimony
    (btw, I "knew" that girl there, had quite few chats with her about her and many others (including me) getting hacked there, with admins acting like...let's say weirdos if not hackers o_O)

    Also, a guy called "Josh Eaton" was also in the basket...Now read the video's comments and conclude what you want
    Maybe his youtube account was hacked, maybe Cat's youtube account was hacked, maybe both, maybe one of them is a total weirdo... I can't tell
    All I know is that my account was hacked several times (had to create a new one each time until I get fed up) and my mail box has been hacked in the process too

    So, to me, AJ is a bit more than just a scammer
  20. SeanDWalker

    SeanDWalker New Member

    I share your belief someGuy, but i think money is the reason he's doing....whatever it is he's doing; which is actually quite a lot of damage, because of AlexJones i spent the best part of 6 months down a imaginary rabbit hole with glimpses of some truth peering in once in a while, managed to dig myself out but now skeptical of everything, mainstream or not.

    do believe he's part of a divide/conquer type operation, leading people up a stream which at any point could fall down on them - being able to herd people with extreme views to things like his youtube channel, twitter follow list etc (creating a rather neat database including 'severity' of disbelief or revolutionary stance) thus being able to filter out those who could be a danger to society. Or just simply feeding enough disinformation/non relevant information to keep people distracted, scared and confused to actually get off the computer swallowing the information and to begin acting on it. The thing you're saying about the forum for example is very interesting, are you someone of possible interest? activist? etc.

    for it to really be that, not everybody who signs up for his FB alternative can be getting hacked, nor everybody who subscribes to his youtube screened properly but i can full well imagine the capability of screening people based on comments they've made, previous arrests, positions in society and ensuring they are more closely looked at; i can't imagine a better honeytrap than alex jones, he does after all throw out the occasional scary truth which you truly don't hear on mainstream media, i imagine people do what i do and listen once in a while in case that's happened again.

    the guy touts so many products it's incredible.
  21. scombrid

    scombrid Senior Member

  22. Cairenn

    Cairenn Senior Member

    I wonder if he has EVER had anything more than a HS science class
  23. someGuy

    someGuy Guest

    Not at all, I'm a random guy

    I know a bunch about the conspiracy field, not that much in fact, but listened to AJ for something like 4 or 5 years, so yea, the offshore banking cartel full of satanic secret societies trying to achieve what was written on the Georgia Guidestones among other stuffs
    It's more or less David Hike's story without the reptilian thing on top of it

    The only thing that could have turn me into a target could be the fact that I'm good at crawling the web and to find unusual stuffs
    And the fact that I tolled DHS, a lot, with meme pictures
    I like memes

    This one is more interesting, I've posted it there, maybe the shit started because of this
    It's a strange result returned by google when looking for "THE OWLS ARE NOT WHAT THEY SEEM" (th3 0WL$ @R3 N07 wh@7 7H3y 533M) translated into leetspeak with this particular leet translator

    4th and 5th result are this:

    I don't even know if it's even relevant lol
    It's just funny to find on a gov site, privacy documents about JP Morgan and Cape Fear Bank CORP while typing "th3 0WL$ @R3 N07 wh@7 7H3y 533M" in google

    But seriously, I was not the only one hacked, and it happened several times, but more, it was not only 1 individual doing this, it was a bunch, and I mean at least 10, managing multiple accounts, it was huge
    But the worst part was when I figured some of them where actualy close "friends" of staff members (mods/admins) O_O'
    After several attempts to know more (creating new accounts, writting to admins to get no answers whatsoeveretc...) I left, it was just too creepy

    My gmail was sold on the "black market" for 25$ btw
    That's what the hacker guy, told me in the dating section...

    How creepier can it be ?
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    uh ... not that I disagree with the idea of debunking AJ, but should William Cooper really be the source to do that ?
  25. walliswallis

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  26. Alhazred The Sane

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    I remember seeing Alex claim that the bisphenol used in the lining of juice boxes was part of a government conspiracy to make everyone gay. Beer came out my nose.

