1. deirdre

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    "don't get on skin-Mojo bag". It means Hazmat, the NSA, etc has to get involved to safely remove the material and test it. It means thousands of dollars in tax payers money.

    It also means every mother in your neighborhood is gonna feel her children are threatened. Don't leave bags of powder around with vague threats of poison attached to them. This has nothing to do with free speech.
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  2. Landru

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    NSA is not a responder agency. Why would they be involved?
  3. deirdre

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    :) because I suck at acronyms. I was going to add the tobacco and firearms one but cant remember its letters. I meant DHS sorry.
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  4. Svartbjørn

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    ATF - Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms
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  6. M Bornong

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    Matt Landman's new documentary, Frankenskies has been released on YouTube.

    He's been quick to delete and block any dissenting comments, but the threats of violence against David Keith and pilots are allowed to stay.

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  7. M Bornong

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  8. M Bornong

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  9. Trailblazer

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    Considering contrails don't generally appear until a plane reaches cruising altitude, how is he planning to target a "chemtrail plane" on takeoff?
  10. Whitebeard

    Whitebeard Senior Member

    Sadly I am dreading the moment when one these idiots tries it. I can see how it will play out. Chemtrailer 'identifies' spray plane; drones an engine on take off, plane crashes killing innocent folk, then chemtrailers scream cover up and claim the bodies were placed there to hide the 'fact' it was a spray plane. :(
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  11. Critical Thinker

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  12. McGurnicle

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    Yeah, conspiracism is getting more dangerous with certain technologies becoming more readily available . What you guys are doing to combat the madness is commendable but it's not enough. I think the underlying angst that breeds these paranoid notions is due to deep systemic problems within our society. Until we address the underlying causes like the wealth gap, the democratic deficit, regulatory and academic capture, corporatized media, etc, the problem is going to continue to grow rapidly. I can't blame people for freaking out, our civilization is out of control in a lot of ways and everyone senses it. Education is great, but the only way to defuse the situation is through extensive social and political reform.
  13. Whitebeard

    Whitebeard Senior Member

    Whilst I agree with your sentiment I doubt it will change. Society has always been divided tween the haves and have nots, its been like that in every civilisation the world has ever seen, and I'm talking of ancient civilisations like the Ancient Egyptians and Babylonians onwards. The moment humanity ceased to be primitive communal hunter gathers and started villages we had leaders who get the cream at the expense of others. 10,000 years and nothing changes and it will never change, some folks are greedy and will seek more at the cost of others getting less.

    Anyway this isn't the thread for such discussion. If you wanna continue start a thread in chit chat.
  14. TEEJ

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