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    Someone sent me a Youtube video featuring the theories of Alan Sabrosky, billed as "Former Director, U.S. Army War College".


    The video itself has the following description:
    This immediately sounded suspicious, and a bit of digging turned up this article on him:

    One of those places is Veterans Today:
    Where his biography says only:
    Looking at a more recent video, he basically just says he was convinced by looking at Loose Change in around 2009. He's simply repeating "truther" talking points, and using his supposed authority to get it heard. He brings no new evidence at all.

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    Another appeal to authority. It does not really matter if Noam Chomsky, Henry Kissinger, Stephen Hawkins, the Dalai Lama, the King of Norway, Mary Robinson and David Attenborough do a joint press conference saying they are convinced by aliens did 9/11 with the help of some 'dancing Israelis' using space lasers, if they cannot demonstrate any evidence of this.

    However, to the faithful, the 'ex-something' is all the evidence one might need....

    Like James Janos AKA Jesse Ventura....
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    Actually, the screenshot of the video you show was unfortunately made by careless people. There's no evidence of Alan Sabrosky himself claiming he was "Director" only "Director of Studies", however, I think you unfairly slight his achievements and stature. If it's true, he won a Superior Civilian Service Award, held a research chair, two adjunct professorships with reputable universities, and served in the Marine Corps. I got the same biography from Veterans Today that was in the video. It states he finished at the Army War College in 1988 so it's not as if it's trying to make out it's current but presumably he still has contacts. If you can find evidence that contradicts claims in this biography I'd be interested to know.
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    At this page on Veterans Today you can see an extract from another interview by presstv with Alan Sabrosky where he mentions the reporting of the capture of Israelis the day after 9/11 (I didn't watch the one above as I've already seen more than I need.) He doesn't go into detail but invites people to do their own research. He also talks of the problem of dual Israeli-US citizens in power showing more allegiance to Israel than to the US. This seems a fair concern. Whether there is proof of it or not by definition I don't think it's good to have a significant number of dual citizens in positions of power or at least not when the other nation is involved in a major conflict and wants support for their part in it.

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    Just for clarification: you definitely aren't referring to the same Veterans Today website that runs
    bizarre stories like

    "Secrets of the Holohoax and Zionist Fantasies" and
    "Rejoice for Christmas: No One Died at Sandy Hook or Boston Bombing!"
    as if it were a serious, credible resource, right?
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    And features the disclaimer
    Oh, and the boss admits what is on VT is purposely false (timestamped at 1:10)

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