    BTW I'd be much happier if we could get bisphenol out of our food packaging, it's definitely not good for us.
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  29. Clock

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    Skeptoid debunks what Alex Jones calls the "Oh so evil Bilderberg group".

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  30. cosmic

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    I don't think Brian Dunning appreciates his articles being copied and pasted in full. (See: Copyright info)
  31. Alhazred The Sane

    Alhazred The Sane Senior Member

    So, to be clear: a gathering of all the top movers and shakers in the world have been getting together every year for almost 60 years with the aim of forming a New World Order, a single-government planet. 60 feckin' years. They're obviously, utterly inept. If people are genuinely worried about the Bilderberg Group they should sit back and reflect on that, 60 years and no progress towards the end goal.

    People surely have better things to worry about. I know I have. For example, I seem to be developing a bit of a pot-belly. I could do without the expense of having to buy new trousers.
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  32. Clock

    Clock Active Member

  33. thedude953

    thedude953 Member

    guys alex jones is nothing more than an they get some news out there, sure your an idiot if you don't think that, but so does fox/cnn/abc any of the others that are all owned by the same 4 or five big corps. you have to get your information and entertainment from somewhere and if nothing else the guy is entertaining. same with howard stern and that guy has no talent/journalism of any kind its all the same. but when the people who are really doing the investigating and actually giving us decent information agree with him on certain points its clear that some of his points are correct. james Corbett/abby martin/jesse ventura/sean and oliver stone/even joe rogan sides with him sometimes. I get it the guy is a fruitcake but common take what you like and get rid of the bs I don't understand the need to debunk this kind of stuff when the important issues are being ignored and we are worried about alex jones and tower 7 and shit.
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  34. JeffreyNotGeoffrey

    JeffreyNotGeoffrey Active Member

    The guy needs debunking BECAUSE people do agree with him, and more than on the "stopped clock moment" stuff. Enough people DO believe him about the rapacity of the UN and the looming threat of a non binding resolution for global growth, aka Agenda 21. Fuck, Glenn Beck wrote a full book playing with the idea that the UN is coming to destroy all the world. Alex Jones stirs people up and not in a good way. More like a pogrom style. The fact is enough people don't realize two things 1) that Alex Jones is an entertainer, NOT a journalist. 2) He's a either crazy or a liar.
    I'll put it this way. If you trust this man who said the Boston Marathon Bombings were a false flag, the Moore, OK tornado was a government weather weapon unleashed to promote carbon taxes, and that the US military is following him, then you need to take a moment to look at you worldview. The fact he believes one of these or all of them poisons the well of his information. The fact that often he is not even wrong or wronger than wrong, says he should not be trusted for ANY information.
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  35. Oxymoron

    Oxymoron Banned Banned

    So do you apply that rationale to the bunk put out by 'official sources' like WMD's in Iraq, "We had nothing to do with funding Pol Pot and the killing of Cambodians", "We don't spy on all your emails and phone calls", "We do not kidnap and torture people to death", "We had no idea there was a plan to fly planes into NYC and Washington", "The Iran coup of 1953 was a popular uprising", "We are not arming, training and sending Al Nusra to fight a proxy war in Syria" etc etc etc...

    That seems a bit more of a trustworthy source to you does it? Happy days.
  36. Pete Tar

    Pete Tar Moderator Staff Member

    Does any of that make Alex Jones, the person under discussion, more believable?
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  37. Mick West

    Mick West Administrator Staff Member

    This thread is about Alex Jones, off-topic and impolite posts have been removed. Parties have been warned.
  38. Jazzy

    Jazzy Closed Account

    I particularly detest the sound of his voice. You can remove that if you like.
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  39. BombDr

    BombDr Senior Member

    It is a bit of a sonic weapon...
  40. Mick West

    Mick West Administrator Staff Member

    Effective though. When I was on the Joe Rogan podcast he did a superb Alex Jones impression, and the verbal beating of a loud and aggressive volley of claims totally threw me off for a while.
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