1. CLAIM: The UN Plan called Agenda 21 which is domestically referred to as "Planned Growth", "Sustainable Growth", "Sustainable Planning" and many more is a global effort to by-pass Constitutional protections as well as State/Local rights/protections of citizens and private property thru the implementation of rules and regulations claimed to be in the name of promoting "Smart" and "Sustainable" growth.

    Bunk Or Not?

    This is not the first post/comment on Agenda 21 and I'm sure it won't be the last. The debunking community as a whole has said that AGENDA 21 is not an effort to circumvent rights/protections and or that local "smart growth" and "sustainable growth" plans being implemented in numerous cities and towns across America are nothing more than good ideas, smart planning; nothing we need to be worried about.
    The below is a 15 minute interview with a lady named Verna Gates who rescues rare/exotic plants, the kind that are on the Federal Governments endangered list. Verna is battling the local government which is trying to tell her that she must abide by the local Code Enforcement Departments regulations and cut to below 4 inches any and all vegetation in her yard that the Code Enforcers believe are "weeds".
    This is a living example of the evils of AGENDA 21 being implemented locally under the guise of "Code Enforcement" which in turn is often paired with planned or smart growth. In the 15 minute interview you hear what the city has done so far and we learn that even after the story has gained a rather large following and attention the city is still determined to make Verna do as the local government says and not as she desires on her own property.

    Keep in mind that nothing in this Code Enforcement non-sense falls under any of the following traditional justifications for why some constitutional right or freedom needs to be curtailed or done away with altogether:

    1) Keeps Americans safe from Terrorists
    2) Promotes Child safety or Health
    3) Promotes Education (i.e. no child left behind)
    4) Helps to fund government programs be they good or bad

    So why are Code Enforcement Departments in America bullying citizens like Verna?

    ANSWER: The Code Enforcement along with Smart Growth is the domestic implementation of AGNEDA 21. If this were an isolated incident then one could argue its just a few bad people elected to office that need to be replaced. This however is not isolated. There are numerous examples of people being violated/harassed and even arrested by government all in the name of Code Violations.

    Full 15 minute interview @: http://www.infowars.com/paulrevere/truth-freedom/without-warrant-the-city-vs-verna-gates/
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    The fact it comes from infowars makes this suspect. This is the same group thinking Moore was flattened by government made and directed tornadoes. Sorry code enforcement is code enforcement and I see no link to Agenda 21. Probably a neighbor reported her for having a messy yard. Yeah some places enforce that. If you don't like it move elsewhere. The countryside would be a safe bet.
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    It is certainly not bunk that Agenda 21 exists.

    it is certainly bunk that it

    Agenda 21 is a set of guidelines that countries or cities or anything in between can choose to implement to any extent they decide to, and by whatever means they use to do such things.

    As the wiki page says:

    The wiki page also includes links that will take you to the full document - does infowars actually provide any link to the document so you can check their claims against it??
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    BCC, everytime you post something that turns out to be wrong, do you ever adjust your beliefs or do you just pretend it's still real? You never respond to the points that clarify and refine your misunderstanding.
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    The story cited has zero connection at Agenda 21. This is just a story about a woman who had a messy looking yard, and the neighbors complained, and the city cited her under ordinances to reduce vermin. Happens all the time, and always has. There many such cases:
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